Abies Nigra 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Benefits and Uses of Abies Nigra

Its main symptoms are as follows – (1) Loss of appetite in the morning (2) Feeling stuck in the upper part of the stomach (3) Abdominal pain after eating (4) Indigestion in the elderly (5) Bad consequences of consumption of tea, tobacco (6) Feeling stuck in the chest.

1) Loss of appetite in the morning – The patient who does not feel hungry at all in the morning, but has a strong desire to eat in the afternoon and at night. This medicine is beneficial for them.

2) Something stuck in the upper part of the stomach – It is felt that a boiled egg is stuck in the upper part of the stomach, which neither comes out nor comes down. Due to which there is pain in the stomach. If there is any such thing stuck in the lower part of the sternum, then China will benefit. If there is a feeling that whatever has been eaten is stuck in the upper part of the stomach, then Bryonia or Pulsatilla should be given.

3) Abdominal pain after eating – It is a beneficial medicine for those people whose stomach pain increases after eating. Abdominal pain after eating is a key symptom of anacardium.

4) Indigestion disease in old age – This medicine is beneficial in the case of indigestion in the elderly along with heart symptoms. The cause of indigestion of such a patient may be due to excessive consumption of tea and tobacco.

5) Bad effects of consumption of Tea, Tobacco – Patients who consume more tea, tobacco, they often become victims of stomach diseases. Often it is seen in them that they become low in enthusiasm, they cannot sleep at night. This medicine is very useful for them.

6) Feeling of something stuck in the chest – It is felt that something is stuck in the chest, which should be cleared by coughing. Chest pain is felt. Water fills inside the mouth after coughing. There is a feeling of suffocation in the throat.

Other symptoms of abies nigra

Head – Redness of cheeks, lethargy, sleeplessness along with hotness of the head.
Back – Pain in the lower part of the back.
Fever – Alternation of heat and cold, pain in the stomach with fever.
Sleep – Feeling hungry at night due to lack of sleep.

Potency – 1 to 30

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