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Symptoms and main diseases nature of Abrotanum

(1) Best remedy for marasmus disease – The medicine abrotanum is very useful in the disease of child. First of all, weakness starts in the lower limbs, the dryness ascends from the bottom to the top. The face gets dry after all.

The important medicine for marasmus disease is given below

Abrotanum – first the legs begin to dry, the upper trunk later.

Sarsaparilla and Lycopodium – First the upper part begins to lean, especially the neck becomes lean, the lower part remains fine. Apart from this, other symptoms of this medicine such as increase in symptoms between 4 to 8PM.

Natrum Mur – In this, like lycopodium, the upper part starts to lean first, the lower part remains fine, especially the neck becomes lean. In addition, there may be other symptoms of natrum mur – such as a mapped tongue, an intense desire to eat salt, tiredness after eating, sleeping after eating, etc.

Iodium – In this the whole body becomes dry, wrinkles appear on the face. The child becomes dry even after eating fortified food. Asks for food throughout the day. The patient forgets the troubles after eating, its patient feels relaxed, not tired like natrum mur after the stomach is full.

Syphilinum – In this also the whole body becomes weak, hair fall starts, the symptoms of the patient increase during the night from sunset to sunrise.

Argentum nitricum – It also dries up the whole body, wrinkles appear on the face. In dry-disease, the desire to eat sweets is strong. Special interest in sweet is the main symptom of this medicine.

Calcarea Carb – In this medicine, the head and abdomen are very large, the neck and legs are very thin. There is a lot of sweating on the head while sleeping. The desire to eat eggs is strong. The body is limp. Sweat smells sour. Child is not able to learn to walk quickly. Child eats chalk and clay.

Aethusa – The child vomits as soon as he drinks milk. Aethusa is useful in the symptoms of drought, in the case of inability to keep milk in the stomach.

Antimonium crud – In this medicine also the child vomits milk or food, but it is accompanied by loose stools, very white coating on the tongue, and the child becomes irritable.

Baryta Carb – This medicine works well if the child has stunted mental development along with other dry physical conditions, is stunted both physically and mentally, is underdeveloped, and has lumps in the throat and other places.

Cina – If the child has itching in the anus along with dryness, urinates in bed, has worms in the stomach, repeatedly scratches the nose with the finger, has a very irritable nature, then we should remember this medicine.

Petroleum – If a child has such a roof in drought that he is fine at night and is troubled by diarrhoea during the day, then petroleum helps in this peculiar symptom. Apart from this, the breath and stool of the patient gives the smell of onion, avoids cold air and has a tendency to eczema.

Phosphorus – Its dryness causes such diarrhoea as water flowing from the tap.

Silicea – Big head and whole body dry, sweat on forehead while sleeping and body dry.

Sulphur – In drought, this medicine is needed more than other medicines. Sulphur patient is very dirty, filthy. Abscesses everywhere, enlarged glands, severe constipation or frequent diarrhoea, body odor – these are symptoms which cannot be forgotten. All the organs become dry, the stomach becomes bloated, there is a burning sensation in the stomach, the muscles of the neck, back, chest and all the organs become dry, the muscles of the stomach also dry up but the stomach becomes bloated.

Other Symptoms Of Abrotanum

(2) Transmission of one disease to another ( Metastasis ) – It is often seen that when one disease is removed, then another disease arises. Abrotanum benefits in such a situation. for example

  1. If the patient continues to have loose stools, the pain subsides and if constipation occurs, the pain increases.
  2. Suppression of the swelling of the ear (Mumps) leads to swelling of breast in women.
  3. The suppression of the gout by massage can cause heart problems.
  4. Symptoms of piles appear when gout or diarrhoea is cured.
  5. When the diarrhoea is stopped completely, it becomes gout.

(3) Difference between abrotanum and pulsatilla – Both abrotanum and pulsatilla are useful in the manifestation of another disease after the removal of one disease, but the difference between these two is that where the suppression of one disease in the abrotanum causes another disease and it has no relation with the first disease. Disease which is suppressed in pulsatilla goes to the second place. For example, suppressing diarrhoea in the abrotanum can lead to arthritis, piles; The disease that is born in this way is called a new disease, but in homeopathy, it is not called a new disease and considers it to be a variation of the old disease. When the pain of arthritis in pulsatilla changes its location, then it goes from one joint to another, if there is inflammation then it goes from one gland to another, if there is pain then it goes from one organ to another. In pulsatilla the disease remains the same, only the place changes: in the abrotanum the disease changes its form, in the allopathic definition the first disease is suppressed and becomes a new disease, although according to homeopathy it is not a new disease but a variation of the old disease.

(4) Other and important symptoms of abrotanum

  1. This medicine is beneficial in hydrocele of children.
  2. It stops bleeding from the placenta of children.
  3. Benefit in the problem of bleeding nose in children.

(5) Power, Nature, and Relationships – 3 to 30; Medicine is for chilly patient. Does well after Aconite and Bryonia in Pleurisy.

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