Aceticum Acidum ( Acetic Acid ) 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Aceticum ACIDUM Benefits | Keynote Symptoms of Acetic Acid

Symptoms and main-disease nature of Acetic Acid
  1. Hereditary tuberculosis
  2. Bleeding
  3. Inflammation
  4. Polyuria

Improvement in symptoms ( Feeling Better )

(i) Relief from lying on your stomach

Increase in symptoms ( Worse )

(i) Symptoms increase by lying down
(ii) Rise from the cold

(1) Hectic fever – In chronic or hereditary tuberculosis, when there is dry cough, night sweats, diarrhoea, blood comes from the lungs, there is rumbling in the lungs, fever comes. If there is a burning sensation in the chest, the patient becomes weak, fever comes, loss of appetite, weakness is felt, so acetic acid is very useful in these symptoms of tuberculosis. Swelling of hands and feet may also appear in this tuberculosis.

(2) Hemorrhage from different organs – Bleeding occurs from any part of the body like nose, stomach, anus, lungs, throat, excessive menstruation and uterus. Works well after China in bleeding. Acetic acid can be given in case of excessive bleeding in piles.

(3) Inflammation – The patient becomes weak from the trunk, but swelling occurs in the feet and legs. Acetic acid works well after digitalis in inflammation.

(4) Polyuria – In polyuria, whether there is sugar or not, there is extreme thirst, weakness, the body becomes pale, the flesh of the body is sorted, then acetic acid is beneficial.

Other symptoms of Acetic Acid
  1. It removes the weakness after chloroform.
  2. It cures watery mouth day and night during pregnancy.

(6) Potency and Relationship – 3 to 30 potency are used in practice. This medicine is going to have an esoteric action, its effect can last for a month, so its use more often is not good. This medicine is for chilly patient. Removes the ill effects of chloroform, coal or gas smoke, opium and datura. Works well after China in bleeding and after digitalis in inflammation. This medicine is not given in combination with Arnica, Belladonna, Lachesis, Merc.

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