Aconite Nap 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main-disease nature

(1) diseases caused by fear
(2) nervousness and restlessness
(3) Sudden disease due to dry-cold
(4) Dullness and predominance in the first stage of inflammation from cold
(5) Irritation and irritation
(6) extreme thirst
(7) Pain by cold – Neuralgia – Colic

Improvement in symptoms

(i) Reduction of disease by open air


(i) evening and rest time
(ii) growth in warm room
(iii) disease progression on getting up from the bed
(iv) Lying on the side of the diseased limb

(1) Diseases due to fear – The main and predominant symptom of Aconite is ‘Fear’. Its use is necessary in the presence of ‘fear’ or ‘fear of death’ in any disease. In any other medicine of Materia Medica, the symptom of fear is not as prominent as in this medicine. For example –

Afraid of crossing the road – Its patient is afraid that while crossing the road, he may get caught by the motor. Although everyone will be afraid of coming under the wraps of a motor, but a patient of aconite gets scared even from a motor coming from a long distance.

Fear of going in the crowd – The patient is afraid of going into the crowd, afraid of going into the society, is afraid to go out.

Indicates the date of death – The face of this patient remains terrified. The patient becomes so terrified of his illness that he loses hope of life and thinks that his death is certain. Sometimes prophesies up to the date of his death. On the arrival of the doctor he says: Doctor, your treatment is in vain, I am going to die soon on a certain date. Looking at the clock, he says that when the hand of the clock comes to a certain place, then I will die.

During the first childbirth, the girl cries out of fear – when the newly wed girl is pregnant for the first time, she cries holding the mother, saying: How will I know such a big child, I will die. Just by giving him a single dose of Aconite 200, his fear goes away and his mind becomes calm.

Initiation of a disease due to fear – Aconite is beneficial when a sick person is started out of fear.

Fear of ghosts – Children are tormented by the fear of ghosts for no reason. Due to other reasons also children, women and many men are troubled by fear without any reason. This medicine removes these unreasonable fears.

Comparison of Aconite and Argentum Nitricum in Fear – Both these medicines have fear of death. Both patients sometimes predict their time of death. Both are afraid of the crowd, afraid to leave the house. The specialty of Argentum nitricum is that if he has to do some work, his mind gets nervous even before that. If you want to meet a friend, you get nervous until you get it: if you want to catch the car, you are worried until you get on the car; If he has to go to lecture, he gets diarrhoea due to nervousness, sweat breaks out in his body. Argentum nitricum is a characteristic symptom of being nervous about an upcoming event, causing diarrhoea, profuse sweating, and sleeplessness. He gets dizzy seeing tall buildings. Aconite survives cold, Argentum nitricum prefers cold. Argentum nitricum likes cold air, cold drinks, ice, ice cream. Like Pulsatilla, it suffocates in a closed room, it does not happen in Aconite. Argentum’s fear is ‘anticipatory’, Aconite’s fear is an all-time phobia.

Comparison of Aconite and Opium in fear – Aconite and Opium are both of these, but the patient suffering from fear benefits aconite in the initial stage, but when the fear does not go away and settles in the heart and the patient experiences Make sure this disease doesn’t leave me since I’m scared, then Opium works well. Along with this symptom, other symptoms of Opium should also be observed.

(2) Nervousness and restlessness – Fear and nervousness, these two are respectively lighter words of each other. It is not necessary that there is only fear of death in the patient, the fear of death is a matter of limitation, coming down from it can cause anxiety and restlessness in the patient. Fear of death is inherent in panic, it is mental, and that is why panic causes restlessness, it is physical. Three main medicines for restlessness are mentioned – they are aconite, arsenic and rasa-tox. These are called the triad of childlessness.

Comparison of Aconite, Arsnic and Rhus tox in restlessness – Aconite patient changes sides frequently due to mental nervousness and physical restlessness, but sufficient strength remains in his body. Sometimes he gets up, sometimes he sits, sometimes he lies down, in no way does he find rest. The body of the patient of arsenic becomes very weak, becomes powerless, his restlessness is more mental which can be called nervousness. The patient of arsenic, despite being very weak physically, keeps on changing sides on the bed due to mental nervousness and restlessness, so he does not feel rest anywhere. The patient of Rustox has more physical pain, pain in the muscles of the body and due to this he changes sides and thus he gets relief for some time. Because the symptoms of rhus tox are found to be relieved by movement. In this case it should also be kept in mind that due to the fact that the bed seems to be hard, it is found in Arnica to keep changing the sides frequently and on whichever side the bed seems to be hard on that side.

Comparison of Aconite, Chamomilla and Staphysagria in diseases caused by fear, anger, humiliation – Aconite is beneficial if the cause of physical or mental disease is ‘Fear’, if it is caused by ‘anger’ (Rage, Anger) then there is benefit from Camolima, if its cause is ‘insult, Grievance’, then it is beneficial from Staphysagria. Fear, anger, humiliation not only cause mental diseases to a person, but also physical diseases like diarrhea, jaundice etc. Let’s go

(3) Sudden occurrence of diseases due to dry-cold – Cold can be of two types, cold of moist air, and cold of dry air. Aconite is especially beneficial in all the diseases which arise suddenly due to cold dry cold air. Dulcamara, Rhus toxin and Natrum sulph are beneficial in diseases which are caused by cold moist air. What type of people do dry-cold get around easily? Experience in this subject shows that dry-cold catches fat-fresh, blood-rich children and people immediately, thin children do not attack it at all, it happens slowly. The sudden and strong attack of cold is its special symptom.

Dry-cold attack on fat-fresh and skinny people in cold – If a fat-fresh person will suffer from dry-cold by going out wearing light clothes, then he will get cold in the same night; If a person eats cold after sweating from going out in winter because of wearing a warm coat, then he will get cold after a few days. The first person will be given aconite when he is fat and in good health, due to cold after eating cold, the second person will be given carbovage or sulfur after a few days of getting cold, because the attack of aconite is sudden. Giving Carbove and Sulfur in cold, their other symptoms will also have to be taken care of. The patient of carbove gets cold due to sweating due to wearing more clothes, the patient of aconite gets cold due to cold due to wearing less clothes – slowly in the first, more frequently in the second .

Arthritis attack from cold – This medicine does not work in chronic rheumatism, but aconite is beneficial if there is pain in the joints due to cold air, fever and restlessness after traveling for a long time in cold.

(4) Sickness and predominance in the first stage of cold inflammation – Because in aconite, cold is the main cause of disease, therefore it is of special use in cold-borne diseases. Cold causes inflammation, so it is often said that aconite should be given in the first stage of inflammation. Aconite is said to be given in the first stage of inflammation, but this is not very good advice. In the first stage of inflammation, aconite should be given only when there is a sudden and strong attack of cold. Apart from inflammation, it is also often said that aconite is a medicine for fever. This is also a delusional idea. Aconite should be given only in fever which has come from a sudden attack of cold, with a strong velocity. It is rightly said about the medicine Aconite that it comes like a storm and calms down like a storm. Similarly, it is beneficial in inflammation, fever and other diseases.

In the first stage of inflammation of the eye due to cold – often due to cold, the eye swells completely, becomes red. This swelling of the eye is so sudden that it is not understood how suddenly it happened. In this swelling, only water comes out of the eye, not pus. This is called the first stage of inflammation from cold. After the first stage of inflammation, which are the next stages of inflammation, in which the swelling matures, pus occurs, aconite does not work in them. Monotony and predominance in inflammation of the eye – these are the main symptoms of aconite.

In the first stage of fever with cold – this medicine is not suitable in fever which comes at a slow pace and persists continuously. The form of aconite is to come like a storm with a strong velocity and like that it becomes completely silent. Therefore this medicine is unsuitable in fevers like typhoid. Aconite has got such a name in pacifying fever that allopaths also give this medicine in fever. Ordinary-knowledge homeopaths also follow the same path. But this is the wrong way. It is of no use in malaria etc., because it is found to climb and descend and then climb on its own time, which is not in Aconite. Aconite is suitable in the same fever which strikes suddenly due to cold or due to the cold of sweat, attacks with great speed, comes like a storm, comes like an earthquake. If there is aconite medicine for this fever, then fever will subside within one night. Giving Aconite in fever without thinking about all these things, sometimes there is a possibility of harm. While treating the sick, one has to pay attention not only to what symptoms are there in the patient, but also to pay attention to what symptoms he does not have. The symptoms of aconite fever are suddenness, suddenness, and rapid onset, and a gradual onset of fever and persistent fever are not symptoms.

Comparison of Aconite and Belladonna in Fever – Both Aconite and Belladonna are suitable in fever, but many doctors give both Aconite and Belladonna respectively in fever, this is not right. If we look deeply, the difference between these two medicines becomes clear. The symptoms of heat in the skin are the same in both, but in belladonna the heat of the outer skin is higher than in aconite, and the covered limbs sweat, in aconite sweating occurs on the side the patient is lying on. The patient of Aconite rolls around in bed restlessly, and thinking that I will die, in Belladonna’s fever the patient lies in a semi-drowsy state and his limbs vibrate in his sleep. Aconite does not have delirium, Belladonna has delirium. Staying in a warm room of aconite aggravates the disease, patient of Belladonna gets relief from being in a warm room. The patient of Aconite drinks large amounts of water in a short period of time, the patient of Belladonna drinks little water. The patient of Aconite prefers to keep the whole body open, the patient of Belladonna prefers to keep the body covered. If the fever is relieved by giving these two medicines respectively in fever, then it is not because the fever has been cured because both the medicines are given one after the other, but the reason is that which of these two medicines is suitable. It cured the disease, and the other medicine did little to hinder the speedy recovery of the disease. If the right medicine was given according to the symptoms of these two, then the fever would have broken earlier than now.

In the first stage of inflammation of the ear from cold – just as the inflammation of the eye occurs suddenly, suddenly and with a strong velocity, similarly, the inflammation of the ear due to cold also occurs suddenly, immediately and with a strong velocity, in which aconite is a suitable medicine. The boy has gone out in winter. He didn’t have enough clothes on his body. As soon as he comes home, he starts crying with his hand on his ear, or he went outside during the day in winter, by evening, ear-convulsions start. The suddenness and velocity are the symptoms of this inflammation.

In the first attack of pneumonia suddenly from cold – If the patient suddenly has an attack of pneumonia due to cold, there is nervousness and restlessness on his face, the patient was well-healed, but suddenly became a victim of pneumonia, the patient says – ‘I can’t escape now’ – death-fear and restlessness are imprinted on his face, chest hurts like a needle chisel, cannot lie down on any side, when coughing, bright red blood comes out – like this Aconite is beneficial in the initial onset of pneumonia attack of sudden and high velocity.

Sudden complaints of stomach due to cold – Due to cold, bathing in very cold, icy water can cause sudden severe pain in the stomach. Due to sitting in the stomach of this winter, severe pain, vomiting, vomiting of blood etc. troubles arise. At that time the patient wants to eat bitter food. He finds everything bitter except water. In this type of unusual condition of the stomach, the main reason for which is the sitting of cold in the stomach, often attacks, attacks quickly – this is a symptom of ab aconite. These symptoms may be accompanied by nervousness, restlessness, and fear of death.

(5) Burning – ‘burning’ is a special symptom in this. There is a burning sensation in every type of pain. Burning in the head, burning in the nerve-vein passages, burning in the spine, burning in fever, sometimes such a burning sensation as if a chili has taken place.

(6) Extreme thirst – No matter how much water the patient drinks, his thirst is not quenched. Arsenic patient drinks water frequently but little by little; Bryonia’s patient drinks a lot of water after a while; Aconite patient drinks a lot of water frequently.

Swallowing becomes painful when cold increases inflammation of the throat (tonsils) and thirst (swelling of the throat or tonsils), but from this we cannot decide any medicine. Yes, if the patient is blood-rich, healthy, has gone out for a walk in cold air, has been in dry, cold air for a long time, if he wakes up feeling intense burning in his throat at midnight of the same day, If he feels pain in swallowing sputum in the throat, has high fever, drinks cold water and just doesn’t feel nervous and restless, then Aconite will make him completely healthy. Simply saying the throat is red is not a reason enough to give aconite. In the disease of the throat we have discussed, the person is blood-dominated, it has been affected by dry-cold, it did not take long to take effect, cold in the day and its effect only at night, there is burning sensation, extreme thirst The attack is rapid, high fever, nervousness and restlessness—all these symptoms are collected only when aconite is useful.

(7) Pain by cold – Neuralgia – It is also an excellent medicine in headache and toothache. Even in these pains, its basic symptoms should always be there. The following are the examples of cold neuralgia:-

Neuralgia due to cold – A person goes out for horse rides or walks in cold, dry air. His face is exposed to cold air. The nerves become numb, then the pain starts, the patient groans with this pain. He is a well-healed man, he is strong, he is blood-rich, there is restlessness and burning in pain. The pain has come suddenly, has come with great speed, there is panic in the patient’s face, there is pain in the face like a knife bite. Is. Aconite will cure this pain completely.

Pain of sciatica by cold – Aconite works well even when there is a feeling of coldness like ice in the nerve passages due to cold. Sometimes a burning sensation is felt in the nerve passages. It is beneficial in such a case.

Headache due to cold – Its headache comes with great speed. There is a burning sensation on the brain and scalp, sometimes there is fever, sometimes there is no headache, sometimes due to cold, the pain starts after the running cold stops. At the time of cold, the blood-rich person goes out for a walk in the cold air and after returning home, after a while the headache starts in the upper part of the eyes. Anxiety persists in this headache. Anger and fear also cause aconite’s headache. Sudden stoppage of menstruation in women leads to increased circulation of blood in the head and headache. It is a delusion to understand that a cold causes headache. Headache can also be caused by sleeping in the sun or due to heat stroke, but in all types of headache of aconite, special attention should be paid to suddenness, strong velocity, nervousness, restlessness, thirst etc., even if it is caused by cold. Whether it is due to heat.

Toothache by cold – This medicine has become so famous for quenching toothache that old mothers in every household know that by placing a drop of mother-tincture of aconite in a little cotton in the tooth shell. The pain subsides. If strengthened aconite is used, it will work better, but it is to be noted that the pain may be caused by cold, it may have come suddenly, it has come very quickly, it is blood-rich person. Sometimes the whole row of good, strong teeth gets sore due to cold, even in that too the same amount of aconite calms the pain.

Other symptoms of the drug Aconite

(i) In diseases caused by heat – Aconite medicine is not suitable only for diseases of cold, but where it is used in diseases caused by extreme cold, it is also used in diseases caused by extreme heat. Diseases of the lungs and brain are caused by cold and ‘bowel inflammations’ and diseases of the stomach occur in summers. When healthy blood-rich people eat very hot, then many troubles arise due to heat, headache, diarrhea due to heat etc. Among them aconite is also beneficial. Stomach diseases of children are caused due to heat and only aconite is used when there is sudden, strong velocity etc.

(ii) In diseases of women and children because they are victims of fear – Aconite is especially useful in diseases of children and women than men. This does not mean that it is not useful in men. Because children and women quickly become victims of fear, therefore it is of special use in their fear-borne diseases. Fear does not cause inflammation of any organ in men, but in women, due to cold or fear, inflammation of the uterus and ovary occurs. Menstruation stops. In children also Aconite works in the same condition when the disease has arisen out of fear. Children are often frightened, sometimes by parents, sometimes by teachers. In this way aconite is useful in the diseases which children get – diarrhea, indigestion.

(iii) Sweating on the side of the face that does not occur on the other side – The special symptom of aconite in fever is that the side of the face where the patient lies down starts sweating. If he turns the dice, the sweaty part of the face dries up, and the other part where he lies, sweat breaks out.

(iv) Breathlessness, sweating – sometimes due to cold or some kind of fear or ‘shock’ (mental shock) the small airways of the lungs get constricted and the patient gets asthma. No, but there is a complaint like asthma. This type of shortness of breath is more due to any fear, nervous, blood-prone women. His breathing moves quickly. There is nervousness, effort has to be made in breathing, the respiratory system starts getting dry. The patient is attacked with a sudden and strong velocity, the patient gets up straight from the bed, holds his throat, throws off his clothes, feels thirsty, the patient gets panicked due to fear. There is a feeling of pain in the heart with shortness of breath. Due to this fear and panic, the patient becomes sweaty although the skin remains warm. In this type of dyspnea all the main symptoms of aconite are found – suddenness, quickness, nervousness, thirst, fear. At such times aconite proves to be the ultimate helper of the patient.

Shakti and Prakriti – One drop of tincture is given in neuralgia, otherwise 3 to 30 potency. Because this medicine is not long-lasting, so it is used again and again in new diseases. It is not used in chronic diseases.

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