Aesculus Hippocastanum 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

( Aesculus Hippocastanum uses & Benefits )

(1) Hemorrhage in the veins through stool (hemorrhoids and feeling bloated in the veins of throat, stomach, lungs, eyes etc.)
(2) Back-pain – Pain in the bone (sacrum) below the waist.
(3) To change the location of pain.

decrease in symptoms

(i) bleeding from piles
(ii) Reduction in disease due to cold

increase in symptoms

(i) Morning sickness
(ii) by breathing in cold air
(iii) after defecation or urination
(iv) by moving and rotating

(1) Blood accumulation in the veins of the excretory (hemorrhoids) – There are two types of blood-vessel vessels in our body – ‘Arteries’ and ‘Veins’. Pure blood flows in the arteries, impure blood flows in the veins, which first collects in the heart, from there it goes to the lungs to be purified and then returns to the heart. Taking oxygen from the lungs, it becomes pure, that is, red in color, then it comes to the heart, and from there it again circulates in the body through the arteries. When the muscles of the body loosen, the veins also relax, and where there is a large number of veins, the impure blood collects in these veins carrying impure blood. . This accumulation of impure-blood at one place is called venous-blood accumulation. Hemorrhoids arise from ‘vein-blood inflammation’.

There are two types of piles – bad piles and bloody piles, it is often more useful in bad – sometimes blood comes in piles. never comes. Aesculus is often more useful in bad piles, in which blood comes, but it also benefits in bloody piles. The area of ​​action of this medicine is not very wide, but where there is complaint of piles and accumulation of blood in the veins, its action is unquestionable. Because the effect of Aesculus is on ‘veins’, therefore wherever red-blue colored blood is seen, in piles warts, in wounds, anywhere, it is a useful medicine.

Collinsonia is an excellent medicine in bleeding piles. Aesculus corrects whatever is left after benefiting from Collinsonia. Similarly, when nux vomica and sulphur reduce the disease, and there is no full benefit in piles, then Aesculus ends the remaining disease.

Feeling of heaviness in any part due to accumulation of blood – The special feature of this medicine is that the patient experiences heaviness, bloating in any part due to the accumulation of blood in the veins. . In piles, because blue blood gets accumulated in the veins of the anus, therefore the patient feels heaviness there, and does not feel lightness. Feeling of heaviness in the bowel is a characteristic symptom of Aesculus medicine.

Feeling of straw in the anus – The location of the anus is at the bottom, so when the impure-blood accumulates in the veins there, and does not return upwards, then the patient feels as if there are straws in the anus. Be stuck with it. The center of this medicine is the anus region, and this type of experience is especially found in persons whose blood vessels are more dilated (Plethoric individuals).

Comparison of aesculus and nitric acid – In this medicine there is a feeling of pricking straws in the anus, in nitric acid it is felt that a piece of bone is being pricked somewhere in the anus during defecation. The difference between these two is that in Aesculus, the pricking pain starts after a few hours of defecation, whereas in nitric acid this pricking persists during defecation and for several hours after defecation. Bleeding piles in nitric acid, large pustules coming out of blue color in aesculus in which pain is like cutting with a knife and in this the patient cannot stand, lie down, sit, sit So only on the knees.

Feeling of bloating due to the accumulation of blood in the veins of the mouth, throat, stomach, lungs, eyes etc. The reason is the feeling of bloating. Similarly, when there is a feeling of bloating in the heart, in the stomach, in the lungs also, Aesculus is a useful medicine. Looking at the throat, the throat looks full of blue veins. It is also good for the pain caused due to swelling of the veins in the eyes, due to accumulation of blood in them.

(2) Pain in the sacrum below the waist, which is called chinka – the main action of this medicine is seen in the anus region and in the place below the back which is called sacrum. The location of the sacrum is just above the last bone of the spine (Coccyx). Pain in this bone below the waist which gets aggravated by walking, moving and bending is the typical symptom of this medicine. This medicine is suitable if there is a chin in the back. Due to back pain, the patient leaves all work. Aesculus is the best medicine for back pain.

Comparison of Aesculus and Agaricus in lower back pain – In sacral region pain is present in both these medicines, but in Agaricus, back pain occurs in sitting position, is moved by walking. It is known, in aesculus, this pain is caused by getting up from a sitting position or by bending or doing this movement while walking. The patient experiences a kind of Lameness, which extends to the hip or leg. Describing the back-pain of Aesculus it is said: Lameness in the lower back which gives out when walking.

(3) Changing the location of pain – In the medicine Aesculus, the pain keeps on changing its location, sometimes here, sometimes there. Sometimes these pains occur on the nerve path. This type of shifting pain is also found in Pulsatilla and Cali carb. Pulsatilla and Aesculus are both heat-oriented drugs, both like cold, in both the pain varies from place to place, even though they are heat-oriented, both like heat in the place of pain. Similarly, sickle is also a heat-oriented patient, likes cold, but wants heat in the place of pain. The patient of Camphor also wants to close the room in the state of pain, but as soon as the pain subsides, he takes off his clothes and wants to open the doors and windows of the room. Because of the heat-predominant condition of the patient, the desire for cold is a ‘general’ symptom, and the desire for heat in place of pain is a ‘particular’ symptom.

The signs of the anus predominate in Aesculus, the signs of the abdomen predominate in Pulsatilla, the female of Pulsatilla is fat, the female of Seckel is thin-skinny, wrinkled. The sickle patient wants cold, the camphor patient also wants cold, but the difference is that when the camphor patient takes off his clothes, he starts feeling cold again, when he covers himself with clothes, then there is a period of extreme heat. Seems like.

Other symptoms of the drug Aesculus

(i) Breathing of cold air in the nose (cold) – in a cold similar to the symptoms of arsenic, characterized by a thin watery, burning cold and inhaling cold air which is felt in the nose (Sensitive to inhaled cold air) – It cures such colds.

(ii) In leucorrhoea, when the waist feels weak and the legs feel tired while walking, it seems heavy to walk even a short distance, it cures such leucorrhoea.

Potency & Nature – 3, 6, 30 (the medicine is for hot patient)

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