Aethusa Cynapium 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main-disease nature of Aethusa Cynapium

(1) The child falls asleep quickly after drinking milk and vomiting
(2) Vegetable and yellow stools with constipation
(3) In the absence of treatment of the said disease, the disease turns into cholera.
(4) Exhaustion at the time of examination, inability to concentrate
(5) Convulsions
(6) Other symptoms – there is no thirst in fever even when there is heat; A garland of glands emerges around the neck; Sharp pain, sharp stiffness, sharp pain, fast in all.

lack of symptoms

(i) Reduction of disease in open air

increase in symptoms

(i) Increase between 3 am to 4 am
(ii) increase in evening sickness
(iii) increase in summer or summer season
(iv) growth after drinking milk
(v) Increase in symptoms followed by nausea, diarrhea and convulsions
(vi) At the time of erupting of baby teeth
(vii) Exacerbation of disease due to frequent eating

(1) The child falls asleep immediately after drinking milk and vomiting – The drug Ethuja is a friend of children and helps them in many of their diseases. As soon as the child drinks milk, he vomits all of a sudden. Even if he keeps the milk in the stomach for some time, then after sometime he vomits up frozen clot like curd like frothy milk, it has some blue color. Due to the weakness and exhaustion that he gets in vomiting, he falls into a kind of sleep, but after a while he wakes up and starts crying because of hunger. The mother gives him milk again, he vomits again as before, and if the milk remains in the stomach for some time, he vomits like curd. This usually happens for two reasons – either there is something wrong with the baby’s stomach or it happens when his teeth are coming out. The child’s inability to digest milk is a symptom of Ithuza.

Comparison between Ethuja and Calcarea Carb in unable to digest milk – Like Ethuja, a child of Calcarea Carb also vomits like frozen curd after drinking milk, but the difference between them is that the child of Ethuja after vomiting and drinking milk again. It seems that the calcareous child does not want to drink milk after vomiting. Apart from this, the child of Calcarea sweats on his head, his body and vomit have a sour smell, this is not the case in Ethuja.

(2) Sometimes vegetable and yellow colored stools come with Kaya – Often in summer-season, vegetables and yellow colored diarrhea are sometimes accompanied by such Kaya. It is not necessary that diarrhea may or may not come, but it has been seen that the children also get yellowish or yellow colored stools along with it.

(3) If the above disease is not treated, then symptoms come from cholera – when the child vomits after drinking milk, when he gets tired after vomiting, he becomes lethargic, and when he wakes up again starts crying for milk. When the yellow colored diarrhea starts coming, then due to not taking care of it, he complains of cholera, the child becomes mortal. Ethuja is the child’s best friend in these grievances.

(4) Exhaustion at the time of examination, difficulty in concentrating (Examination funk) – Among the symptoms of Ithuza “he cannot read, cannot do mental work, cannot settle on any thought, does not have a clear mind.” Often students feel such a mental state at the time of examination when nothing else can be absorbed in the mind, no matter how much the student tries, the mind cannot accept anything. At that time, Ethuja removes this tiredness of the mind.

Comparison of Ethuja, Argentum nitricum and Gelsemium in inability to concentrate – attention is drawn to three drugs in this type of tiredness of mind. In Ethuja, the mind gets tired while studying, does not work further, as it happens before the exam. Argentum nitricum causes nervousness, anxiety, fear of failing in examination. When a simple cause is present, the fear sets in, the anticipatory fear of one’s own incapacity begins. This characteristic of Argentum nitricum is also present in Gelsemium. Ethuja indicates exhaustion of the brain, Argentum nitricum indicates mental tension, nervousness, apprehension. Apart from this, there are complaints of stomach in Ethuja, vomiting comes; In Argentum nitricum, the stomach becomes bloated, it is full of air, there is vomiting, due to the presence of air, there is indigestion, it seems that the stomach will burst. In both Ethuja and Argentum, diarrhea comes, green goose comes. Argentum is fond of sweets, but sweet does not bring relief, sweetness increases his grievances.

case 1

A student who was appearing in the examination started complaining that he could not concentrate at all, his mind had become incapable of sustaining. He was given to Ethuja and passed the examination completely. Due to the incapacity of his mind, he had given up reading and writing, but Ethuja changed his mental condition. Ethuja is the best friend of the students who are unable to concentrate on reading. Picric acid is also useful for removing fatigue and exam-fear of the brain.

(5) In convulsions – Ethuja is also very beneficial in convulsions of children. During convulsions, the child clenches his fist. His eyes turn downwards, his face turns red, his pupils dilate, and his mouth froth. Ethuja will benefit.

Other symptoms of the drug Ethuja

(i) The special feature of the drug Ethuja is that in fever, there is no thirst at all. Although the heat seems to be enough.
(ii) A garland of glands emerges around the neck.
(iii) Fast pace, sharp stiffness, sharp pain – all complaints are fast.

Power and Nature – 3, 30, 200 (the potions are ‘hot’)

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