Agaricus Muscarius 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptom and main-disease nature of Agaricus

(1) twitching of muscles, limbs
(2) Muscle tremors, trembling stops when sleeping
(3) Feeling like ants walking on the skin of the body
(4) Physical weakness due to old age or over-sex
(5) Swelling of the skin from cold
(6) urge to kiss
(7) diseases of the spinal cord
(8) Feeling of passing out of the womb
(9) skewness of disease symptoms
(10) Early stage of tuberculosis

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction of symptoms by physical exertion
(ii) decrease in symptoms with gradual movement

increase in symptoms

(i) rise from cold, from cold air
(ii) growth through mental labor
(iii) Increase in symptoms due to sex
(iv) growth after meals
(v) storm surge
(vi) Increase in symptoms during menstrual days

(1) Twitching of muscles and organs – Twitching of muscles and organs is the main symptom of Agaricus medicine. Muscles twitch, eyes twitch, limbs tremble. If this vibration increases, then the symptoms of Chorea start appearing. Agaricus is called the Jerky medicine.

(2) Vibration of muscles and stop trembling on sleep – The special thing in twitching, trembling or vibration of muscles or organs is that this vibration continues as long as the patient remains awake, as soon as he sleeps it Vibration stops.

(3) Feeling of the skin of the body like ants walking – The whole body feels like ants are walking on the body. This experience is not limited to just the skin. There is a feeling of ants walking inside the skin even on the patient’s flesh. No part of the body is spared from such an experience. There is a feeling of piercing cold, sometimes hot, on the skin or other parts. The parts of the body in which the movement of blood is relaxed – ears, nose, hands, fingers, thumbs etc. – feel like pricking, burning sensation. Such stinging and burning as if these parts were frozen due to cold. Agaricus medicine is beneficial in any disease when this symptom occurs because it is a comprehensive or comprehensive symptom of this medicine. Agaricus is a medicine for cold-needle-like pricks in the limbs and arsenic for hot-needle-like pricks.

(4) Physical relaxation and diseases of the spinal cord due to old age or excessive sexual intercourse – in old age the rate of blood slows down, wrinkles occur in the body, hair fall on the head. Apart from old age, when young people also start having sexual intercourse, then their health also declines, they become lethargic. Due to anemia in old age and due to excessive sexual intercourse in youth or due to any other reason, spinal cord related disturbances start in the patient. These disturbances are twitching of muscles, back pain, stiffness of back, stiffness of spinal cord etc. There is no life to walk in the legs, dizziness occurs, the head becomes heavy, enthusiasm keeps on going, does not feel like working. When the above-mentioned symptoms begin to appear in young people from over-sex, then a few drops of Agaricus calms the nerves of the brain. Nervous women after sex become hysteria-prone, become unconscious. This medicine is also beneficial for them. It should be remembered that Agaricus is not given only because of old age. In homeopathy, no medicine is given on only one symptom, the medicine is decided after looking at the symptoms.

(5) Swelling of the skin due to cold (Chilblain) – When the skin swells due to snow, red spots appear in it, due to which there is a lot of itching and burning in the skin – Agaricus works well in such condition.

(6) Very intense desire to kiss – When sexual desire intensifies in man and woman, whoever has a desire to kiss, strong desire for hugs, extreme powerlessness after sex, spinal cord after sex Prevalence of diseases, burning sensation in spinal cord, dysfunction of organs – Agaricus medicine is suitable in such condition.

(7) Diseases of spinal cord – Many diseases of spinal cord come in Agaricus medicine. For example, stiffening of the entire spinal column, feeling that if I bow down, the back will break, burning in the spine, trembling of the muscles of the back, trembling in the spinal column, different types of pain in the spinal column. Pain, pain in the back which sometimes goes up and down. In women, there is pain below the waist. Twitching of the limbs, trembling etc. are the symptoms of spinal cord disease.

(8) Feeling like the exit of the chorion – Often women have complaints in which they feel that the chorion is coming out. She sits with her legs wrinkled. On hearing this symptom, homeopaths think of giving Sepia, Pulsatilla, Lilium or Murex, but if the symptoms of spinal cord are present in the said symptom, then Agaricus should be given. If the symptoms of the exit of the chorion are found in an old woman, and it is also found with her that her neck trembles, her vibration stops when she sleeps, she is cold-headed, feels that her body If there is a feeling of binding hot or cold needles – that is, in the presence of other symptoms of Agaricus with the feeling of exiting the chorion, Agaricus medicine should be given without giving sepia etc.

(9) Diagonal symptoms of the disease appear in the oblique sense – The unique feature of this medicine is that the symptoms of the disease appear at the same time in the oblique sense. For example, gout pain will appear in the right arm and left leg at the same time, or in the left arm and right leg. Similarly, any other disease can also appear diagonally – the disease should be the same!

(10) Early stage of tuberculosis – Agaricus drug patient feels a burden in the chest. Convulsive cough and profuse sweating. Every time we cannot say whether the patient is coughing or sneezing. Agaricus is a great medicine for chest diseases. Tuberculosis has also been cured by this. The patient has chest pain, cough and cold, night sweats, nervous diseases occur in the background of the patient. There is a severe cough and every time cough is followed by sneezing. Evening sweats are accompanied by attacks of cough. The pulse is fast, pus-like phlegm comes out in the cough, the patient feels ill in the morning. When these symptoms occur, it is not inconsistent to think that this is an early stage of tuberculosis. Agaricus medicine is beneficial in this condition.

Other symptoms of the drug Agaricus

(i) Due to the special form of spinal cord disease, the patient stumbles repeatedly while walking and falls, the utensils fall from the hand again and again. The frequent fall of the vessel from the hand is also found in Apis, but the difference between the two medicines is that Agaricus wants to sit near the fire, Apis runs beyond the compress of the fire.

(ii) Coming to laughter by pressing on the spinal cord is its wonderful symptom.

(iii) There is unbearable pain in the heel of the foot while walking, as if someone has been bitten.

(iv) Natrum Mur is given for late learning to speak, Calcarea carb is given for late learning to walk, but Agaricus is given for late learning of both speaking and walking.

(v) One of its wonderful symptoms is that while urinating it seems that the urine is cold, while the urine is passing drop by drop, then the patient can count each cold drop of urine.

(vi) In chronic patients of gonorrhea, whose urinary bladder remains itchy for a long time while passing urine, and it takes a long time for the last drop of urine to pass out – there are only two drugs for this symptom – Petroleum and Agaricus.

(vii) The patient moves the eyes like a pendant of a clock. can’t read The letters move away from the front. Black flies, black spots, web are visible in front of the eyes.

Potency and Nature – 3, 30, 200 (the medicine is for ‘chilly’ – patient)

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