Agnus Castus 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptom and main-disease nature of Agnus castus

(1) Dysfunction of the genital organ due to its misuse
(2) feeling old in youth
(3) Leucorrhea
(4) Lack of milk to the mother

(1) The dysfunction of the genital senses – in this age, as young men and young girls become victims of malpractices in their childhood, they indulge in disgusting habits like masturbation etc. Those who are ashamed even to mention their names, learn, as a result they find themselves impotent after marriage. Even married persons, if they are immersed in sense-lust, they too become victims of impotence after some time. The body of such people starts deteriorating, memory power does not support, they are unable to understand anything after hearing it once. If they are students, then they do not feel like studying, they become destitute from life, they stop reading and writing. Agnus castus medicine is beneficial for acne. In a woman too, the desire for enjoyment is completely killed by such work – Agnus castus medicine is also beneficial for this.

case 1

The enjoyment power of a woman was completely destroyed for which she was worried. She was given 10 drops of 1x thrice for a month, she became completely healthy and her body had a pre-marriage complexion.

Some medicines to Improve Performance

Agnus castus – In this, the desire for enjoyment is killed. Caladium and selenium benefit after Angus.

Caladium – There is desire for pleasure in this, there is no power in the senses.

Conayam and Phosphorus – In these, impotence comes due to the suppression of the senses. Onosmodium is beneficial if there is no desire for pleasure in a woman.

Lycopodium and Sulphur – In these, the genitals become cold, loose and small. Yohimbine also removes impotence.

Thuja – In this, impotence comes due to gonorrhea.

(2) Feeling old in youth – Feeling old in youth due to loss of semen and genitourinary disorders, becoming frustrated and disappointed with life, self-blame, thoughts of suicide, loss of memory etc. The medicine cures Agnus castus. Man becomes so forgetful that after buying a deal at the shop, he makes a mistake there, but it should not be understood that the person who forgets the deal in this way is a victim of this patient. This is an example of a symptom as an illustration. The meaning of saying this is only that this medicine is the main medicine in the prefixes of semen-decay.

(3) White leucorrhoea – In women, leucorrhoea occurs due to many reasons, but when the vagina becomes loose due to excessive sex, then there is a complaint of white leucorrhoea like egg. When it dries, a yellow stain appears on the fabric.

(4) Lack of milk in the mother – When the mother does not get milk after delivery, then with Agnus castus, milk starts coming, if it comes less then it increases.

(5) Potency – 1, 6, 30, 200

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