Ailanthus glandulosa 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Comprehensive-symptoms and main-diseases of Ailanthus glandulosa

(1) In diseases of the throat like scarlatina and in diseases of non-emergence of rash.
(2) Measles in diphtheria
(3) Some other medicines for tonsils

Improvement in symptoms

(i) Reduction in disease by taking hot drink


(i) Progression of disease in absence of rash

(1) In diseases of the throat like scarlatina and in diseases of non-emergence – Scarlatina is a spreading disease, infectious disease. Scarlatina orange-like rash appears on the skin, there is also fever which also becomes very severe. The patient remains sleepy, delirium also occurs. Throat becomes swollen, and looks black and blue from inside. Tonsils are greatly enlarged, a stinky slimy juice oozes out of them.

There are three types of scarlet fever. It is very mild in any season. The rash comes out easily, the fever is not too high. With good care, keeping the patient in a warm room and taking his own time without medicine, it gets cured. The skin is red, soft and shiny. This type of disease does not take a terrible form. In any second season, scarlet fever of the first type does not take a more painful form. The center of suffering is the throat. Throat is very swollen from inside, bright red, aching. The rash comes out very rarely, the symptoms of spinal cord appear, there is pain in the waist and neck. Then, there is the third type in which the throat becomes severely swollen from within, the symptoms of blood poisoning by the disease appear, tonsils become swollen, the skin becomes swollen, foul odor and the rash is very few or are not equal. If this third type of scarlet fever is not treated properly, then the patient dies. This is a very serious stage of the disease. The first type of disease is called ‘Scarlatina simplex’ because it is simple; The second type is called ‘Scarlatina anginosa’, because it specifically attacks the throat; The third type is called ‘Scarlatina maligna’, because it is very dangerous.

In the same family, a child may have the first type of fever, the second to the second and the third to the third type of fever. If scarlatina rash is not visible on the skin, then the skin should be pressed with a finger. If the skin remains white after removing the finger after pressing, and the blood takes a long time to fill that space, then it should be understood that this is the third type of terrible scarlatina, and the use of Acanthus gladulosa is very beneficial in this. The rash does not appear on the skin, there is severe swelling of the tonsils in the throat, its color becomes blue, the disease takes the form of diphtheria, the patient becomes very relaxed – these are the symptoms of the drug Acanthus gladulosa, even though it is scarletina. Yes or something.

The patient should not be approached thinking that he has scarlatina. The symptoms of the disease should be observed. Maybe the patient’s grains are of aconite, but in aconite there is not much rot, so we can think that these grains are of belladonna, but in belladonna the grains are shiny and smooth, so we can think that these grains are alanthus Be of Alanthus is used in the condition when the rash does not appear and causes severe tonsils in the throat, delirium in the brain, excessive fever, etc. and causes the third stage of this disease.

Main drugs to remove tonsils

Apis – In this throat disease does not cause much pain, nor does it cause much discomfort. Its effect is on the right side and brown lesions appear in the tonsils from the right side of the throat, from which the gill juice comes out. The special symptom of Apis is its thirstlessness. Urination comes with pain, little comes: Throat-throbbing is felt; The fever intensifies.

Lycopodium – This is also a medicine for the tonsils on the right side of the throat like Apis. If tonsil inflammation moves from the right side to the left, then the same medicine works. Its nature is that the patient with Lycopodium wants to drink hot drinks, not cold ones.

Carbolic acid – In this too there is no pain in tonsillitis like Apis, but redness spreads in the throat area with moderate fever.

Cotellus – in this, there is gangrene in the throat, in the tonsils, and everywhere inside the throat, that place feels like rotting, feels very thirsty.

Nitric acid – In this, a lot of saliva flows from the mouth.

Phytolecca – spit inside the throat or in every attempt to swallow anything causes severe tingling in the ears, hot drink aggravates the disease, and even without swallowing, there is a tingling from the throat to the ear.

Potency and nature – 1, 3, 6, 30 (the medicine is for ‘chilly’ patient)

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