Aloe Socotrina 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Comprehensive-symptoms and main-diseases of Aloe Socotrina

(1) Inability to hold the velocity of defecation immediately after eating or drinking
(2) Being stuck in the anus because of feeling the burden there
(3) defecation with air or urine
(4) self-excretion of hard stools
(5) discharge of thickened bowel and piles
(6) rumbling in the stomach in dysentery
(7) Diarrhea caused by drinking beer
(8) It is the main medicine for liver disease.

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction of disease by open air
(ii) preferring cold
(iii) to feel good after the bathroom

increase in symptoms

(i) Increase in disease after eating and drinking
(ii) increase in disease due to heat
(iii) Increase in disease in hot weather
(iv) Increase in disease in moist weather
(v) Increase in disease from 2 am to 9 am
(iv) rise as soon as you get out of bed in the morning

(1) Not able to hold the velocity of defecation immediately after eating food or drinking water – There are such muscles in the anus region which are called sphincter ani. The function of the contractile muscle is to stop the stool from coming out. The contractile-muscle of the anus of Aloe patient becomes relaxed and he runs to the toilet as soon as he eats food and drinks water. Cannot hold the velocity of defecation. It is often seen that before reaching the toilet, defecation comes out and his clothes get spoiled.

(2) Due to feeling of burden in the anus region, the attention is stuck there, because the contractile muscles of the anus become relaxed, so even the slightest accumulation of stool in that region keeps the patient’s attention stuck there because he is afraid. That the feces do not come out on their own.

(3) Defecation with apana-vayu or urine – When apan-vayu is passed out from the patient’s stomach, or when he starts urinating, then defecation with air from the stomach, or while urinating Goes out. The reason for all this is the relaxation of the contractile-muscle of the anus.

(4) Spontaneous passing of hard stools on their own – Sometimes, even when the child is not aware, hard stools spontaneously come out in the bed. Dr. Nash, mentioning a child, has written that he was treating him for constipation, but even with enema, he used to pass very little stool. One day he saw that there was a litter of defecation lying on the child’s bed. On asking the mother, she came to know that this happens often, I do not know when it comes out. Aloe of 200 potency was given to that child and his constipation was cured.

(5) Colitis and hemorrhoids – When the patient goes to defecation, sometimes a cup full of jelly-like thick discharge comes out before defecation. This goose keeps accumulating in the lower part of the intestine, after coming out of the goose there is a burning sensation in the anus.

Hemorrhoids – Feeling of heaviness in the anus is found in every disease of Aloe. This heaviness can be due to accumulation of defecation, it can be due to accumulation of goose in the anal region, it can also happen due to piles. In Aloe, the warts of piles remain covered with goose because the goose collected in the anus keeps leaking out due to the relaxation of the contractile muscles, and keeps on soaking these warts. In this piles there is a lot of itching, these mums have soreness, and washing the mums with cold water gives relief to the patient. We have already written in the nature of Aloe that the patient of Aloe likes cold.

Ella can be compared with bromium and muriatic acid in terms of hemorrhoids. The difference is that bromium warts get relief by applying saliva to the mouth, and muriatic acid piles get relief with hot water instead of cold, while aloe gets relief with cold water.

Main medicines in the disease of piles

Nux Vomica and Sulphur – By giving Sulfur 30 in the morning and 3 hours before sleeping at sunset, the disease of piles is often cured. Do not work hard, stay seated, eat ghee and spicy foods – if it causes piles, then Nux is more beneficial. Sulfur is more beneficial in chronic piles (blood or not).

Aconite and Hamamelis – Aconite or Hamamelis is also given in piles with only bleeding symptoms.

Aesculus – It is useful in frequent piles where warts are formed due to sinusitis due to impure blood.

Collinsonia – Like aesculus, there is also a feeling that straws are pricking in the anus, but aesculus is often useful in ulcerative and bloody piles. Constipation is not so much in Aesculus, constipation is necessary with piles in Colinsonia. Constipation is so much in this that Dr. Nash cured constipation of a patient who used to go to the bathroom once in two weeks. This constipation leads to piles.

Muriatic acid – the warts in this are blue in color, and are so tactile intolerance that they cannot tolerate the touch of the bed linen. Washing with warm water gives relief. Washing with cold water in Aloe provides relief.

Arsenic – Severe burning sensation, as if hot needles are coming out of the piles. Getting out of the wart and giving a compress gives relief.

Retnahia – Unbearable burning sensation in the entire anus after the toilet, even when there is a loose toilet, the warts come out.

Along with the above symptoms, one should try to see the other symptoms of the medicine as well, only then the medicine with similar symptoms comes. It is not good to rely on only one symptom.

(6) The sound of rumbling in the stomach in dysentery – if this symptom is present in the dysentery that there is a feeling of rumbling in the stomach as if water is rumbling from the bottle, then it is a characteristic symptom of Aloe. Is. If there is no rumble with the squads, Ella seldom works. Podophyllum also has thunder, but its diarrhea stops before midday.

(7) Beer drinking diarrhea – People who are addicted to drinking beer, they often get diarrhea. Aloe is very beneficial to such persons who whenever they drink beer, as a result, diarrhea occurs. Sometimes Aloe does not bring benefits, so Cali bichrome proves useful in this condition.

Dr. Dunham’s experience of Aloe in Diarrhea – A diarrheal patient who was given Calcarea, Nux, Bryonia, Arsenic etc. did not help. Taking his symptoms, it was found that when he had diarrhea, there was a very loud rumbling in the stomach. The speed of diarrhea was so strong that at 3 in the morning he had to wake up from a deep sleep. From 3 o’clock to 9 o’clock he had 4-5 thin, rumbling diarrhea. There was no diarrhea at any other time of day or night. When diarrhea broke out, he had to run to the toilet immediately. It seemed to him that he could not stop the diarrhea. He felt such a laxity in the muscle of the anus that it seemed impossible to stop defecation. He was given a dose of Aloe 200 at 10 o’clock and he was cured. The time of giving the medicine is when the disease has subsided because after 9 o’clock he does not have diarrhea, so the medicine was given at 10 o’clock.

(8) It is the main medicine for liver disease – Aloe is the main medicine for liver disease. This drug is not long-lasting or deep-draining, as deep as sulphur, but in liver diseases, it often reduces the intensity of the disease, but after that it is supplemented by sulphur, cali bichrome. Or by giving sepia, the disease goes away from the root. Aloe is not as deep as sulphur. But not quite as short-acting as Aconite and Belladonna. It is a medicine between the two.

(9) Comparison of Aloe and Nux – Nux has frequent urge to defecate because the intestines cannot pass the defecation in one go; In alans, on the contrary, the intestines cannot stop defecation, so they come out on their own. In Nux, the contractile muscle of the anus is stimulated, so there is frequent bowel movement; In Aloe, this muscle remains relaxed, so it becomes difficult to stop defecation.

Comparison of Aloe and Sulfur – There is a close relationship between Aloe and Sulfur. Both have to run for defecation as soon as they get up from the bed, both have burning feet, heat is found in the skin in both. The difference between these is that the patient of Aloe rushes to the toilet after eating food, while the patient of Sulfur runs to the toilet as soon as he wakes up from sleep.

(10) It is a hot-natured medicine – aggravation of disease due to heat and occurrence of cold is the natural symptom of this medicine which is found in all its diseases. The patient wants to be in a cold room, feels heat and hot flames, has hot and dry skin, wants to undress in bed at night. Head feels hot, wants to cool there.

Other symptoms of Aloe medicine

In a disease in which the symptoms of the drug are mixed with the disease by giving more quantity of the medicine, it is not understood whether these symptoms are of the medicine or of the disease, then by taking treatment with Aloe, the symptoms become clear. Nux and Sulfur are also suitable in this direction.

Potency and nature – In the disease of the anus region, one should wait by giving some quantity of 3 Shakti. 30, 200 in other diseases (the medicine is for ‘hot’ -Hot-nature)

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