Alumen 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects


Symptom and main-disease nature of Alumen

(1) paralytic weakness in the anus
(2) paralysis-like weakness in the bladder
(3) Tendency to harden the inflamed skin, larynx, cavities, chorion or abscess (cancer)
(4) hardening of glands like tonsils, breast etc.
(5) cough of older men

decrease in symptoms

(i) Heat reduction of headache

increase in symptoms

(i) Exacerbation of disease due to cold (except headache as headache subsides with heat)
(ii) exacerbation of disease during sleep
(iii) Aggravation of the disease by lying on the right side

(1) Weakness of paralysis in the anus (strengthening even for diarrhoea, severe constipation) – In the drug Alumen, there is such weakness in the anus as if paralysis has occurred. Due to the loss of activity of the anus, the stool gets stuck in the anus. The stool does not come out of the colon. The stool that comes out is very hard, dry, lumpy like stones. Stool comes out once or twice a week.

(2) Paralysis in the bladder, weakness like paralysis – As the stool becomes loose, there is a severe laxity in the bladder. Urine comes out with great difficulty. Even after urinating, the bladder remains half-filled. At first, it takes a long time for the flow of urine to start, and when the urine starts coming, it falls straight down the ureter, not falling with the same velocity as it should be falling forward. The reason for this is the paralysis of the urinary system, i.e. paralysis, due to which the bladder is unable to push the velocity of urine forward. Alumen medicine is beneficial in this.

(3) Tendency towards hardening of inflamed skin, tongue, cavities, chorion or abscess leading to cancer – Alumen drug has the tendency to harden the skin (Induration). Where there is inflammation in the skin, it will harden. Medicines which also have a tendency to harden the skin, there are less or more forms of cancer, because the main basis of cancer is the tendency to harden. When the wound starts to harden, it should be understood that it can turn into cancer. This stiffness becomes cancerous as it grows.

Such wounds can occur anywhere on the skin, on the tongue, in the cavities, in the chorion. Early treatment with alumen saves the patient from cancer.

(4) Stiffening of glands like tonsils, breasts etc. – As there is stiffness in the skin or tongue etc., in the same way in the glands of the body – tonsils, breasts etc. – these glands also become hard like a bullet. This tendency is especially found in the tonsils. People whose cold settles directly on the tonsils, hardens it, cures their disease alumen, it should be remembered that the tendency of hardening of tonsils is found in aluminum, similarly this tendency is also in baryta carb. is found. Baryta carb is also a good medicine in hardened tonsils.

(5) Cough of old men – The old man whose phlegm settles in the chest, comes out with difficulty, comes out from a long wire, it is cured by alumen. This feature is also in the Antim Tart.

(6) Potency and nature – 30, 200 or even higher (It is a long-term anti-psoric drug. The drug is for ‘Sard’ – nature)

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