Alumina 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptom and main-disease nature of Alumina

(1) bonding of alumina and alumina
(2) Mental symptoms of alumina – mental sluggishness, inertia, lack of judgment power, feeling of delay in everything
(3) The thought of killing someone else or oneself after seeing a knife or blood
(4) Sadness after waking up in the morning – changing attitude of the mind
(5) Symptoms of nervous system, laxity due to irritation in spinal cord etc.
(6) Bladder and rectum dysfunction
(7) Vertigo in old age
(8) The child wakes up frightened by sleeping
(9) Stinging in the nose and throat (cold)
(10) There are boils after itching, but not before.
(11) Very happy; A spider web-like feeling on the face, hands; hair fall
(12) Singing of voice in singers etc.
(13) Leucorrhoea that flows up to the legs like water in women
(14) At the age of cessation of menstruation
(15) Constipation of pregnant woman and baby
(16) Female gonorrhea

decrease in symptoms

(i) Decrease in evening symptoms
(ii) Reduction of symptoms with open air
(iii) loss of light movement
(iv) Reduction by cold water bath
(v) Reduction of disease by moist air

increase in symptoms

(i) disease increases in summer
(ii) Increase in disease in a warm, closed room
(iii) Increase in disease by eating potato
(iv) Increase in disease by talking
(v) Increase in disease in dry season
(vi) rise after waking up in the morning
(vii) Increase in disease due to sitting
(viii) Increase in disease after menstruation
(ix) Exacerbation of disease from time to time

(1) Relation of alumina and alumina – Alum is called alumina, and alumina is a metal from which utensils are made which are called aluminum utensils. Although these are two separate elements, they have many similarities in their nature. Physical characteristics of alumina have been examined, both physical and mental characteristics of alumina have been detected, but since the basis of both substances is aluminum, alumina also corrects those psycho-characters found in alumina. go. Before we discuss the physical and mental characteristics of alumina, it is pertinent to write something about cooking in aluminum utensils as it has been discussed extensively in the homeo-world.

Disadvantages of cooking food in aluminum utensils – On examination of aluminum metal, when dealing with utensils made of this metal, bad symptoms arise due to excessive sour or alkali liquid mixed in it. The constancy of us, especially the people of Calcutta, is a special indicator of this. A Russian showed his three-and-a-half year old dog who was suffering from the disease to the veterinarians. They could not diagnose his disease. She used to cook her dog’s food in aluminum utensils. The dog vomited continuously. Within six months the dog became ill and could not even digest water. In the meantime, he received an advertisement by post which described the poisoning of dogs by aluminum. The dog’s owner left the aluminum utensil and started cooking food in another utensil and the dog was fine. From this it appears that the micro-power of aluminum was having an effect on the dog. It is true that not everyone is affected like this. This is the reason that many people are affected by something, many are not, but it is a common idea that by cooking food in aluminum utensils, the effect of this metal comes in the food, and due to this many patients get vomiting, constipation. etc. complaints. In our country it is customary to keep water in a copper vessel – this too has a medicinal value in homeopathic form.

(2) Mental characteristics of alumina – mental sluggishness, inertness, lack of decision power – like alumina, laxity is also found in alumina, this is its widespread symptom. This dysfunction is manifested not only at the physical level, but also at the mental level. The alumina clings to the patient’s mind and intellect, and keeps him confused. The patient becomes unable to make any kind of decision. His decision-making power becomes weak. Things that he previously knew to be real, now seem unreal to him. When he says something, it seems to him that someone else is saying it, when he sees something, it seems to him that someone else is watching, or when he transforms himself into another He then understands that he is saying or seeing. This is a disturbance of the mind, a disturbance of thoughts. He has doubts about his personality, is unsure of who he was, feels that he is not who he was. Makes mistakes in writing and reading, uses wrong words, the mind becomes relaxed and fragmented.

Time seems to pass very slowly – Another state of mind of alumina is that she finds time to pass very slowly. He understands that things are not happening as fast as they should be, everything is getting delayed, what should have taken half an hour is taking a whole day.

(3) Contemplation of killing another or oneself on seeing a knife or blood- Alumina drug has such a great effect on the mind that if the patient looks at the knife or sees blood, there is a feeling of killing someone else or his own blood. When he becomes strong, he wants to commit suicide.

(4) Sadness after waking up in the morning – Alumina patient becomes depressed after waking up in the morning and cries. Well, he keeps on crying. Wants to run away from his situation, remains fearful, understands that his sorrow will go away by moving away from the circumstances he is surrounded by. It is usually filled with fear. When he starts thinking about his mental condition, then he is afraid that he may go crazy. When he thinks that he forgets even his name, the mind is disturbed, then he starts thinking that now he has really gone mad. After waking up in the morning, such thoughts keep coming and going in him, but the attitude of the mind keeps changing. Sometimes after coming out of the mood of despair, he comes in a hopeful, calm attitude, after that he falls again in the same depression. In the nature of alumina medicine, the disease progresses from time to time.

(5) Symptoms of nervous system, laxity due to symptoms like burning of spinal cord etc. – Alumina medicine has a special action on the nerves which come out of the spinal cord. The nerves of the spinal column are due to the activity of the muscles of the body. Due to their laxity in the food pipe, difficulty is experienced in swallowing, difficulty in lifting and moving hands, any part of the body suffers from hemiplegia, in the legs, stool, urinary tract. Weakness, inertia is felt. At first the activity of these organs is destroyed, then in the end, the complete half-organ is destroyed. If you get a thorn in your foot, if someone hits you with a stick, you do not experience it at all.

Burning of the spine occurs, there is pain in the back. The patient says: “There is pain in the back as if hot iron has been inserted into the vertebrae below the spine.” Alumina works wonders when there is a spasm in the back muscles and inflammation of the medulla oblongata.

(6) Bladder dysfunction – Man or woman has to sit for a long time to urinate, urine does not come down, it comes in late, it comes out slowly, the patient says that urine does not come down quickly. Sometimes it drips drop by drop instead of torrent. It is because of the dysfunction of this organ that is the pervasive symptom of this medicine. Its unique symptom is that for urinating one has to exert pressure on the rectum, that is, the anus.

Relaxation of the rectum – The rectum becomes so loose that even if it is full, the stool does not come out, even if the stool is not hard but liquid, it does not come out at all. When there is such inertia, looseness in the anus, that even diarrhea does not come out, such constipation occurs, then this medicine works best. If the above-mentioned psychotic symptoms are present, then alumina medicine is of great benefit even if there is hard stool and difficult constipation. The patient feels that the stool is filled with stool, even then the stool does not come out even after pushing. The patient has to forcefully expel the stool from the abdominal muscles, but the muscles of the anus do not give any help in pushing the stool. The main symptom of this medicine is exertion to pass even thin stools. The secretion of the prostate gland comes out when the stool is passed out with difficulty because this gland gets stressed on pushing for the stool.

But giving alumina only on the basis that even thin stools can be produced only after exertion is not homeopathy. In homeopathy, medicine is not given on a single symptom, attention is paid to the symptomatology of the patient. For example, the need to insist even for thin stools is also there in China, but in all these medicines each medicine’s own personality should come out.

If the patient comes and says that he has to push even for thin stools, but at the same time says that his nature is such that he cannot stay awake, starts studying, then he falls asleep immediately. As if he is always asleep, if he has to stand for a long time, he gets gassy, ​​gets upset in a closed room, but gets upset even if he goes in open cold air, then there is no alumina for such a patient, Giving Nux Moschetta will end the complaint of constipation.

Or, if the patient says that he has to strain for a thin stool, but his stomach is as if full of air, his face is pale from lack of blood, weak, burping from above, defecation of air from below. The more air comes out from up and down, the more his troubles increase, so the constipation of such a patient will not be cured by alumina, nor by Nux Moschetta, his constipation will be cured by China.

In this way we see that the medicines for the homeopath start speaking, pictured standing before his eyes. This is called medicine illustration.

(7) Drowsiness, weakness and dizziness in old age – Alumina’s diseases arise from the deformity of the nervous system or spinal cord, due to which the widespread symptom of this medicine is inertia, sluggishness. This is the reason that it is also a medicine for Vertigo. The patient feels that things are constantly moving, in diseases of the spine, there is dizziness on closing the eyes, in elderly people, due to laxity, dizziness occurs. The person staggers while walking. For this reason, numbness also comes in the feet and fingers of the hands. Alumina cures these diseases in the early stages of the patient.

(8) The child wakes up nervous after sleeping – in its nature we have written that its diseases increase after waking up in the morning. Due to the sluggishness, inertia in the mental symptoms of alumina, the child gets nervous in the morning when he wakes up. His physical and mental condition is relaxed. As the day progresses, the movement of the limbs brings life to life, as it becomes conscious. When he wakes up, everything seems unfamiliar to him.

(9) Stinger-cold in the nose and throat – The effect of the dysfunction of all the organs also falls on the nose and throat. The membranes of the nose and throat become dry. Nasal congestion is felt, mostly left nostril. A large, bluish-like, foul-smelling, dry crust accumulates in the nose. The patient continues to cough and clear his nose all the time. From the nose, this condition spreads to the back part of the nose, where the feces of the nostrils get deposited. If seen inside the throat, sticky mucus sticks in the throat. There is a very dry feeling in the throat, it seems that the digestion is stuck in the throat. This feeling is also present in Argentum nitricum, Nitric acid and Hippar. This catarrhal condition extends to the food system, and the patient also appears to have difficulty swallowing. The reason for all this is due to the widespread symptoms of alumina such as laxity, inertness, etc., which can be said to be the characteristic features of this medicine.

(10) After itching, not before the boils – there are two forms of boils and pimples. Sometimes it is so itchy in the skin that the skin peels off and then boils and pimples occur. Sometimes boils first appear and they have to be scratched. Novice people see the abscess and give hipper, but it is not right. In alumina, the skin dries out, cracks, it hardens – due to the same looseness and inertia – and when it is scratched, the skin peels and blisters form. If itching is due to itching first and boils after itching, then alumina, mezerium, arsenic etc. are given, if boils are first and then itching is given later.

(11) Extreme dryness, feeling like a cobweb wrapped around the face and hands; Hair fall – extremely dryness is a widespread symptom. We have already mentioned dry cold. The blood vessels in the mouth dry up, due to which there is a feeling that a spider web is wrapped around the mouth. This feeling is so painful that the patient rubs his face while sitting. The same is experienced on the back of the hands. The patient repeatedly moves his hands over the mouth as if removing something from the face.

(12) Loss of voice in singers etc. – Paralysis-like dysfunction is a widespread symptom of this medicine. Because of this, the throat also swells. The singer can sing only for a while, then the throat does not work. Gradually this laxity increases so much that it stops speaking. Rus talk should not be forgotten in this episode. In Ras Tox, the voice is low as the singer begins to sing, but as he sings, his throat warms, the pace benefits the Ras Tox person, and his voice brightens as he sings. . But if the person of rasa tox goes to a cold place after the throat becomes hot, then the throat will settle down immediately, if he remains in the warm room then the throat will not suffocate. When the singer starts singing in the throat of phosphorus, then he has to clean the throat phlegm again and again, when the phlegm is cleared then his throat starts working fine, but the throat starts hurting while singing, It hurts so much that it hurts to cut the sound with a knife. Homeopaths used to give argentum nitricum to singers and lecturers on the throat until alumina was discovered to correct the pitch of the voice, but alumina works better than that.

(13) Leucorrhoea, which flows up to the legs like water in women – In women’s diseases also symptoms of basic laxity of alumina are visible. The genitals of the patient become so loose that the water of the leucorrhoea flows down to the legs. This water is pungent, cuts the skin, is yellow. It can also be like egg white, starry, flowing on the thighs to the ankles. The following symptoms appear in the genitals of the patient with this leucorrhoea:

(i) wound on the face of the geriatric
(ii) Dysfunction in all genitals
(iii) Feeling of weight down due to dysfunction of the genitals
(iv) Weakness, laxity and laxity in all muscles

(14) Utility in the symptoms of the age of cessation of menstruation – When the time comes for a woman to stop menstruating around the age of 45, there is a decrease in rajas, laxity comes, the patient feels very weak. Alumina is of great benefit to the woman, and no matter how much menstruation occurs, it disturbs the woman.

(15) Constipation of pregnant woman and child – A woman who is not a victim of constipation, she suffers from this disease in pregnancy. His excretory door does not work, he does not have the power to excrete, defecation comes down when he presses on the abdominal muscles. Similarly, when a newborn baby or a few-month-old baby gets achy and does not defecate, when defecation comes, it is seen that it was not so hard that it would not come down – in such a condition alumina medicine is beneficial.

(16) Gonorrhea of ​​women and men – When a woman is suffering from gonorrhea disease and after giving pulsatilla and thuja, the disease gets reduced, but its root is not destroyed, the disease keeps recurring again and again and gonorrhea If the secretion does not come to an end, then alumina is beneficial. In men also, if gonorrhea is cured by other medicines but still it keeps coming and going, then alumina should be used.

(17) Live illustration of alumina drug – Its nature is that the speed of blood of the disease is so slow that in winter his hands and feet become cold, they burst due to dryness, big twigs fall on the feet. Well, they start bleeding. His diseases are aggravated by cold, he feels better in moist weather. Extreme dryness of the skin is a characteristic feature of this medicine. The patient wants to keep himself covered with clothes, keeps his body covered with warm clothes, but still wants open air. With the slightest change in the weather, he gets cold, gets cold. Sometimes while lying in bed, he feels so cold that his teeth itch, but after some time he gets so much itching and heat in the bed that he does not want to put clothes on. These two opposing things are found in its nature, this is its living depiction.

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