Ambra Grisea 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptom and main-disease nature of Ambra Grisea

(1) Neurological symptoms from old age to youth
(2) Vertigo
(3) Neuralgia and sleep deprivation due to domestic calamity or loss in business
(4) Cannot tolerate singing, coughing after listening to songs
(5) Complaints in the afflicted part of the body

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction in disease after meals
(ii) Reduction of symptoms due to cold air, cold food and drink

increase in symptoms

(i) increase by the presence of others
(ii) concern, from business concern
(iii) Increase in symptoms in old age
(iv) Increase in disease in the morning and evening

(1) Neurological signs from old age in youth – slender young men or skinny women who reach old age in youth, are 50 years of age and appear to be 70 years old, whether children who are old- Embra graecia medicine is best for such people. Vibration due to weakness in their limbs, staggering in walking, lack of thinking power, forgetting everything – these symptoms are seen. They forget what was said while talking, will question and ask another question without hearing the answer. Such weakness of mind comes in many young people, they are not mad, but the mind becomes weak. This symptom of neuro-weakness is found in older people that in a moment they appear completely discouraged, disappointed, then after a while, they show a fierceness of nature. In this type of muscle weakness, Ambra graecia medicine is also beneficial for old men. Sometimes it also happens that a person becomes indifferent to all things happiness and sorrow, good and bad. Those things which break the heart of others have no effect on them, not because they have mentally reached the Nisang-Yoga of the Gita, but because their mental power of thinking and thinking has no effect. It would have diminished. When they wake up in the morning, the mental state of these people is not aware, they find themselves in a dream-like state. If this condition goes on increasing, then till the evening they are found to be insane.

(2) Vertigo – People who start showing signs of old age before time also become victims of dizziness. It should not be understood that the one who has dizziness is a victim of old age disease. Dizziness can come due to many reasons, but if signs of old age start appearing in youth and dizziness starts, then this medicine should also be considered. He cannot go out in the street alone. He has to make repeated efforts to concentrate on the subject he is contemplating, otherwise the subject of the thought remains untouched.

(3) Nervous-debility and sleep-destruction due to domestic calamity or loss in business – healthy strong man who is immediately worried about loss in business or on whom domestic calamity comes, due to the death of one after the other in the family, whose Such a blow came to the mind that he started seeing the world as empty, who started thinking that there was no goal of living in front of him, who gets frustrated with life after suffering from sorrow, despair, who sleeps with these thoughts. Even if it gets destroyed, this is the support of such a patient.

Comparison of Embra and Natrum Mur – Embra is faced with terrible, imaginary appearances that make her unable to sleep, and the Natrum patient keeps thinking about past events, causing her to not sleep. Embra’s condition is due to weakening of the mind by business worries, domestic accidents, due to which she also feels dizzy.

(4) Unable to play singing, cough comes from singing – many of his troubles emerge from listening to the song. He feels the vocals of the song as physical, corporeal-metal, and he feels that those voices are clinging to him. He starts coughing after listening to the song.

(5) Complaints in the afflicted part of the body – In this there are complaints of one part of the body. For example, he sweats in the same part of the body which is suffering or diseased and not in the other. The symptoms of sweating are also present in Pulsatilla on one side of the body, but sweating is present in Embra only in the affected part.

(6) Other symptoms of this medicine

(i) Having an asthma attack while having sex is a unique symptom.
(ii) People who are suffering from spinal irritation, it is beneficial in nervous cough, belching etc. It is a neuromuscular medicine.
(iii) Numbness of any one part of finger, arm etc.
(iv) The patient becomes disturbed by going among others.

(7) Potency – 2 or 3 powers can be used repeatedly. This medicine should not be given in the evening as it may aggravate the disease. It originates from whale fish and is nosode.

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