Ammonium Carbonicum ( Ammonia Carb ) 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects


Comprehensive-symptoms and main-diseases of ammonia carb

(1) Fat-bodied women who get used to smelling ammonia carb.
(2) asthmatic dyspnea; The cold-headed patient craves cold air even in the pain of asthma.
(3) shortness of breath due to phlegm
(4) Post-influenza cough
(5) Ammonia carb secretions are pungent and painful
(6) Inner soreness of genitals during Raja-Kaal
(7) Early menstruation, heavy bleeding, black blood and blood clots
(8) Cholera-like diarrhea on the day before menstruation
(9) Exacerbation of disease at 3 in the morning
(10) Relationship of Lachesis and Ammonia Carb

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction in disease by suppressing
(ii) reduction by lying on the stomach
(iii) Reduction in disease by lying on the side of the affected part

increase in symptoms

(i) Exacerbation of disease on cold, damp or cloudy days
(ii) disease spread through open air
(iii) three to four in the morning
(iv) increase in the days of menstruation
(v) Exacerbation of disease by bathing
(vi) disease progresses after sleeping

(1) Fat-bodied women who have a habit of smelling ammonia carb – Allopaths give crude ammonia carb for smelling to those patients who appear to have shortness of breath due to heart disease. Often women keep a bottle of ammonia carb near and inhale it in case of shortness of breath.

Extreme weakness, difficult breathing, it seems that the heart will not work. The patient lies on the bed with heart palpitations and he finds it difficult to breathe at the slightest movement. Actually, he has nothing else, only weakness, no medicine seems to be of any benefit. There does not appear to be a reaction to the drugs. Such patients are often asked to take rest. One such patient who kept bumping sometimes to one specialist, sometimes to another specialist. A single dose of fortified ammonia carb cured him.

(2) The asthmatic, cold-headed patient craves cold air even in the pain of asthma – the peculiar symptom of this patient’s asthma is that even if the room is hot, the cold-headed patient’s breathlessness increases, It seems that the throat will be suffocated, as if the patient will die in the absence of air. He goes to the cold air for peace. It is to be noted that in hot air the breathlessness increases, but the patient is afraid of cold because of his nature, physical feeling, but is afraid of heat in asthma. The complaints of the body, headache and pain are troubled by cold, but the patient feels better with cold air in breathlessness.

(3) Shortness of breath due to phlegm – The symptoms of phlegm are found in Ammonia Carb medicine. There is phlegm in the chest and in the respiratory system. Due to this phlegm, heaviness is experienced in breathing. There is so much phlegm in the chest that it does not come out. In the last stage of tuberculosis, when the lungs are filled with phlegm, the drug Ammonia Carb reduces the pain to some extent. The stuffing of phlegm in the chest also occurs in it like a stannum. The patient is so weak that he cannot cough vigorously, cannot expel phlegm like an antim tart. The patient cannot bear the cold, does not want to walk in the cold air.

(4) Remaining cough after influenza – Dr. Greece has written that he got influenza and the remaining cough after that was not cured by any medicine. Simple: Bryonia should have cured him, but that didn’t work either. He spent many nights restlessly. After that he took one dose of Ammonia Carb 200, which cured all the diseases completely. He writes that after this experience, he always used this medicine in a cough left over from influenza and he always got success.

(5) The secretions of ammonia carb are pungent and pungent – all types of ammonia carb secretions are pungent, pungent, peeling off the skin. The water that flows through the nose pierces the lips, the saliva of the mouth cuts the lip in the middle, the two heads of the lips are peeled off. The patient keeps peeling off the skin of the lips, they remain dry, peeling. Eyes keep burning with water from the eyes, as if they are peeling. The skin also feels the food. The entanglements of the woman also start hurting, as if they are cooking. This is also due to the presence of secretions there. If there is any wound on the body, then the secretion that comes from it also flows. This burning, peeling of the skin is characteristic of the secretions of the drug Ammonia Carb.

(6) Internal pain of genitals during Raja period – The entire internal genital area of ​​the woman starts to hurt, it seems as if there is deep pain inside the genitals. This pain is very deep. The meaning of this pain is not only intolerance to touch, pain from internal secretions persists even without touch. In Raja: Kaal this internal pain increases. As long as menstruation continues, the inner genitals continue to hurt.

(7) Early menstruation, excessive blood, black blood, blood clots – we have already written that the use of this medicine leads to leucorrhoea, genital soreness, and inflammation of the genitals, along with At the same time, menstruation becomes very early, premature, there is a lot of blood, the color of the blood is black, there are blood clots, and the characteristic of blood is that it does not coagulate, it remains liquid Is.

(8) Cholera-like diarrhea on the day before menstruation – Its special symptom is that diarrhea comes from cholera on the day before menstruation, diarrhea persists even during the days of menstruation. In Silicea, constipation occurs before and during menstruation.

(9) Exacerbation of disease at 3 o’clock in the morning – Cough occurs in old man at 3 o’clock in the morning, severe cough, sweating while coughing, as well as suffocation.

(10) Relationship of Lachesis and Ammonia Carb – The effect of Lachesis is on the left side, that of Ammonia Carb on the right side. Despite this distinction, these two medicines are related to each other. What is that relation?

(a) Black blood is found in both the medicines, the blood which does not coagulate.
(b) In both the medicines, symptoms are found to increase after sleeping.

Other Symptoms of Ammonia Carb Medication

(i) Hair fall is the main symptom of this.
(ii) the nails turn yellow
(iii) Hemorrhage starts flowing in the morning while washing the face – this is a unique symptom.
(iv) Red spots appear on the skin after bath.
(v) After the bath, the blood starts beating on the skin, after the bath there is palpitation.
(vi) There is pain in the bones, as if they will break. There is pain in the teeth, in the jaws.
(vii) It is beneficial in the apprehension of the wound turning into a purulent wound.
(viii) If the patient’s heart is sinking due to weakness, then arsenic or ammonia carb can save the patient.

Potency & nature – 6, 30, 200

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