Ammonium Muriaticum ( Ammonium Mur ) 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main-disease nature of Ammonium Muriaticum

(1) Feeling of cold between the two shoulders in cough or chest pain
(2) Constipation
(3) Feeling of tension and pain in muscles, tendons and joints
(4) Seasonal discharge occurs while lying down, stops on standing.
(5) Sore-throat
(6) sweating with heat waves and hot wave in fever
(7) Nature of Ammonia Mur

decrease in symptoms

(i) decrease in disease in cold
(ii) Reduction of disease in open air
(iii) Reduction in disease due to brisk walking


(i) Morning (exacerbation of diseases of the head and chest)
(ii) noon (exacerbation of stomach disease)
(iii) Evening (exacerbation of disease in skin, fever, limbs)
(iv) Chronic mildew, progression of disease over time

(1) Feeling of cold between both the shoulders in cough or chest pain – The valuable symptom of the medicine Ammonium muriaticum is that there is a feeling of cold between both the shoulders. This is often experienced in two chest pains. One in cough, the other in chest pain without cough. Dr. Nash says that just as the feeling of burning between the two shoulders is found in Lycopodium and Phosphorus, similarly the feeling of cold is found in Ammonium Mur. The symptom of laccanthes is that the patient feels that a piece of ice is placed between the shoulders.

(2) Constipation – The drug Ammonium muriaticum is used in severe constipation. The stool is hard, dry, breaks loosely and passes with difficulty. Sometimes feces like causticum are wrapped around the intestine. Due to the paralysis of the anus in the causticum, the stool passes with difficulty. Regarding constipation, it is pertinent to know that the stools are dry and hard in many murates. For example, Ammonia Mur, Magnesia Mur, Natrum Mur – all have constipation and hard stools. The color of feces in Ammonia Mur always changes. Changing color of stool is also found in Pulsatilla, but Ammonia Mur does not like cold, Pulsatilla prefers cold. The difference between causticum and amonia is that in the causticum, the nerves are actually stretched and the extremities do not shorten, but this type of stretch in the veins appears as if the nerves and muscles have become smaller, not smaller.

(3) Feeling of tension and pain in muscles, tendons and joints – It has a special effect on the feeling of tension and pain in muscles, tendons and joints. In this symptom, the drug Ammonium muriaticum works well in rheumatism and chronic migraine pain. The patient feels a kind of tension in the tendons, in the muscles and in the joints. Ammonium muriaticum drug should be remembered when muscles feel inability to work due to strain.

(4) Seasonal discharge occurs while lying down, stops when you stand up – there are only three medicines in which seasoning occurs only when you lie down at night, it stops when you walk. They are Ammonia Mur, Bovista and Mag Carb. The following is a comparison of the medicines for menstrual bleeding:

Seasoning at night, closed by day – Ammonia Myr, Bovista, Mag Carb
Cactus, Causticum, Lilium
Seasonal discharge only when lying down, stopped by movement – Creejote

(5) Sore-throat – Ammonium muriaticum is a very good medicine for such sore throat which is not known. Especially such a condition of the throat in which there is a burning sensation, sticky phlegm sticks in the throat, there is swelling in the throat, difficulty in swallowing sputum, one has to cough and cough again and again, the voice settles! It is also beneficial in such patients who become weak with this type of cough, keep coughing daily and progress towards tuberculosis.

(6) Heat waves and sweating with hot wave in fever – The patient feels that the blood is boiling in all the veins of the body. Burning, burning, and biting feeling in the inner-membranes of the body. Heat waves come and end in sweats. There is a lot of sweating in the last part of the night. Fever is accompanied by frequent heat waves and after each hot wave there is sweat.

(7) Nature of Ammonia Mur – The patient of Ammonia Mur is gross in body, but his legs are thin. Lazy by nature. Cannot tolerate cold and open air. When the heat waves come, they are followed by sweating. Mental symptoms are not many, but he shows hatred towards some person. The peculiarity of the increase in the symptoms of the patient of Ammonia Mur is that the time of progression of the disease in different organs is different. The symptoms of diseases of his head and chest increase in the morning; Symptoms of stomach complaints increase in the afternoon; Symptoms of skin, fever and other diseases increase in the evening.

(8) Potency and nature – 3, 6 (The action of this medicine is long-term. The medicine is for ‘Hot-Nature’ patient)

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