Anacardium 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main-disease nature

(1) sudden loss of memory
(2) The patient understands that the body and the mind are separate and that he has two will powers.
(3) the feeling that everything is unreal
(4) Other types of delusions – doubts about everything, someone is following, etc.
(5) to laugh without laughter, to become serious about laughter
(6) Comparison of anacardium and nux in the relief of stomach-ache etc. after eating.
(7) Mental infirmity – nervousness of examination
(8) Insomnia – sleeplessness

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction in disease after eating
(ii) Reduction in disease by taking bath with hot water

increase in symptoms

(i) Anger aggravates disease
(ii) disease aggravated by fear
(iii) Increase in disease due to cold
(iv) Increase in disease due to open air

(1) Sudden loss of memory-Anacardium drug has an effect on memory power. Sometimes the patient recognizes that it is her child, sometimes forgets and does not recognize her child. In the entire Materia Medica of Homeopathy, there is hardly any other medicine like Anacardium with respect to memory loss. When the symptoms of loss of memory are so strong, then this medicine not only cures memory but also removes other symptoms of the patient. The memory loss becomes so much that she forgets not only her children but also her father. says: This child is not her child; This husband is not her husband.

(2) The patient understands that the body and the mind are separate and that he has two wills – a healthy man does not have the feeling of separation of body and mind, but this patient has to be at all times. Keeps thinking that these two are different. Not only does he feel the separation of body and mind, he also feels that there are two parts of the mind within him, he has two ‘wilis’. One of them, whatever the will-power tells him to do, the other prevents him from doing. He can’t decide what to do. A voice comes to him from within – do this; Another voice comes – don’t do this. His desire is to kill the other, do injustice to the other, but he hears another voice from within himself that he should not do so. The dispute of what to do, what not to do, goes on within him. By the way, such a dispute goes on in everyone, the good man suppresses the evil-desire on the strength of his good-will, the bad man suppresses these evil desires because of the fear of the law. But when the mind becomes so uncontrollable that it becomes entangled in the clutches of evil desire, the mind cannot lose its thinking power, it cannot think what is good, what is the fear of law and cannot think about it, then the patient can take the medicine Anacardium. arrives in the area.

(3) Feeling that everything is unreal – The patient feels that all that is there is unreal, unreal. From the point of view of Vedanta, he does not think so from the theoretical point of view, only he feels that what he sees is not like that. Son is not son, husband is not husband.

(4) Other types of delusions – suspicion on everyone, thinking that someone is following – neurasthenia is predominant in this medicine. The patient doubts everything. While walking, he repeatedly looks back because he suspects that someone is following him. The devil appears to be sitting on one shoulder, and an angel on the other.

(5) To laugh without laughing, and to become serious about laughing – Anacardium drug is so full of delusion that the patient becomes serious about such a thing at which everyone laughs. This medicine is used in these types of mental symptoms.

(6) Relief in headache after eating – comparison of anacardium and nux – In indigestion, homeopaths often give nux vomica completely, but it is appropriate to compare the indigestion of nux and anacardium. In anacardium, there is pain when the stomach is empty, stomach-ache goes away by eating, in the nux as long as the food remains in the stomach, there is pain. The process of digestion of food takes 2-3 hours. Nux remains disturbed till then, after the food is digested, his health gets better, after the food is digested in the anacardium, the patient’s health again deteriorates. After digestion, the nux is cured, then the symptoms of the patient of anacardium begin. Both are opposite to each other in this matter. Dr. Nash writes that he cured a patient whose pain increased when the stomach was emptied with anocardium 200. It is also beneficial in headache in this symptom.

In both the anacardium and the nux there is an unsuccessful desire to urinate, but in the anacardium it is due to a paralysis of the anal muscles, and because of the irregular movement of the intestines in the nux. There is a desire to defecate in the anacardium but due to the inactivity of the muscles of the anus, there is a desire to defecate in the nostrils also, but the toilet is not completed, it happens frequently, little by little. Because defecation is not possible in the anacardium, due to accumulation of defecation in the intestines, there is a feeling of a stop in the anus. Keeping these features in mind, it is easy to differentiate between the two.

(7) Anxiety about examination – Mental weakness is a characteristic symptom of the drug Anacardium. It is clear from what we have written about the psycho-symptoms of this medicine that this medicine has a special effect on the mind. One of these mental symptoms is mental weakness. Students are found to have this symptom of mental infirmity. The student gets so tired after doing mental labor for a long time that he is afraid of failing in the examination. The difference is that a patient with anacardium cannot tolerate cold and a patient with picric acid cannot tolerate heat. It is okay to give low-power in exam panic.

(8) Sleeplessness – The patient does not sleep for many nights. The patient does not feel well for some days, but then there is an attack of sleeplessness and for many days he cannot sleep. Dr. Castis had cured a pregnant woman of the above symptoms by giving this medicine of 200 potency to a pregnant woman.

Potency and nature – 6 to 200 CH. The medicine is for ‘chilly’ patient.

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