Antimonium Crudum ( Antim Crud ) 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main diseases

(1) The child begins to cry only after being touched or stared at by an unfamiliar person; irritable nature of youth
(2) Romantic thoughts in the moonlight
(3) Milky white coating on the tongue
(4) Diarrhea of ​​summer season
(5) Synonyms of constipation and thin stools of old age.
(6) keep coming from piles warts
(7) Gout cools down and turns into another disease
(8) Pain in walking due to gait on the sole
(9) skin pimples

decrease in symptoms

(i) Reduction of disease in open air
(ii) Reduction in disease by bathing in hot water
(iii) Reduction in disease at rest

increase in symptoms

(i) Exacerbation of disease due to extreme cold
(ii) disease progression due to excessive heat
(iii) disease aggravated by the heat of the sun or fire
(iv) disease aggravated by bathing in cold water
(v) disease progresses after eating
(vi) Disease aggravated by sour or sour wine
(vii) Disease aggravated by pouring water on the head

(1) The child begins to cry only after being touched or stared at by an unfamiliar person; Irritable nature of youth – These psychotic symptoms are found in both the child and the young. The child becomes so irritable that even if an unfamiliar person looks at him, he expresses his displeasure, even if touched, he cries. The nature of a young person is also to be sad, sad. Heart hurts over small things. The young man becomes irritable by nature. He starts living so sad that he gets rid of life itself. Wants to commit suicide. In Antimonium Crudum medicine, a very disturbed state of mind arises, a terrible condition. There is no desire for life. In the center of the life-force of such a person, some such disruptiveness arises which is difficult to remove. Its unique feature is that the patient wants to shoot and kill himself. This thought overwhelms him so much that he has to leave the bed to get rid of it. The patient wishes to die by drowning. Many other medicines are also given in the irritable nature, which is appropriate to compare with Antim Crude. They are Antim Tart, Chamomilla, Sina, Iodium, Saicula and Silicea.

main drugs of irritable nature

Antim tart and irritable nature – In antim crude, the center of complaint is stomach, there is indigestion, in antim tart the center of complaint is lungs, there is a rumbling of mucus in the chest.

In chamomilla and irritable-nature-antim crude, the child gets upset by staring at her or touching her, but in chamomilla this is not the case, taking the child in her arms and moving her around gives her peace, she stops crying Does.

Sina and irritable-temperament-anitum crude The child’s tongue is white, dirty like milk, Sina has a clean tongue, but has worms in his stomach, he itches his nose frequently and becomes irritable .

Iodium and irritable temperament – in this the child is hungry all the time, asks for something to eat all the time, and becomes weak even after eating and drinking, crying all the time.

Sainikula and irritable-nature – Even when expressing irritability, if you are called, talked to him with love, then the child starts laughing quickly. The head and neck sweat while sleeping and throw the quilt away even in winter.

Silicea and irritable nature – Its head and abdomen are large, the body is all weak and the head sweats, accepts cold a lot. Shows irritability with these symptoms.

(2) Romantic thoughts in the moonlight – The patients of Antim Crude get emotional in the light of the moon. Desperate lovers often have such a state of mind. If the sweet light of the moon is coming from the window, then the mind gets excited on seeing it, lives to recite poetry. Such a patient is emotional. The symptoms that arise from disappointment in not getting the reward of love are also in Natrum Mur and Acid Phos.

(3) Dirty white coating like milk on the tongue – Dr. Cant writes about anti-crude medicine that even if the patient is suffering from any kind of disease, there is definitely a part of the stomach in that affliction. Whenever this patient upsets the stomach, his whole being becomes troublesome. Antim crude is needed for the patients whose sufferings originate from the upset stomach. Its test is – a muddy and thick white coating like milk on the tongue. The special property of this medicine is that white juice comes out from the mucous membrane, which gets deposited especially on the tongue. In any disease in which this medicine is needed, there will definitely be a white coating on the tongue. The characteristic symptom of this medicine is whiteness of tongue in stomach upset in children, fever due to upset stomach, frequent vomiting due to indigestion. Tongue whitening is present in many medicines, but there is no other medicine as white as Antim Crude. Vomiting or nausea after overeating, belching similar to what has been eaten, and then white coating of the tongue – all these are quickly cured by this medicine.

(4) Diarrhea of ​​summer season – Due to upset stomach in summer-season, such diarrhea starts that first good defecation comes along with a little watery diarrhea, then after a while it has to go again, then Some solid defecation is accompanied by watery stools. Eventually the stomach becomes empty, and cramps begin. This diarrhea takes the form of dysentery. This tart coming in some solid and some liquid form comes due to upset stomach. Along with this symptom, it is advisable to pay attention to the whiteness of the tongue.

(5) Alternate sequence of constipation and thin stools of old age – In old age, usually due to upset stomach, thin stools and later constipation, then diarrhea, then constipation, thus alternately constipation and diarrhea come one after the other. Huh. This also occurs due to upset stomach, and anti-crude medicine is beneficial in it.

(6) Mucous piles – Antim crude is the best medicine for gooseberry piles. Due to the continuous release of goose from the anus, the inner cloth gets spoiled, due to which the patient remains upset.

(7) Gouty metastasis after calming down – Sometimes it has been seen that gout disappears completely in one night, but in its place the patient starts vomiting continuously. The symptoms of stomach diseases start appearing in its place by changing the pain of gout in the hands and feet. After this, when the first symptoms of gout appear again, they change their first location. Antim crude is beneficial in such symptoms.

(8) Pain in walking on the soles of the feet – Corns fall on the soles of the feet, the patient’s soles become intolerable. On the basis of this ‘characteristic symptom’ of this insolation of the soles, many gout patients have been seen to be cured. In these symptoms of soles of the feet, it can be compared with the following medicines:

The main drugs for pain in the soles of the feet

Baryta Carb – Intolerance of soles of feet due to sweating of feet
Pulsatilla – Soles are not only intolerable but also cause pain.
Lycopodium – The soles of the feet become swollen and painful.
Leadum – Heel and toes hurt while walking.
Madorrhinum – The patient cannot walk on his feet, walks on his knees.

(9) Pimples on the skin – Dr. Kloter Müller says that for skin pimples which are stinging, itchy and for those who rub and rub, some sweet-sweet pain starts in the skin, for that Antim Crud is a wonderful medicine. Huh.

Other symptoms of the drug Antim Crude

(i) It is a strange symptom that in whooping cough, if the child looks at the fire, then the cough increases, although the cough should be relieved by the compress of the fire.
(ii) Many symptoms begin to appear due to the heat of the sun, the symptoms of the disease are aggravated by the compress of a hot stove. The same happens in Bryonia, Glonain, Gelsemium and Natrum Carb.
(iii) Taking a bath with cold water also aggravates its symptoms. Dr. Nash writes that if the patient says that his disease started when he bathed and swam a lot, then it is appropriate to pay attention to Antim Crude.
(iv) Cough increases when cold air enters a warm room. The same is true in Bryonia.
(v) There are cracks and sticks on the sides of the mouth.
(vi) Nails are cracked, rough, look ugly, break with asini.
(vi) Antim crude medicine is beneficial when there is obesity in youth.
(viii) It is beneficial in mental distress or disease due to not getting revenge for love.

Shakti and Prakriti – 3, 6, 12, 30, 200 (the medicine is for ‘Sard’ – nature)


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