Aurum Metallicum ( Aurum Met ) 30, 200 Benefits, Uses, Antidote And Side Effects

Symptoms and main diseases nature of Aurum Metallicum

(1) Disappointment with life, desire to die or commit suicide
(2) The reason for this type of despair can be house-discord, business-loss, bereavement etc.
(3) Pain in the tibia or other bone problem caused by atrial or mercury defect
(4) Two of the same, or only the lower part of the object is visible, not the top
(5) Dryness of testicles or hardening of the testicles of older people
(6) Removes inflammation of the glands of the body.
(7) It is a medicine for blood pressure.

Decrease in symptoms

(i) Prefers cool, open air
(ii) preferring a bath with cold water
(iii) Reduction in disease by walking

Increase in symptoms

(i) From sunset to sunrise
(ii) Increase from mental anguish
(iii) Disease aggravated by disappointing domestic affairs
(iv) Increase of disease in winter

(1) Disappointment with life, desire to die or commit suicide – the mind and heart that reveal his inner-life in man—these are the two parts. The mind denotes his mental-life, the heart denotes his heart-life. Mental-life means contemplation, intelligence etc.; And hearty-life means – his love for life, his attitude towards life etc. Sometimes a man falls into such situations when, knowing by his mental power that what he is experiencing is not right, his heart-feelings get so spoiled that he becomes hopeless about life. Begins to see, and this despair reaches to such an extent that he does not even want to live, he wants to die, sometimes a fervent desire to commit suicide takes over him and many times such patients commit suicide. His intellect is not so deranged as his heart-feelings become insane, and he sits and thinks of ways to commit suicide. In such a heart-like state, when his desire for life disappears, then Aurum Met medicine completely changes the thoughts of suicide in the heart.

(2) The reason for this type of despair can be house-discord, loss in business, bereavement etc. – Man in such a dire situation when he does not want to live. The reason for this may be a domestic dispute, such a dispute in which a person becomes so frustrated that he likes to die, it may be caused by such a loss in business which a man cannot tolerate and the thoughts of death dominate him, the reason for this is the son separation, husband-separation, wife-separation can be anything. At that time he is immersed in thoughts of despair, sitting alone in those thoughts. He thinks that the situation in which he has fallen has a burden of life for him. He gets annoyed at the smallest of things, gets furious at once, becomes very agitated. This despair can take the form of increasing insanity. When the patient reaches such a state that sitting alone in the grip of these thoughts, does not even speak to anyone, if something is said to remove him from this mental state, then he gets very angry, then Aurum Met medicine will bring balance to the heart.

Aurum, Naza, Arsenic, Nux, Cimicifuga, Ignasia, Lachesis and Acid Phos in relation to the desire to die. In Arum this desire is due to domestic reasons. In Naza it is due to heart disease, in Arsenic and Nux there is a desire to die but the patient is afraid of dying.

(3) Pain in the tibia or other bone problem caused by atrial or mercury defect – People who suffering from gonorrhoea, they are treated with mercury in allopathy. Mercury is also given in other diseases. The result of this is that in addition to the panic disease of the patient, mercury-borne disease also occurs. Due to terror and mercury-borne diseases, the patient also becomes depressed, hopeless, depressed. Due to the disease of gonorrhoea, and by the treatment of mercury, he gets swelling, pain in the bone ‘tibia’ below the knee, the bones of ear, nose, palate also start rotting. The liver also has an effect on the heart, the effect of the arthritic starts on the heart. In these diseases joint pain, arthritis pain, swelling in the bones of the joints, swelling in the glands of the body, etc. arise, which Aurum Met removes.

(4) Seeing two of the same, or only the lower part of the object – The distinguishing feature of the drug Aurum Metallicum is that instead of one object, two are seen. It is there in many medicines, it happens in cataract also. But seeing only the lower part of the object and not seeing the top is its distinctive feature. Any area below or above can be seen in an acid mur. Only the left side is visible, the right side is not visible, it is found in calcarea, lithium and lycopodium.

(5) Dryness of testicles or hardening of the testicles of older people – It is also a characteristic symptom of Aurum Metallicum that the testicles of children become dry, or the scrotum of elders becomes swollen or hard. Iodium is also a medicine in the dryness of children, but there is a strong desire to eat in them, and not only the testicles, but the whole body dries up.

(6) Removes inflammation of the glands of the body – There are different glands in different places of the body. There are glands in the neck, in the arms, in the abdomen, in the joints of the thighs, in the breasts of a woman. The scrotum and ovum are also glands. The medicine Aurum Metallicum has amazing effect on all these glands. Arum metallicum removes the inflammation of these glands.

(9) High-blood pressure – Accumulation of blood at one place is a special feature of Aram Metallicum medicine. That is why Aurum met 30 is very beneficial in high blood pressure. Baryta mur 6x, glonoinum and digitalis are also noticeable in high-blood-pressure.

Other symptoms of Aram Metallicum

(i) Progression of disease at night – Like all diseases of mercury, its trouble starts in the evening and lasts all night. The pain is severe, the bones ache as if they will break, not in fever but in old patients of age. There is pain in the attachment of bone as if someone is peeling it with a knife. Joints hurt at night. The patient cannot stay in bed because of pain, his liver becomes enlarged, joints swell, he feels pain at night. It is beneficial for such patient.

(ii) Patient craves open air – Patient craves open air like pulsatilla. The difference is that the patient of pulsatilla is soft, soft-tempered, aurum has the opposite nature of pulsatilla – irritable, angry. Although he likes the open air, he wants to wrap his head in a headache, unlike Phosphorus because Phosphorus wants to wrap the body and keep the head open, like arsenic. We have just said that aurum, likes open air, but it should be kept in mind that even though he likes open air, he does not like to unfold the cloth, wants to keep the cloth wrapped. Even in asthma, the patient of aurum metallicum craves open air, heat increases his asthma. Taking a bath with cold water cures many of its symptoms. When the patient of Aurum Metallicum is disturbed by excitement, his arteries are pulsating, he wants to open doors and windows, open air, throw away body clothes, though on other occasions he may be wrapped in cloth. When women stop their menstrual cycle, similar symptoms are also found in aurum metallicum. These exposures are followed by sweating, and sometimes a cold. The patient likes cold water even in eye pain.

Potency and Nature – 6, 30, 200 (The medicine is for ‘hot’ nature patient but in many things it is also for ‘cold’ nature patient)

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