Dr. Bhargava Osteo Strong Tablets (25g)-Strengthens Bones, lowers the Risk of Fracture, Improves Bone Density

The use of Bhargava Osteo Strong tablets is recommended for the treatment of osteoporosis, osteopenia, decalcification, joint and back pain, as well as osteoporosis that occurs before or after menopause.

Dr. Bhargava Osteo Strong Tablets’ indications

  • improves bone health
  • For weak bones, physical exhaustion, and bone damage
  • Dr. Bhargava Osteo Strong Tablets’ Additional Indications
  • Walking with weakened and diminished strength
  • Walking causes knee and leg pain and a crackling sound.

Effect of the Ingredients in Dr. Bhargava Osteo Strong Tablets

  • Calcarea carbonica: back pain, swollen joints, bone and joint strain, bone stress, and nighttime head sweating.
  • Calcarea phosphoric: provides energy to the muscles and provides relief from bone pains while reducing the likelihood of fracture, bone stiffness, soreness, and weakness.
  • Silicea: increases bone density and facilitates the easy absorption of minerals like calcium.
  • Calcarea Fluor: Bone deformities, joint cracking, and chronic pain in the joints are all helped by it.

How to Use: Twice daily, or as prescribed by a doctor, take one Bhargava Osteo Strong tablet.

Important Information: use as directed by a physician

Brand Bhargava Phytolab
Container Type Bottle
Shelf Life Long Life
Remedy Type Homeopathic
Country of Origin India
Form Factor Tablet
Suitable For Veg / Vegetarian
Price ₹ 138

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