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[We have indicated before what to do to the newly bom child. We shall now give in detail the duties that are to be done to a child until it is one year old. Regarding feeding, its mother’s milk is the best food for it. Where, however, the mother is dead or ill or has not sufficient milk, give it cow’s milk, well diluted with plain water. Do not give anything cold to a child. If cow’s milk disagrees, ass- milk may agree. Cow’s milk must at first be diluted with equal bulk of water and a little sugar of milk should be added to it. The child should be fed every 2½ hours, between 4 a.m. and 10 p.m. until it is 3 or 4 months old ; thereafter, it should be fed every 3 or 3½ hours. It is an error to suppose that barley-water cannot be given before teeth are out. Rice, however, should not be given before at least one tooth is out. We have enumerated elsewhere when the mother is unfit to give suck. Never put child to breast between any two feeds. As for dress, children require to be kept warm. But clothes that constrict any part of the body or are too heavy or too much clothes should be avoided. A child should be daily anointed with mustard oil and left for a few minutes exposed to the sun, especially in winter. It should be bathed daily—in cold water in summer and warm water in winter. A child should sleep as much and as long as possible. A child should usually lie on its back ; but it may be laid on one of its sides. Sudden changes of temperature or of food act adversely on the child.]

If a child does not purge within 12 hours of delivery, give it Nux Vom. If a child of 15 months old, does not walk, then revise its diet.

[It is convenient that all medicines for infants should be given in the form of globules].

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