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Fever, as evidenced by hot skin or by rise of temperature above 98° F is not a disease but a symptom. It is a symptom of deep-seated inflammation inside the body or of blood-poisoning. But since, as a leading symptom, it furnishes valuable clue to treatment, fever is set up as a disease entity in medical literature.

Homeopathic Remedies for Small Pox

Small Pox Cause—It is an infectious disease, caused by a germ that has not yet been identified. Types— (1) Confluent, (2) Discrete or separate, (3) Haemorrhagic. Symptoms—Incubation period—10 to 12 days. Primary Fever ushered in with…

Homeopathic Remedies for Measles

Measles It is an infectious disease, found usually amongst children, though adults are by no means immune. The incubation period is 10-12 days. It is ushered in with cold and catarrh, injected eyes, frontal headache, hoarse voice, aches…

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