Homeopathic Inimical or Incompatible Remedies

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The first named is the principal remedy; those following are Supplementary, and those marked with asterisk are Complementary remedies. Supplementaries must follow but Complementary may precede as well as follow the principal remedy.

Acid Acet.—Arn., Borax, caust., Nux, Ranan., Sarsa., Bell., Lach., Merc.

Acid Nit.—Lach. [Acid nit. fails to act if given after Calc. carb.]

Allium Cepa.—Aloes, All. sat., Scilla.

Allium Sativa—Aloes, All. Ce., Scilla.

Aloes Socotrina—All. ce., All. sat.

Ammonium Carb.—Lach.

Apis—Rhus, Phosph.

Argent Nit.—Coffea.

Arnica—Alcohol [Don’t use Arnica after bitten by mad dogs or vicious jackals, cats, etc.]

Aur. Mur. Nat.—Coffea, Alcohol.

Arum Triphyllum—Caladium.


Baryta Carb.—Fails if given after Calc. carb. Belladonna—Dulc., Acid acet., Vinegar.

Borax—Acid acet., Vinegar, Alcohol.



Calcarea Carb.—Sulph., Baryta carb., Bryo. [It fails if given after Kali bi. or Ac. Nit.]


Camphor—Calendula. (It fails if given after Coffea or Kali nit.)

Cannabis Sativa—Camphor.


Carbo Animalis—Carbo veg.

Carbo Veg.—Carbo animalis, Kreosote.


Causticum—Acid acet., Coffea, Phos., Coccu. and all acids. Chamomilla—Zinc., Nux.

China—Kreosote. (It fails if given after Digitalis or Selenium.)

Cinchona—See China.

Cocculus Indica—Coffea, Caust.

Coffea Cruda—Canth., Caust., Coccu., Ignat, Cistus, Millef., Stram. [Coffea fails if given after Arg. nit.] Colchicum—Acid acet.

Conium—Fails if given after Psorinum.

Digitalis—China, Nitri Spiritus, Dulcis.

Dulcamara—Lach., Bell., Ac. acet.

Ferr. Met.—Acid acet., Tea, Beer.

Gelsemium—Opium. (It fails if given after Atropine.)


Ignatia—Coffea, Nux, Tabac.

Kali Bi.—Fails if given after Calcarea.

Kreosotum—Fails if given after Carbo veg. or China.

Lachesis—Acid acet., Acid carb., Acid nit., Ammon, carb., Dulc., Psor., (Sep.?)


Lycopodium—Coffea [Sulphur acts well, if given after Lyco. but not vice versa. Use these drugs in the order given—Sulph., Calc., Lyco].

Mercurius— (Sol. and Vivus)—Acid acet., [Silica potentized Mercurius fails, if given before or after Silica.]


Nux Vomica—Acid acet., Ignat., Zinc. & all acids. (Acid acet fails whether given before or after-Nux.)

Phosphorus—Caust., Apis.

Psorinum—Conium, Lach., (Sepia.?)

Ranunculus Bulb.—Acid acet., Staph., Sulph., Nitri. Spiritus Dulcis, Alcohol, Wine, Vinegar.

Rhus Tox—Apis. (Apis is useless, if given before or after Rhus tox.)

Sarsaparilla—Acid acet.

Scilla Maritima—All cep., All sat.,

Selenium—China, Wines.

Sepia—Bry., Lach.


Staphysagria—Ranan. (Ranan fails if given before or after Staphysagria.)


Sulphur—Ranan bulb. (Hahnemann forbids Sulphur after Calc. carb. Kent says that Sulph. follows Lyco. but Lyco should not be used after Sulph.).


Zincum—Chamo., Nux, Alcohol.

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