Homeopathic Medicine for Abortion

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When the slightest symptoms of abortion appear, consult gynecologist immediately. Don’t bring the lady to trouble.

Treat the lady after abortion with appropriate remedies to prevent another abortion. To choose the correct remedy find out the cause of abortion and the history of the patient and select suitable remedy so that she may not get another abortion.

SABINA 6, 30

Sabina is useful to prevent impending abortion occurring about the third month.

Severe shooting pains from back to front, sense of bearing down.

Violent pains from ovary to uterus.

Typical labor-like pains at the time of abortion.

At the time of abortion, the flow is of liquid, bright red, copious and clotted.


Secale is useful for miscarriage in the early (2nd or 3rd) months of pregnancy. It is especially useful in feeble and cachectic women.

It is especially indicated in threatened abortion especially at 2nd or 3rd month due to lifting straining.

Severe pain in abdomen followed by black and non-coagulated blood.


Threatening miscarriage when the pains come from the back around to the lower part of the abdomen and go to thighs.

2-3 drops every 2-3 hours.

CIMICIFUGA 6, 30, 200

Habitual abortion in women of rheumatic tendencies.

Abortion following fright.

Pains fly across the abdomen from side to side, especially from right to left.


Sepia is one of our most important remedies as a preventive of miscarriage.

Miscarriage from 5th to 7th month. Sepia patient is slender with yellow face, yellow saddle across the nose with male-type pelvis in women.

She is very irritable and easily offended. Cannot bear consolation.


Caulophyllum is very useful remedy in false labor pains and also as a preventive of abortion.

Severe pains in back and loins with spotting indicate threatened abortion.

Menstrual irregularities after miscarriage.


Apia should not be given during the first three months of pregnancy, as in low potency it is liable to produce miscarriage.

It is better not to give Apis to a pregnant lady under any circumstances. Threatened miscarriage in the early (1st to 4th) month.

Apis patient is very jealous and suspicious in nature.

She cannot tolerate warmth in any form.

This remedy in 200th potency should be given once in 2-3 months to the patient with above mentioned symptoms, and only one dose as soon as the patient becomes pregnant.


Threatened abortion from anger.

Labor pains begin at back and travel down inner side of thighs.

Discharge of dark, offensive blood and frequent urination.


Threatened miscarriage with profuse hot hemorrhage, backache, headache.

Violent shooting pains in the uterus with sudden gush of hot blood.

Pressive type of pain from uterus to vulva as if the uterus would be pushed out.


Tendency to miscarriage during 2nd or 3rd month (Sec. Sabina, Cimic.)

Back weak, feels as if broken.

Labor pains commence in back and pass from lumbar region down to buttocks and thighs.


Impending abortion from anger or fright.

RUTA 200

Miscarriage at seven months.

ARNICA 30, 200

Threatened miscarriage from traumatism.

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