Homeopathic Medicine for Angina Pectoris

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Angina Pectoris


Oppression of chest and difficulty of breathing.

Sudden pain in the region of heart as if it were squeezed together or had got a shock or blow.

Pain excessively violent, hardly bearable.

Stitches in cardiac region.

Stitches left to right.

Motion of heart first very rapid and then suddenly slow.

Pulse feeble, hurried and irregular rhythm of heart.

Head hot and body cool.


Constriction and compression of the chest.

Tension and pressure in the chest.

Oppression of the chest, difficulty of breathing and fainting fits.

Palpitation with anguish, worse going up stairs.

Cannot lie on back.

Sudden tightness above the heart.

Agonizing precordial pain, pain extending into neck and occiput.

Violent throbbing of the heart, especially when lying on the back and at night.

Extreme restlessness, driving out of bed or from bed to bed.

Excessive fear of death.

Thirst for small quantities, often.


Chief remedy of heart affections.

It has profound curative action upon the heart.

Palpitation of heart.

Sensation of constriction in the heart, as from iron band.

Pain in apex, shooting down left arm.

Heart feels clutched and released alternately by an iron band or feels it expand and contract. Palpitation, worse lying on left side.

Pain in heart, worse lying on left side.


Violent palpitation, audible several inches away.

Frequent attack of palpitation.

Palpitation and sharp stitches in heart, worse least motion.

Several stabbing stitches in the heart at every beat, must lie on right side or with head very high.

Pulse weak and irregular.

KALMIA 6, 30

Violent palpitations of the heart with faint feeling.

Wandering rheumatic pains in the region of heart, extending left arm.

Pulse slow and feeble.

It is useful when rheumatism has been treated externally and cardiac symptoms ensue.

Palpitation worse lying on left side, better lying on back.


Contracting pain in the heart.

Rapid and violent palpitation and dyspnea cannot lie down.

Attacks of oppression and cardiac pain, worse lying with head low.

Suddenly awakened after midnight.


Violent beating of heart and carotids.

Violent palpitation lying on left side, passes away when turning to right.

Nocturnal attacks tightness of chest, with palpitation and paroxysmal oppression.

Face pale, cold extremities and clammy sweat.

Pulse intermits, feeble, imperceptible,

Angina pectoris. Pain in precordial region.

Pain radiates from center of sternum.

GLONOINE 6, 30, 200

Great anguish in precordial region.

Sharp stitches in the heart, with pricking pains in arms and hands.

Patient feels palpitations all over, even to the tip of fingers.

Sensation of weakness and trembling, even to fainting, worse exertion.

Violent palpitations.

Heart seems full.

Full, tense pulse, rises and falls alternately.

Sharp pain in the heart on stooping, extending to shoulders.


Rheumatism that has gone to the heart.

Great weight on the chest.

Pain in heart region, extending down left hand to fingers.

When walking the heart seems to shake as if it were loose.

Violent palpitation of heart, worse at night, exertion.

Sensation as if the heart stopped beating for 2-3 seconds.

Pulse rapid, feeble, irregular.

Great debility.

Palpitation and rush of blood to the chest.

Palpitation compels the patient to stop.

The Aurum mental state is profound despondency and melancholy.

Disgust for life. Tendency to suicide.

Absolute loss of enjoyment in everything.

ACONITE 30, 200

Sudden attack of pain in heart, with dyspnea.

Great distress in heart and chest.

Palpitation with great anxiety and difficulty of breathing.

Sits up straight and can hardly breathe.

Pulse full, hard, tense and bounding.

Great thirst.

Pain in cardiac region, going down left arm.

Intense anxiety with fear of death.


Faintness and collapse.

Palpitation and rapid action of heart.

Heart failure, threatened from slightest exertion.

Pain in the region of heart and under left clavicle and under left scapula.

Pulse accelerated, irregular, feeble, intermittent.


Tightness of chest.

Sensation as if heart were grasped in a vice (Cact.), wakes suddenly.

Pulsations over whole body.

Palpitations, irregular pulse, very rapid.

Pain in cardiac region and feeling of load on chest.

Cold feeling about heart.

Angina pectoris and pain in right arm.

Worse stooping, lying on right side, better rubbing and pressure.

Heart alternately grasped and released.

Heart, as if hanging by a thread.

Pain in heart. Worse when lying down at night.

Sensation as if heart is over loaded with blood.

Pressure on rectum and bladder.

Terrible urging to stool, to urinate all the time.


Pulse very slow, thready, intermittent.

Oppression of the chest.

Pain extending to head and left arm.

Respiration difficult.

Least movement causes violent palpitations and sensation as if it would cease beating if he moves, must hold the breath and keep still.

Frequent stitches in heart.

Skin pale, cold.


Patient feels that his heart would stop beating if he did not move about.

Pulse slow, soft, weak, full and flowing.

Pulse slow when quick, but gradually accelerated on motion.

Pain in heart when rising from a seat.

Stitches in the chest in region of heart.


Pain in the region of heart followed by palpitation.

Pain extends down to left arm, which is numb as if bound to side.

Pulse weak and irregular or quick and full.

Palpitation from least motion.

There is fear of death as with Aconite.


Sharp darting in heart coming on suddenly depriving him of breath. Pain extending to left shoulder.

Jerking pains, like short stitches.

Must keep perfectly quite.

Palpitation of heart.

As soon as the patient thinks about the pains they return.

Oppression more toward right side.

Pulse increased in frequency, almost imperceptible, with coldness and clammy sweat.


Pain in region of heart.

Slow and irregular beating of heart. Stitches in precordial region and palpitation. Worse any exercise.

Grasps for breath, better lying down.


Most acute pain and oppression in chest, as if hot iron had been run in and severe pain in region of heart. Feeling of weight on heart.

Angina Pectoris, extending to nape of neck, left shoulder and arm.

Body cold, pulse slow, weak, irregular, tremulous.

Palpitation from exertion, talking or walking.


Cramp like pain in precordial region causing palpitation with anxiety.

Pulse weak, intermittent, slow, irregular.

Intolerance of pressure over heart.

Heart, as if turning over or too big or as if hanging by a thread. Feels beating of heart and great weakness.

Palpitation and cold sweat.

Anxious pain with heating of the heart.

Frequent attack of fainting daily with nausea and difficult breathing.

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