Homeopathic Medicine for Appendicitis

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It is the remedy to start treatment of appendicitis.

Pain in ileo-caecal region.

Great tenderness felt on pressure.

Deadly sensation at the pit of the stomach.

Acrid vomiting.

Bilious, acrid, watery stools, burn like fire.


Bell. is useful in the first stage of appendicitis.

Severe pain in the ileo-caecal region, cannot bear the least touch, not even the pressure of the bed cover.

Pain worse from least jar, turning of body.

Patient lies on back.

There is also vomiting.

Throbbing headache.

Sleepy but unable to sleep.

There may be high fever.

BRYONIA 30, 200

The ileo-caecal region is very sore and sensitive to touch.

Stitching and burning pains.

Pain worse from, least motion. Every breath worsens the pain.

Better by lying on painful side and by pressure.

Patient lies still with legs drawn up to relax the abdominal muscles.

Thirst for large quantity of water at long interval.

The patient is constipated.

Stool hard, dry as if burnt.

There may be high fever.

Bryo. patient is irritable. Doesn’t want to be disturbed.


Painful, hard, hot swelling near right ilium, prevents extension of thigh.

Hard, hot, red swelling in ileo-caecal region.

Tender lump left in the appendix region.

Offensive breath.

Profuse perspiration, but not relief from perspiration.

Great thirst for large quantity of water with profuse saliva in mouth.


Caecal region and transverse colon painful.

Abdomen bloated, bruised, tender to least touch.

Great tenesmus of rectum.

Tenesmus of bladder. Hot urine passed drop by drop.

Unquenchable thirst for cold drinks.

Excessive thirst for large quantities.


When the condition points to sepsis Ars. may be the remedy.

Burning like fire, only relieved by heat calls for Ars. with restlessness, anxiety, anguish.

Coldness externally with internal burning heat.

Tongue bluish, brown, blackish, dry.

Chill, vomiting diarrhea, sudden sinking of strength. Ars. relieves vomiting in these condition, more quickly than any other remedy.

Great thirst, drinks often, but little at a time.

RHUS TOX. 30, 200

Inflammation of caecum and appendix.

Pains like a knife and contraction in abdomen.

Walks bent from pain.

Tongue dry, sore, red, cracked.

Great thirst.

Great restlessness, anxiety, apprehension.

Can’t lie in bed, must change position.


Abdomen hot, sensitive.

Swelling in caecal region.

Must lie on back with knees drown up.

Worse after sleep, from warm bath.

Hot flushes. Hot sweat.

Face pale, looks swollen.


Hard swelling in ileo-caecal region.

Affected area sensitive to touch and motion.

Terrible, colic, better from bending double and hard pressure.

Cold sweat or absolute absence of sweat.


Agonizing, cutting, gripping, cramping or twisting pain in abdomen.

Pain at intervals of five or ten minutes.

Pain better by bending double, hard pressure, lying on abdomen.


Colicky pains, right side of abdomen, extending to bladder, with frequent urging to urinate.

Abdomen sensitive to pressure and weight of clothes.

Balloon like distention of abdomen.

Pain worse afternoon.

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