Homeopathic Medicine for Asthma

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Arc. Alb. is one of our prime remedies of asthma, whether acute or chronic.

Aggravation after midnight (1 to 2 a.m. or 3 a.m.) and lying down. The patient is forced to sit up, it seems as if he would suffocate, if he didn’t.

The patient has a great deal of anguish, restlessness and fear of death. He cannot lie down for the fear of suffocation.

Dyspnea which compels the patient to sit or bend forward and keep arms wide apart.

Ars. asthma is always worse from exertion, talking, laughing and atmospheric changes.

Great debility and burning in the chest.

Cough worse after midnight.

Sweat on the whole body.

Hippocratic face.

Patient suffers from asthma after suppressed eruptions and after cold food and cold drinks.

Ars. is an invaluable remedy when the asthma results from suppression of eruptions.

We do not use Ars. in the beginning, but we reserve it till we find the use of Ipecac.

Ars. follows Ipecac. well.

IPECACUANHA 6, 30, 200

Ipecac. is our best remedy in the first stage of asthma.

There is great weight and anxiety about the chest.

Sudden wheezing.

Constant cough and rattling of mucus in the chest, yet nothing is expectorated.

Extremities are covered with cold perspiration.

Has to sit up at night to breath.

Difficult expiration.

Gasps for air at the open window.

Worse in warm room, better in open air.

Rigidity of the body with bluish redness of face (especially children).

Cough sometimes followed by vomiting which relieves.

Ars. is quite similar to Ipecac. in asthma.

In Ipecac expiration is difficult while in Ars. inspiration.

KALI CARB. 6, 30

K.C. is a marvelous remedy in asthma.

Asthma and cough are worse from 2 to 4 a.m. (Kali Ars.) especially 3 a.m. 3 a.m. is the bad hour for Kali Carb.

He is relieved when sitting up or bending forward (resting head on knees), sitting up right, by rocking.

Worse lying, lying impossible.

Breathing, difficult. The patient feels as if there is no air in the chest.

Patient is anxious and peevish during paroxysm.

More or less perspiration on the upper part of the body.


Spongia is useful in cardiac dyspnea and the most violent forms of asthma.

Asthma from taking cold.

Asthma from goiter.

Asthma after every exercise, after menses.

Asthma aggravated at full moon.

Constriction, pain in heart region with anxiety.

Whistling and wheezing respiration.

Must sit up and bend forward (Ars., Kali. Carb) to get relief. Cough better after eating and drinking especially warm drinks.

Awakes suddenly after mid-night with pain and suffocation.

Asthma is relieved by bending head backward.

Feels as if breathing through a sponge.

Feels as if a plug in the larynx.


The great keynote of this remedy is copious accumulation of mucus (phlegm) and rattling of mucus in the chest.

Chest seems full of phlegm, but less and less is raised.

There is great difficulty of breathing and the patient must sit up.

Suffocative attack about 3 a.m.

The sensation that the patient cannot get air enough is characteristic of the remedy.

Tongue coated thick, white.

It is of great service in aged people and in children.


Attacks at 3 a.m.. Frequent attacks until 4 a.m.

Wheezing and quick respiration.

Worse on lying down, has to sit up.

Oppression of chest as from a weight.

Suffocative attack coming on about mid-night.

Asthma in children, bakers and millers.

Child awakes suddenly, nearly suffocating, turns blue and gasps for breath which he finally succeeds in getting.

KALI ARS. 6, 30

Asthma, rapid anxious breathing.

Worse 2 to 3 a.m. (Kali C.)


Asthma, loud wheezing with cough. Asthma worse in the evening and at night, on lying down at night, after first sleep.

The patient is forced to sit up for relief, it seems as if he would suffocate if he did not.

Expectoration at first scanty, later increases, is warm and salty.


Kali Bichromicum is a certain remedy if the attack is after mid-night (from 3 to 4 a.m.), relief from sitting up and bending forward and from expectoration of stringy yellow mucus.

Stringy yellow mucus is characteristic of Kali Bi.

Kali Bi. is similar to Ars. E except stringy mucus.

Asthma after coition.

Asthma liable to return in winter or in chilly weather during summer.

30th potency is very useful.

Dr. Nash writes that abundant experience had convinced him that it worked better in 30th potency than low trituration’s.

NUX VOMICA 12, 30, 200

This remedy is useful is asthma particularly when the attacks are brought on by gastric disturbances. There is a constricted feeling at the lower part of the chest.

Asthma is in the morning, evening, or at night or after eating.

Feeling of fullness and oppression in stomach.

Abdomen distended with flatus.

Patient is somewhat better by belching and after loosening the clothes.


Natrum Sulph. is a very good remedy for asthma both acute and chronic.

Asthma on a sycotic basis, often inherited.

Asthma with every change to wet weather, with every fresh cold, always worse in damp, rainy season.

Attacks generally comes on at about 4 to 5 a.m.

Looseness of bowels with each attack.

(This symptom has been repeatedly verified)

Rattling in chest.

Chest filling up with rattling mucus, expectoration of white or greenish, tenacious mucus.

Holds chest with both hands while coughing.

Dirty greenish, grey or brown coating on the tongue.

If this remedy fails to give relief, give a dose of Medorrhinum 200 as an intercurrent remedy.

ACONITE 30, 200

Sudden violent attack from exposure to cold, dry wind or from fright, shock, vexation.

Shortness of breath.

Sits straight up, can hardly breath.


Asthma alternating with urticaria.

Catarrhal asthma.

Mucus not easily raised, but better expectoration.

Hard cough and asthma.

Oppressed breathing, can’t get his breath easily.

CARBO VEG. 6, 30

Asthma, particularly of old people and of people very much debilitated.

Asthma with great flatulent distention.

Suffocative asthma with blue and cold skin, and great anguish about the heart.

Great breathlessness with anxiety, but no restlessness.

Coldness and collapse. Cold face, cold breath. Patient appears to be dying.

Desire to be fanned, must have more air.

Better by belching and hard fanning.


Asthma after midnight.

Must sit up, uncover the chest to get cool.

Better walking slowly about and talking.

Difficult inspiration as from heaviness in chest.

APIS 6, 30

Dyspnea, breathing hurried and difficult.

Feels as if he could not draw another breath.

Panting breathing, feels every breath would be his last.

Hungry for air. Wants doors and windows open.

Great feeling of suffocation.

Cannot bear anything around the throat. (Lach.)

Wants to be fanned.

Worse bending forward or backward.

(Reverse of Kali. C.).

Asthma worse in cold weather.


Asthma during and after sleep.

The patient arouses from sleep with asthmatic paroxysm.

Patient cannot bear the least pressure about the neck or chest.

Better bending forward (Ars., Kali C.) Wants doors and windows open (Apis, Puls.)


Asthma with cardiac symptoms.

Asthma from any little exertion, from music, from excitement.

Oppression of breathing and a feeling as of a load or lump in left chest and fluttering in the region of heart or palpitations. Asthma while attempting coition.


Asthma of sailors, as soon as they go ashore.

Asthma coming on at or near sea-shore.

Asthma better at sea.

Patient feels as if he could not get air enough into his lungs.

Sensation as if air passages were full of smoke.

Must sit up in bed.

Coldness in larynx. This is the peculiar symptom of this remedy.

Better on walking.


Asthma from suppressed urticaria, menses, measles.

Dyspnea, especially lying on back, lying on left side, better on sitting.

Patient wants to be fanned.

Worse in warm room.

Better in open air.

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