Homeopathic Medicine for Conjunctivitis

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Aco. is to be preferred in the beginning of conjunctivitis or in fact any acute inflammation of the eye.

Inflammation from cold or a draught while driving a car, injury, dust or after surgical operations.

Eyes hot, dry, red, inflamed and burning pain.

Feels as if sand has got in the eyes.

Eye-lids are swollen.

Eye-balls sensitive to motion.

Eyes sensitive to light, especially sun-light.

Shooting pain in eye-balls, especially on moving the eye-balls.


Belladonna is the most frequently indicated remedy in eye-troubles. It is also useful in early stage of acute conjunctivitis, especially of right eye.

Eye-lids swollen, extreme red eyes.

Heat and burning in the eyes.

Eyes dry or burning lachrymation.

Burning, tearing pain.

Eyes very sensitive to light.


The great characteristic of this remedy is burning, as if from fire and burning discharges relieved by warm application.

Burning, hot and excoriating lachrymation.

Feeling of sand in eyes, especially in the evening.

Throbbing, pulsating pains in eyeballs, worse by light and by moving eyes.

Inflammation of the eyes and lids and severe burning pain, worse by light.

Conjunctiva looks like a piece of raw beef.

Great relief in all the troubles from hot applications.


Euphrasia is one of our best remedies in eye-affections.

Profuse hot and excoriating tears.

Eye-lids are red, swollen, with burning pain.

Swelling and agglutination of the eye-lids in the morning.

Burning, stinging, shooting pains, worse at night.

Conjunctiva and eye-lids are red with smarting sensation in the eyes, as from sand.

Violent itching of the lids.

Has to blink constantly.

All the troubles are worse by light, warmth, winds and in the evening.

RHUS TOX. 6, 30

Inflammation of the eyes and lids with redness and nocturnal agglutination.

Profuse hot tears on opening lids, in the morning and in open air, with oedematous swelling around eyes.

Pain in eyes on moving eye-balls.

Pain worse at night, especially after mid-night, better from hot application.

APIS 6, 30

Oedematous swelling of the eye-lids and stinging and burning pains.

Burning in margins of lids.

Conjunctiva bright red, puffy.

Lachrymation hot.

Sand sensation in eyes.

Agglutination of the lids.

Better cold application (applying cold water).


Conjunctivitis from colds or accompanying measles.

Inflammation of lids with thick yellow or yellowish green bland discharge.

Itching and burning in eyes.

Profuse lachrymation and secretion of mucus.

Lids inflamed and gummed up in the morning.

Profuse lachrymation and secretion of mucus, worse evenings and open air.


Blepharitis and conjunctivitis from cold or in those who work about fire.

Eyes and eye-lids red, inflamed.

Profuse hot, burning lachrymation.

Eye are very sensitive to light and heat of fire.

The eye-lids stuck together in the morning.

Pains are worse at night and from warmth.


Arg. N. is useful in very old cases of blepharitis.

Granular conjunctivitis. Inner canthi swollen and red.

Chronic ulceration of margin of lids. Lids sore, thick and swollen.

The discharge is thick and profuse, yellowish, bland.

Worse in warm room.

Better in cold air and cold applications.

It is also useful in purulent ophthalmia, especially in newborn infants.

Ulceration of cornea in infants.


  1. P. is especially useful in acute conjunctivitis.

There is no secretion of mucus or pus.

It surpasses Aconite in the majority of acute superficial inflammations about the eyes.

Conjunctivitis with sensations as if grains of sand were under eye-lids.

Pain in eye-balls, worse moving eyes.

Eyes red, inflamed, burning sensation in dry eyes.


Alumina is useful in chronic conjunctivitis, granular lids and chronic blepharitis.

Eyes inflamed, difficult to open. Sensation as if sand in the corner of the eyes.

Sensation of burning in the eyes.

Agglutination of lids at night and lachrymation during day.


Arnica is useful in traumatic conjunctivitis with much lachrymation, redness, shooting and tearing pains. Worse from light and at night and relieved by warmth.


Al. Cepa is useful in catarrhal conjunctivitis.

Profuse lachrymation but non-excoriating, though the nasal discharge is (opp. Euphrasia).

Eyes red. Much burning.

Eyes sensitive to light.

Worse in the evening, warm room and better in open air.


Hep. Sul. is useful in purulent conjunctivitis.

Eyes and lids are inflamed. Sour to touch. Profuse discharge.

Agglutination of the lids at night and in the morning.

Throbbing, shooting pains, relieved by warmth.


Burning pain and lachrymation and photophobia.

Pain as from sand in eyes.

Inflammation of margins of the lids, which are raw.

Agglutination in the morning.

Eyes sensitive to touch and secretions of stringy character.

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