Homeopathic Medicine for Constipation

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For the cure of constipation Nux Vomica is used often than any other and very many times with but little benefit. If given according to the characteristic, it always relieves. It cures constipation when it is given, especially in higher potencies.

The constipation of N. V. is due to the so called modern living, over eating, irregular time of eating, consuming spicy food, excess of teacoffee etc.

The most important characteristic of this remedy is frequent ineffectual desire to pass stools but passes small quantities only. The person, never feels satisfied, feels as if little stools were left behind in the rectum. This symptom is pure gold.

Absence of desire for defecation contra-indicates Nux. V.

Alternate constipation and diarrhea, after abuse of purgatives.

Nux Vomica should never be given in constipation in low potency.

An opposite effect will be produced, thereby, an augmentation of the spasmodic state of the intestines. It should be given in high potency (200 and above) and should not be repeated too often. (Give one dose of 200 or 1 M potency and wait for the result).

ALUMINA 30, 200

Alumina is useful in constipation of infants who are brought up with artificial food and bottle feeding.

Constipation of pregnant ladies, in adults, when the rectum is inactive and constipation due to the use of aluminum ware in cooking.

Inactivity of rectum. Even soft stool requires great straining.

Severe constipation, must assist with fingers to remove stool (opp. Sep.).

No desire for and no ability to pass stool for days, sometimes a week, until there is a large accumulation and even then evacuation seems only after great effort.

Even if the accumulated stool be very soft, the same effort is required to pass it, still it adheres to the rectum.

After stool the rectum feels sore and sometimes bleeding also occurs.

Stool hard, knotty, small balls, hard knots.

Stool protrude and slips back again. (Opium, Sanicula, Mag. M., Sil., Nat Mur, Thuja).

Aluminum is a slow acting poisonous metal which should not be allowed to be used as cooking utensils.


It is an excellent remedy for constipation.

Like Alumina there is no desire for stool in Bryo. also (In Nux Vomica there is frequent desire for stool).

Excessive dryness of alimentary tract, rectum and thereby produces dry, hard and knotty stools. Stools as if burnt, expelled with great difficulty.

The patient also suffers from headache with constipation.

Tongue coated yellowish, dark, brown.

Thirst for large quantities of water long intervals with dry tongue.

OPIUM 6, 30

Opium is a remedy for obstinate chronic constipation, constipation of old people, of children and of corpulent (fleshy, obese people), good natured women, constipation caused by lead poisoning.

Constipation due to dryness and inactivity of the intestines.

There is an absence of desire, absolutely no urging to stool and when passed, it is hard, small round black balls, like sheep dung. It makes a sound as soon as it strikes the vessel.

Patient feels no discomfort by not passing stools for days together.

The patient is drowsy and dizzy.


Most obstinate constipation.

There is urging to stool and accompanying this urging there is abdominal pain.

Patient feels as if abdominal wall was drawn by a string to the spine.

Stool is hard, black, like sheep dung.

Stool hard, dry, like round balls, black.

Anus feels as if drawn upward.

Hard round balls like stools, urging to pass stools, severe abdominal pain and spasm of anus are characteristic of this remedy.


It is useful in constipation of travelers, emigrants, where the trouble is brought on by change in the manner of living (food-weather). It is also useful in constipation due to lead poisoning.

Frequent urging to stool and inability to strain at stool.

Stool sticky, adheres to the rectum and anus like a soft clay.

Constipation during pregnancy.

Stool hard, scanty or sticky.


Caust. is useful when there is frequent unsuccessful urging for stools but expelled with much straining or only on standing up.

Straining causes a good deal of pain, anxiety and redness of the face.

Knotty, difficult stool, shining as if greased.

Stool is very small in size and burning in anus after stool.

It is the spasm of the rectum, that is responsible for this difficulty in passing stools and evacuation is mostly attended with prolapses recti.


Obstinate constipation.

Stools knotty, like sheep’s dung.

Crumbling at the verge of the anus.

Quite a lot of urging is necessary before defecation.

This constipation is mostly common in children during dentition.

The stools are sometimes covered with mucus and blood. They are so hard and dry that they seems as if they are burnt.

Burning and smarting in the anus during and after stool.

NATRUM MUR. 12, 30

Obstinate constipation.

Constipation from inactivity of rectum.

Stools hard and crumbling.

The rectum is dry, the stool is hard to expel and causes bleeding, smarting and soreness in the rectum.

There is ineffectual urging to stool, with stitches in the rectum.


Graphites is one of our best remedies in constipation.

There is no urging for stools.

The patient sometimes goes days without stool.

Stools large, hard, knotty and the lumps are covered with mucus or certain shreds of mucus and accompanied with great pain when passing stool.

Piles protrude while passing stool, associated with burning pain, cracks and fissures.

Aching of the anus after stool is also characteristic of Graph.


Like Nux Vomica, Lyco. has frequent ineffectual desire for stool and a sensation after stool as if something remained behind in the rectum.

Constipation due to constriction of the rectum.

The constipation may be associated with hemorrhoids.

The rectum contracts and protrudes with stool.

The stools are dry and hard, difficult to expel or first part hard and the last soft or thin and gushing. A great deal of rumbling in the abdomen following the stool.


Constipation of silicea is peculiar one. Patient strains and strains, the stool partly protrudes and then slips back again. Ultimately the patient has to remove it mechanically by inserting his finger into his rectum.

The stools are extremely hard and large and remaining long in the rectum.

The straining to evacuate the stool is so violent that even the abdominal walls become sore and the patient breaks out into pools of sweat.

The anus also become cracked and fissured due to the passage of such enormous lumps of the faeces.

SANICULA 30, 200

Inspite of a big accumulation of stools the patient has no desire for stools.

After a great straining stool partly expelled but slips back again and the patient has to remove it by inserting his finger into his rectum.


Chronic constipation.

Bowels seems to be paralyzed.

Large hard, difficult stools only, once or twice a week:

Patient is thirstless.

Cannot stand heat.


Hard, dry stool, difficult to pass stool.

Rectum dry, hot.

Severe lumbo-sacral backache, feels as if back is broken. Rectum hot and dry, feels as if full of small sticks.

Feeling of fullness of rectum.

Intense pain in anus for hours after stool.

ALOE 6, 30

Constipation for several days.

Passes flatus without stool.


Ineffectual urging to stool.

Hard stool every other day or every 3 or 4 days.

Stool passed with much difficulty.

Sensation of hollowness in stomach or abdomen.


Constipation during pregnancy.

Weight and pressure in rectum.

Obstinate constipation with piles.

Stools very sluggish and hard.

Pain in abdomen and flatulence.

Sensation of sharp sticks in rectum.

Sense of constriction.

Constipation alternating with diarrhea and great flatulence.

CONIUM 6, 30

Frequent urging without stool.

Constipation on alternate days.

Burning or coldness in rectum.

Faint feeling after stool.


Stools large, hard, knotty, in balls.

Pain in rectum during and long after stool.

Sense of weight or ball in anus, not better by stool.

Inability to expel faeces or to strain at stool.

Constipation during pregnancy.


Constipation following mechanical injuries. Stools hard, scanty.

Frequent urging to stool.

Copious flatus with urging.

Constipation alternating with diarrhea.

THUJA 30, 200

Obstinate constipation.

Stools hard, knotty.

Constipation and violent pain in rectum, causing stool to recede.


Constipation from inactivity of rectum.

Constipation of nursing infants.

Chronic constipation.

Stools very large and very hard.

Very week after stool.

Strains at stool until he is covered with cold sweat and then gives up exhausted.


Great urgent desire for stool, but on sitting down the desire immediately passes of without an evacuation.

Rectum seems to be powerless, with a sensation as if plugged up.

Spasmodic constriction of sphincter ani.

Even soft stool passes with difficulty.


Constipation—stools hard, round balls, like sheep dung, bright yellow.

Constipation alternates with diarrhea.

Opium 6, 30: Constipation after surgery.

Ignatia 6, 30: Constipation from carriage riding.

Lyco. 30: Constipation when away from home.

Stannum 30: Constipation every Monday.

Iodium 6, 30: Constipation amel. by drinking cold milk.

Graphites 6, 30: Constipation instead of menses.

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