Homeopathic Medicine for Delirium




Bell. comes to mind first in violent delirium with bloodshot eyes, red face, and pupils enlarged.

All violent acts-bites, tears clothes, strikes, kicks, howls, screams, spits, sees monsters, ghosts, hideous faces, animals, insects, wolves, dogs, imaginary things. Wants to get away from them and hide himself. Controlled with great difficulty.

Sometimes growling and barking like a dog.

Intense burning heat.

Head hot, extremities cold or burning all over the body.

Cannot bear light.

Breaks into fits of laughter and gnashes the teeth.


Delirium from head injury, alcohol or fever.

The delirium has unconsciousness, more often than violence.

When spoken to answers properly, but unconsciousness and delirium return immediately.

Delirium continues while awake.

Indistinct and muttering loquacity.

Talks of business.

Complains imaginary things (enemies), sees persons who are not and have not been present.

Tries to jump out of bed, tries to run away for fear of being hurt.

Delirium with jerking of limbs, wild staring look, low muttering speech.

There may be mild fever.

Uncovers body, exposes genitals.

Talks vulgar.

Delirium after head injury. Complete loss of sense.

Does not know his relatives.

Red, sparkling eyes, open eyes, distorted in different directions; bluish face; cold pale face or brown-red swollen face.

Amativeness is an important landmark. He/She goes about naked and will not be covered.

Shameless, exposing genitals.

This desire to be nude, lasciviousness are important factors of Hyo.

Sometimes Hyo. patient goes into a stupor from which he can be readily roused. He will answer questions quite correctly but will relapsed into the stupor almost immediately.

In delirium Hyo. is between Bell. and Strain. All these three remedies have fear of water. Although many of Hyo. symptoms are similar to Bell. but they are not so violent as in Bell.


Furious delirium with red face, but not as in Bell or Hyo.

Talks to spirits, hears their voices.

All hallucinations are fright and terror producing.

Constant involuntary odd motions of limbs and body.

Loquacious with desire to run away from the bed.

The patient desires light and company. Patient is very loquacious. Laughs, sings, swears, prays, curses and makes verses.

Sees ghosts, talks with spirits and hears voices.

Face is bright red, pupils dilated.

Seems to see objects rising from every corner to frighten him. All objects appear oblique (sloping).

With frightful cries, he strikes those around him and becomes furious. Bites the person standing beside him.

Delirium with sexual excitement.

Delirium with suppressed menses.

AGARICUS 30, 200

Agaricus is useful in delirium of fevers and alcoholism.

Dr. Bayes praises Agaricus highly in the delirium of typhoid fever, where the constant attempt to get out of bed and tremor of the whole body is present. Patient knows no one. Throws things (food, medicines) at nurse.

Delirium of alcoholism with great loquacity.

Delirium marked by singing, shouting and muttering.

Great mental excitement and incoherent talking.

Physical strength is increased. Can lift heavy loads.

Sings, talks, shouts, makes verses.

Delirium with constant raving, tries to get out of bed.

The patient sings and talks but does not answer questions.


Delirium with epilepsy, mania.

Delirium due to horror or alcoholism.

Delirium with trembling.

Sees monstrous head on distant walls of the room.

Laughs immoderately.

Excessive loquacity. Incoherent talks.

LACHESIS 200 and above

Delirium from alcoholism, over-watching, over fatigue, loss of fluids, over study.

Delirium of low muttering type.

Delirium with great loquacity. Patient constantly jumps from one subject to another.

Delirium in the afternoon or after sleeping.


Patient is restless.

Desire to cut or tear clothing’s as in Belladonna, but with veratrum there is coldness of the surface of the body and cold sweat.

The patient is loquacious, talks very loudly and is frightened at imaginary things.

BRYONIA 30, 200

Nocturnal delirium.

Hasty speech.

Talks of daily business.

In fever cases there is often a stupid drowsy condition or mild delirium in which the patient has the delusion that he is away from home and says, “I want to go home”. He has constant motion of the left arm and leg.

OPIUM 200, 1M

Delirium with eyes wide open, face red, loud talking, laughing. Attempt to escape. Thinks he is not at home (Bryo).

Sees ghosts, devils, etc. and carries on a conversation with them. Eyes wide open, face puffed, red; or unconscious.

Deep coma, preceded by stupor.


Delirium with attempts to get out of bed.

Staring eyes.

Constant trembling of the hands and coldness of extremities.


Plumbum is beneficial for the most violent delirium.

Imagines that everyone around him is a murderer.

Bites his garments and bed-clothes, bites his own fingers. Screams and runs around the room all the time.

Pupils dilated, eyes blood-shot, face flushed, covered with sweat.


Coffea often produces a tranquillizing effect and induces sleep.



When spoken to answers correctly, but unconsciousness and delirium at once return.

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