Homeopathic Medicine for Dengue

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Break-bone fever. It is an acute, infectious disease, transmitted by mosquitoes, where the patient suffers a high fever. Pain in bone, joints and muscles, headache and rash.


Eup. perf. is very useful in dengue fever. When the fever invaded America in 1827, it was known as the “break-bone fever’ and Eup. Per. was found most beneficial in relieving the pains indicated by this title.’

Much soreness and aching in the entire body, which impels the sufferer to move, but without any relief.

There are deep pains in bones with soreness of flesh.

Intense aching in limbs and back, as if bones were broken.

Bursting headache.

There may be vomiting of bile.

Severe cough which hurts the chest and head. Patient holds his chest with hands while coughing. Sweat may be scanty or absent, if present it relieves all the other symptoms except headache, which it aggravates.

The taste in the mouth is at times insipid, but it is mostly bitter.

ACONITE 30, 200

High fever, skin dry and hot.

Face red or pale and red alternately.

Burning thirst for large quantities.

Intense restlessness, tossing about in agony.

Thirst and restlessness—always present.

BRYONIA 30, 200

Dry, burning heat, blood seems hot.

Fever accompanied with dry cough and pain all over the body.

Joints red, swollen and hot.

Mouth dry with great thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals.

Bursting headache, as if everything would be pressed out.

RHUS TOX. 30, 200

Intense heat, as if hot water was thrown over him or as if hot water was running through the vessels.

Drawing and tearing pain in limbs as from fatigue.

Great restlessness.

Tongue red and cracked. Coated except red triangular space at the tip.


High fever with bone pains.

Extreme debility.

Thirst for sips often (every 5 -10 minutes).

Great restlessness during fever, changes places continually.


The symptoms indicating Bell. are: High fever; great burning of the whole body, internal and external.

During fever complete thirstlessness.

Bursting headache with throbbing of carotids.

Face flushed, red, pupils dilated. Tongue inflamed, swollen with prominent red papillae, strawberry like.


It should be given when there are: High fever, whole body burning hot.

Face red and hot (Bell.).

Violent chill on being uncovered, on least movement.

Thirst during chill and fever.

Tongue coated yellow or white.


It is indicated when the following symptoms are present:

Head and face hot, one hand hot, the other cold.

Chill alternating heat.

Long lasting nausea and vomiting.

Bad taste in mouth, languor and debility.

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