Homeopathic Medicine for Diarrhea

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Ars. is an excellent remedy in diarrhea. Diarrhea due to eating ice-cream, cold fruits, decayed foods, spoiled meat, sour bear, bad sausage, fat, spoiled better etc.

Stools are watery, brownish, yellow, green, dark and very offensive. This offensive stool is guiding feature. The smell is very aptly described as a carrion-like smell (decayed flesh) you have just got to smell it once to remember it all your life long.

Sometimes diarrhea is accompanied with vomiting.

Diarrhea with vomiting causes great weakness.

Diarrhea soon after eating and drinking.

During diarrhea patient is very much anguished, restless and has fear of death.

Burning in the rectum is also another grand feature of Ars.

Sometimes burning in the stomach.

Burning better by hot application.

Diarrhea worse at night, especially at mid-night and mid-day.

Dryness in the mouth with violent thirst. Patient drinks often but very little (one or two sips) at a time.


The important symptoms of this remedy are—

Early morning diarrhea.

Painless diarrhea.

Watery, pasty, yellow or undigested offensive stools, forcibly expelled.

Weakness in the rectum after stools.

Diarrhea early in the morning, continues till the afternoon and is followed by natural stool in the evening.

The stools are watery, yellow, putrid, perfused, forcible and occur without pain.

Patient thinks he is better but the next morning the same diarrhea starts again.

The stools are painless and very offensive and profuse. But sometimes there is cramping drawing pain in abdomen before stools.

Sensation of great weakness in the abdomen and rectum.

Sometimes headache alternates with diarrhea.

Diarrhea immediately after eating and drinking.

Burning, soreness and rawness at the anus.

Stools gushing, pouring out like water from a hydrant.

Useful in diarrhea during dentition.

Diarrhea in hot weather after acid fruits, milk.

ALOE 6, 30

The essentials of this remedy are yellow, offensive, jelly like stools.

Cramping, twisting pain in abdomen before and during stools leaving after stools.

Great deal of flatus.

Diarrhea driving out of bed very early in the morning.

Before stools there is severe cutting, griping pain in right lower portion of abdomen.

Abdomen is distended with gas, feels fullness and tightness, gas passes with rumbling sound and stool.

Patient has to run for stool immediately after eating or drinking.

There is constant feeling as if stool would escape.

The patient dares not pass flatus for fear of escape of stool.

Sudden desire to stool, offensive and excoriating, jelly like stool.

Patient feels hungry during stool.

Diarrhea alternates with headache. Diarrhea is always worse while walking or standing and is often followed by great prostration and fainting spells.

Abdominal pain relieved by bending double.

After the stool, sensation as if there were more in the rectum.

Stools and urine passes at the same time. Cannot pass one without the other.


Crot. Tig. is one of the great homeopathic remedies for diarrhea. It is useful in both acute and chronic diarrhea.

Stool is yellow and watery, may be at times slightly greenish.

It comes out in one gush, like a water from hydrant.

Diarrhea is associated with nausea.

Diarrhea is aggravated by the least food or drink and movement. Better by warm drinks.

There is a lot of rumbling in the intestines.

Pain in anus as if plug were forcing outwards.

Burning in anus.


It is indicated when the stool is expelled “All at Once” with a single and somewhat prolonged effort.

Stool yellow, green, mixed with mucus.

Cutting pain around the navel and rumbling in intestines before stool.

Frequent emission of flatulence, especially evening and night.

Tenesmus after stool and burning at anus

Profuse watery diarrhea in hot weather, particularly in old people.


Profuse watery and greenish stools, forcibly evacuated.

Sharp cutting pains in the abdomen, better stool after.

Great weakness after every stool.

Copious frothy, vomiting with diarrhea.

Cold sweat on forehead.

Thirst for cold water.

It is also indicated in diarrhea after fright, associated with coldness, cold swat on the forehead and great weakness.

Diarrhea from drinking cold water in hot days.


Diarrhea from suddenly checked perspiration in hot weather, from cold drinks when heated, from eating vegetable food or stewed fruits, from getting overheated in summer, from drinking milk or from anger and chagrin.

It is also useful in early morning diarrhea, after rising and moving about (not when the patient is in bed).

The stools are thin, pasty, yellow, musky, smell like old cheese.

Sometimes the stools are dark, of undigested food.

Cramping, cutting pain in abdomen before stool, better lying on abdomen.


Dark-brown, semi-liquid, offensive stools.

Diarrhea, worse in the morning and afternoon, can’t wait a moment. Constant urging for stool.

Cramping pain in abdomen before and during stool.

Smarting, burning in anus and rectum.


Yellowish green, fetid stools, looking like chopped eggs.

Pain in abdomen before and during stool.

The flatus is hot and smells like rotten eggs.

Diarrhea during dentition.

Diarrhea, often of a changeable color, nearly always of foul, especially in children during dentition and after taking cold.

CHINA 6, 30

Painless diarrhea.

Stool watery, yellow or brown and mixed with undigested food and offensive.

Worse at night and after eating.

The stools may escape involuntary after eating.

Abdomen distended with flatus.

Emission of flatus without relief.

Flatus is very offensive.

Great weakness after stool.

Useful in diarrhea caused by fruits, summer diarrhea, after acute illness, chronic diarrhea of aged people.

Thirst during stool. Desire to drink frequently, but little at a time.

In China the stools are entirely at night, being absent during the day, even in severe cases, unless they occur after meals.


Stools yellow-greenish, watery, frothy.

Stool is forcibly evacuated, without pain.

Great rumbling and gurgling in the abdomen with violent colic.

A peculiar cold feeling in the abdomen.

Burning in anus after stools.

Diarrhea is usually painless, but there may be cutting pain about navel with distention of abdomen.

Burning in the anus after stools.

Diarrhea from drinking cold water.


Diarrhea with cramping cutting pains.

Patient is hardly able to stand straight, he walks bent with his hands pressed on his abdomen.

Pain better by bending double and firm pressure and passing flatus or passing stool.

Constant rumbling and croaking of the intestines as from frogs.

Diarrhea renewed each time by the least food or drink.

Stools frothy, watery, yellow.

Sourish cramps in the legs and feet.

Diarrhea from anger, indigestion.


Diarrhea due to eating fatty (rich food) and starchy food, pastries, ice-cream, fruits, diarrhea from fright, after meals.

Stools watery, greenish-yellow or very changeable (no two stools alike).

Diarrhea worse at night, in the morning, as soon as one eats. Great nausea. Vomiting of food eaten long before.

No two stools alike—one stools foetid, the other odorless, one containing, faecal matter, the other blood, one stool yellow, the other green etc.

Rumbling and cutting in abdomen before stool.

Pain in abdomen and in small of back before stool.

Mouth dry, but thirstless.

Constipation alternates with diarrhea.

Useful in diarrhea during or after menses.


Gels. is useful in diarrhea after fright from bad or exciting news.

It is useful in suddenly appearing diarrhea, as for instance-anticipation of some unusual ordeal, when, preparing for public gathering, interview, stage show, at examination etc.

Diarrhea painless.

Stool papescent, dark, yellow.


Arg. N. cures two kinds of diarrhea— (1) diarrhea due to stomach disorder and (2) nervous diarrhea.

Diarrhea due to stomach disorder is caused due to eating sugar, sugar-candy, sweets, milk etc.

Stool is watery, green or turning green after sometimes, like chopped spinach, with much noisy flatus, very offensive.

Diarrhea immediately after eating or drinking.

Much flatulence, causing distention of abdomen and bursting sensation in abdomen.

Nervous diarrhea sets in when the patient is ready to go for some important job—for examination, interview, stage show etc.


In Jatropha stools come out like a violent flow.

Rumbling and noise as of a bottle of water being emptied in the abdomen, not ceasing after stool.

Violent cramps in the legs and feet.

Stool sudden, profuse, watery, like rice-water.


Diarrhea with colic and rumbling in the intestines, but no pain.

Stools watery, thin and burning in anus and rectum.

Frequent watery stools with burning anus.

The patient is worse at 2 or 3 a.m.

Nausea and sour, sometimes bilious vomiting.


Straining at stool is the great characteristic of Mercurius and this is more marked under Merc. cor. than under Merc. Sol.

Merc. Cor. is the great remedy for dysentery.

Stools yellow, clay colored.

Rumbling in the abdomen before every evacuation.


  1. S. is a great remedy in acute or chronic diarrhea.

Diarrhea comes every day regularly in the morning (like Bryonia) after getting up and beginning to move.

Violent abdominal pain and rumbling before stool.

Yellow, watery stools.

Stools involuntary when passing flatus.

Diarrheas from eating vegetables.

The diarrhea is worse in damp weather.


Phos. Acid. is useful in both acute and chronic diarrhea.

Diarrhea in weakly, delicate, rachitic children.

Diarrhea after fright.

Profuse painless diarrhea, but not so much weakness as would be expected.

Stools involuntary, while passing flatus.

Flatus offensive.

Constant rumbling and gurgling in abdomen.


Chronic painless diarrhea of undigested food.

Morning diarrhea of old people with painless green mucous stools.

Extreme weakness after stool.

Diarrhea from paralysis of intestinal canal. There is a sensation as if anus remain wide open and stool is profuse and pouring away as from a hydrant.

Involuntary stool, stool is watery with sago like particles.

Burning thirst with hankering for ice, ice-cream or very cold drinks.

Urging for stool on lying of left side.

RHUS TOX. 6, 30

Nightly diarrhea with abdominal pains, stools mixed with blood.

Frequent urge but pass only very little.

CARBO VEG. 6, 30

Painful diarrhea.

Accumulation of excessive flatus in the upper abdomen, especially in the upper abdomen.

All food taken in stomach seems to turn into gas.

Very offensive smelling stool, followed by burning in rectum, with putrid flatus.

After stool there is itching, burning and rawness of anus.


Diarrhea always in day time, never at night, but has stools early in the morning.

Hunger immediately after stool.

Profuse, gushing, yellowish brown watery stools with colic.

Cutting and pinching before and during stool.

Great weakness after stool.

Diarrhea after eating cabbage.


Diarrhea in summer, when the weather suddenly becomes cold.

Diarrhea from damp cold weather, change from warm to cold weather, diarrhea alternating with rheumatism, diarrhea after suppression of eczema.

Sour smelling, yellow, greenish, watery stools with undigested food substance.

Diarrhea with flatulence.

Cutting pain and rumbling in abdomen before stool. Pain, especially around navel.

Diarrhea worse at night.


Useful in morning diarrhea.

Severe cutting pain every few minutes in stomach.

Cramping pain in navel region.

Rumbling in intestines and passing large quantities of offensive flatus.

Pain worse bending forward (opp. Colo.).

The pains are apt to fly to other parts of the body.

Profuse, deep yellow, thin stools, followed by weak-faint feeling without relieving the pain.


  1. V. patient is usually worse in the morning.

There is frequent desire for stool.

The stool is watery or papescent, passes little quantity at a time with temporary satisfaction.

Patient constantly feels that there are more stools to be passed out.

Severe backache before and during stool.

The diarrhea generally comes on in the morning after rising from bed or immediately after eating some food.

Obstinate constipation alternates with diarrhea in persons who have taken purgatives all throughout their previous years.

NATRUM MUR. 12, 30

Useful in chronic diarrhea.

Stools greenish, grey, black, watery and gushing, mostly in the forenoon (9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) with rumbling in intestines.

Painless and copious watery diarrhea.

Constriction of rectum and anus during stool.

Constipation alternates diarrhea.


Useful in chronic diarrhea.

Diarrhea due to suppression of skin eruptions, change of weather, after severe acute disease, fetid diarrhea during dentition.

RHEUM 6, 30

Diarrhea due to eating unripe fruits.

The stools are brown, slimy, loose, thin, curdled, sour smelling and fermented, it corrodes the anus.

Sometimes stool is whitish but turns green on being left on the diaper exposed to the air.

Before or during stool cutting pain in navel region. Pain is so violent that the patient is doubled up with it.

RUMEX 6, 30

It is useful in early morning diarrhea. The stools are painless, offensive and profuse. Sudden urging drives the patient out of bed in the morning.

Sometimes the diarrhea is associated with dry teaching cough.


Most prominent remedy for diarrhea with sour-smelling stools.

The stools are sour smelling, green, watery, frothy with green scum like that of a frog pond.

Sometimes there are large masses of white tallow like substance, floating in the green watery stool.

The green color, the sourness and the froth are three distinctive features of the stools of Mag. Carb.


Fer. Met is useful in chronic watery painless diarrhea, coming regularly every afternoon,

Painless diarrhea while eating or drinking.

Undigested stools at night.

Summer diarrhea.

Diarrhea watery, with or without tenesmus and preceded or not by pain, but always with much flatulence and worse after food or drink.


Green stools with nausea and cramping pain about the navel. Ip. diarrhea is seen in babies during teething.

Diarrhea in summer often as a consequence of over-eating or wrong eating.

Flatulent colic about the region of navel, as if the intestines were grasped with hands.

Continuous nausea.


Stools undigested, thin, greenish.

Abdominal pain before stools.

Exhaustion after stools.

The baby cannot tolerate milk in any form.

Great weakness and prostration with sleepiness.

Arnica 30: Diarrhea after injury.

Antimonium Crudum 6, 30: Diarrhea after vinegar.

Phosphorus 30: Diarrhea from spices.

Pulsatilla 30: Diarrhea with vaginal discharges.

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