Homeopathic Medicine for Diplopia (Double Vision)

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Diplopia (Double Vision)

Headache with Gelsemium
Injuries to eye after Arnica
Looking downward Arnica, Oleander.
Looking upward Causticum
Looking side ways Gels.
Looking right Caust., Digitalis
Looking right amel Caust.
Measles after Caust., Kali. Carb.
Meningitis after Apis
One image is seen below the other Syphilinum 200 One dose only.
Over work from Agaricus.
Pregnancy during Bell., Cicuta, Gels.
Riding in a car after Cuprum Met.
Sun-stroke in Veratrum Viride
Vertigo after Bell., Oleander.
When writing letters appear double Graphites.
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