Homeopathic Medicine for Dysmenorrhea (Painful menses)


(Painful menses)


Menses too frequent, profuse, clotted, black with cramp-like pains.

Menses flow more at night.

Menstrual blood acrid, makes thighs sore and causes burning pain.

Great fatigue of the whole body during menses.

Pain in small of back and loins.

It is especially adapted to stout, fleshy delicate women who lead sedentary life with a ‘smelling bottle’ always in the hand. Women who are very chilly. Their troubles are aggravated in cold wet weather.


Bell. is useful in congestive form of dysmenorrhea.

The pain come on suddenly and ceases suddenly.

Profuse menstrual bleeding which is bright in color and hot.

Menses are intensely painful, vagina is hot and dry.

Cramping pains before and during menses.

Pressing down in abdomen, as if the contents would push through the genitals, with heaviness, as from a stone.

Backache as if the back would break.

Head is hot.


Puls. is useful in dysmenorrhea when the menses are dark in color and delayed.

Menses flow more in day time and while walking about, very little at night

Face pale before menses.

Fainting, nausea and vomiting during menses.

During menses pressive pain in abdomen (and small of back) which is shifting (wandering) in nature.


The remedy is suitable to spasmodic dysmenorrhea. Before and during menstruation there are spasmodic pains in abdomen.

Severe abdominal pain. Shoots the various parts of the body.

Pains are intermittent and come in paroxysms.

There is stiffness of small joints of fingers, toes, ankles etc.

Mentally the patient is restless and excitable. This remedy should be given between the periods.


Like Caulophyllum Gels is also useful in congestive dysmenorrhea when there is much bearing down.

The pains are spasmodic and labor-like.

Pains extending up to the back.

Frequent emission of clear watery urine with relief of head symptoms.

Dysmenorrhea and scanty flow.

Sensation as if uterus was squeezed by hands.


This remedy is also useful in spasmodic dysmenorrhea, when the menses are too late, scanty and lasting for few hours, offensive in odor.

Bearing down pains in the uterine region.

Tearing and shooting pain in ovarian region.

Bearing down pains before menses.

Ovarian region feels heavy and congested.

Sudden pain in the uterus before menses.

Flow ceases for several hours then returns in clots.


  1. P. is a very important remedy for dysmenorrhea.

Neuralgic and crampy pain before and during menses.

Pain comes suddenly and also disappear suddenly.

Pain relieved by external application of heat, warm drinks and bending double.

COCCULUS 30, 200

Cocculus is most useful remedy in dysmenorrhea.

Menses profuse and dark, clotted.

Patient is very weak during menses, scarcely able to stand.

Dysmenorrhea followed by hemorrhoids.

Menses too early with cramps in abdomen.

Menstrual colic, as from sharp stones rubbing together.


Pain during and before menses.

Menses irregular, too soon or too late.

Menstrual blood is blackish or partly clotted and offensive.

Labor like pain in abdomen or severe electric like pain, which shifts from hip to hip and spreads in to the fronts of thighs.

The more the flow the greater the pain.

Pain persists until the flow ceases.

Bearing down sensation with pressing pains in uterine region.

All disorders, physical and mental, become worse during the period and there is a sensation of black cloud enveloping the head.


Severe, unbearable labor-like cramping pain in the abdomen and thighs during menses. Pains make the patient mad and she says, “She cannot bear them”. This mental condition is more important. Membranous dysmenorrhea, especially at puberty.

Profuse menstrual blood which is dark and clotted.

Dysmenorrhea from anger.

The lady becomes irritable and angry and desire solitude and silence.

SEPIA 3, 6, 30, 200

Sepia can be given in almost any combination of menstrual disorder, like early-scanty, early-profuse or late-profuse etc. Painful period accompanied by a sensation of fullness or a ball in the pelvic organs.

There is a strong bearing down sensation. Lady feels as if everything would come out of the vagina, she has to cross her legs to prevent it.

Pain in the abdomen is better from exercise (work), pressure, hot application.

The most important feature of Sep. is indifferent nature. She indifferent to everything, even to her family members.


Menses too early, profuse and painful.

Menses thick, almost black.

Pain in back and lower abdomen, extending down the left thigh with feeling as if the limbs were paralyzed.

Bearing down pains, chiefly left side, though it also affect the right ovary.

Pains are not relieved in any position.

Pains go to the thighs or radiate over the whole body, even to heart.

Headache over the left eye, the day before the menses.

KALI CARB 12, 30, 200

Menses too late and too scanty or early, too copious and too long, too late and too profuse.

Cramping pain before and during menses.

Feels weak before menses.

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