Homeopathic Medicine for Eczema

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Sulphur is the king of skin remedies.

Skin dry, scaly, unhealthy.

Violent itching in eczema.

Itching with burning. Scratching makes the parts burn intensely.

Itch worse from warmth.

Itch worse at night in bed, morning and evening.

Must scratch until the affected part becomes raw.

Feels good to scratch.

Itching worse from scratching and washing.

Eruptions bleed after scratching.

Itching causes restlessness.

Itching is relieved when the burning is worse.

History of suppressed eruptions.

Eczema dating back to vaccination.

A dose of 200 potency should be given once in a month or 6th potency three times a day.

To avoid aggravation, use LM potencies.

LM 1 two times daily.

Change the potency after 1 or 2 months (when improvement ceases).

If there is improvement you may continue LM potency for 3-4 months. After 1 LM give 2 LM potency.


It is a valuable remedy in chronic dry eczema with great burning and itching.

Skin dry and scaly.

Must scratch until affected part bleeds or becomes raw.

Itch better from warmth, even scalding water ameliorates.

Itching is worse at night (after mid-night).

Great burning after scratching.

Undressing aggravates itching.

Ars. is perhaps our best remedy for the chronic form of eczema with great burning and itching.


Graphites is also very useful remedy in eczema, but most commonly inappropriately prescribed in eczema cases.

Eczema looks like very much like that of Arsenic Album, but with rough skin and oozing of a glutinous fluid.

The characteristic symptoms of Graph. are:

Honey-like, glutinous discharge.

Moist, crusty eruptions.

Violent itching, must scratch until it is raw.

Skin becomes moist after scratching.

Itching worse after becoming warm in bed.

Itch without eruption.

Eczematous eruption appears about the eyes, on the cheeks, on and behind ears, on the top of head and down the occiput; it may also be scattered here and there over the surface of the body, —Particularly in the bends of the joints.


An excellent remedy for eczema, wherever it may appear, forming thick scabs and oozing pus.

Eczema worse in winter.

Itching compels the patient to scratch and the parts become moist, raw.

Eczema, especially on scalp, occiput and behind ears.

Itching worse at night in the open air.

Warmth ameliorates.

Chilly patient.

All complaints are in winter.


Eczema. Intolerable itching.

Itching changes place on scratching. Crusts and scabs with purulent matter underneath.

Bleeding after scratching.

Worse in winter.

Itching worse at night after getting warm in bed.

Itching aggravated by scratching.

Scratch for relief until the affected area is raw.

Itching after undressing.

Mezereum Patient is chilly, lacks vital heat, although skin affection is worse from warmth.

RHUS TOX. 6, 30

It is useful in eczema, when hard, thick, chalky crusts form which cracks and ooze copious pus.

Eczema around genitals and on hairy parts.

Worse in winter, spring and from change of weather.

Corrosive discharge.

Itching better from hot water (hot bathing).

Cold air aggravates.


The skin is dirty, greasy, unwashed in appearance.

Eczema with intolerable itching.

Eczema more on the sides of the head and face, cheeks, ears and in the bends of joints.

Itching worse at night, when getting warm in bed.

Scratch until raw or bleeding.

Skin troubles disappear in summer and return in winter.

Washing aggravates.

Itching, undressing aggravates.

Extreme sensitiveness to cold air or change of weather. Patient wants to keep his head warm; wears a fur cap or warm clothing even in hottest summer weather.


Violent itching eruptions.

Crusty, discharging eruptions, especially about the neck, scrotum and thighs.

There is great itching, scratching relieves at first, but other parts become very sore.

Must scratch until it is raw.

Itching on undressing.

It will be more indicated if gastro-enteric symptoms be present.


Croton Tig. is very much rich in skin symptoms. It cures eczema, especially on the scalp and genital organs.

Eczema over the whole body.

Vesicular and pustular eruptions, especially of face and genitals.

Itching, worse a night.

Itching is aggravated by scratching but relieved by rubbing lightly or light scratching.


It may be used in eczema, attended with thickening of the skin and the formication of hard horny scabs.


It is indicated in the eczema of the children, when it appears on the scalp with a tendency to spread downwards and over the face.

It is not only used for infantile eczema but also for eczema of adults.

Frequently it appears in patches on the face or scalp, forming thick crusts, which are often white like chalk deposits.

Crust and scabs with bland pus.

Itching is worse in the morning in bed not at night.

Itching worse after bathing.


Eczema of head, ears, face and body.

Itching changes location on scratching.

Itching eruptions, burning after scratching.

Eczema, yellow, acrid moisture oozing from under the crust, new vesicles from contact of exudation.

Moist crusty eruptions.

Acrid, offensive discharge. Itching on undressing.

Itching is aggravated by scratching.

Itching worse in open air, warmth ameliorates.


Humid eczema of the scalp, sore and sensitive to touch.

Eczema of the scrotum and genital organs.

Eczema, spreading by means of new principles appearing just above the cold parts.

Fetid eruptions, especially in folds.

Thin, acrid discharge.

Splinter like pains in eruptions.

Itching worse in cold air, better warmth.

Itching aggravated on undressing.

Scratching until it is raw.

Scratching ameliorates.


Merc. sol. is most useful remedy in the treatment of eczema.

Humid foetid eruptions.

Bleeding after scratching.

Eruptions on hairy parts, discharge, destroys hair.

Itching worse at night in bed after getting warm.

Must scratch until raw.


It is often used in an eczema, which appears in thick scabs, oozing pus and matting the hair together.

Eczema in the margins of hair, eyelids, around mouth, hands and bends of limbs.

Crusty eruption with corrosive discharge.

Itching worse from undressing, exertion.


It is useful in eczema with crusty eruptions, especially yellow crusts.

Itching with burning.

Scratching ameliorates itching.

Itching worse in bed after becoming warm.


Chronic eczema with urinary, gastric and hepatic (pertaining to liver) disorders.

Erusty eruptions.

Eruptions on hairy parts.

Moist, fetid crust or dry.

Bleeding or discharging after scratching.

Must scratch until it is raw.

Itching worse from warmth.

Itching worse in the evening (4 to 8 p.m.).

Better from cold air or uncovering the parts.


Eczema, especially on the face, occiput and bends of the joints.

Itching changing to burning when scratched.

Must scratch until it is raw.

Itching better after scratching.

Itching from warmth, but worse from warmth of bed.

Itching worse undressing.

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