Homeopathic Medicine for Epilepsy



Epilepsy is the disorder of the nervous system characterized by unconsciousness, convulsive fits etc.


Epilepsy due to suppression of chronic eruptions, fright, vexation, onanism, protracted intermittent.

Epilepsy during the full moon.

Epilepsy at the age of puberty or from irregular menstruation.

Sudden attack of vertigo, loss of consciousness, convulsions without.

Aura: Before attack sense of something running in arms or from pit of stomach down through abdomen into feet.


Epilepsy more or less connected with derangement of the sexual sphere (at the time of menses, in women when sexual desire is increased, in young men due to onanism or during coition).

Convulsion or epilepsy from fright.

The aura begins from genital organs or from the solar plexus or the uterine region and moves upward.

Foaming at mouth, involuntary urination during epilepsy, usually followed by profound sleep. Biting of tongue during attack.


It is a valuable remedy in epilepsy, especially epilepsy of children.

Convulsion of children during dentition, convulsion from worms, convulsions preceded by blindness. Convulsion before the outbreak of the eruptions in measles or Scarlatina.

Nocturnal epilepsy or when the fits return at regular intervals, such as the menstrual periods.

In epilepsy convulsions starts in the knees, toes or fingers and spread over the whole body.

Epilepsy at night, menses during. Patient falls with shriek, passes urine and feces.

Before the attack drawing sensation in the arm. The arm is drawn involuntarily close to the body.

Attacks begin with a sudden scream, with loss of consciousness and of speech. Coldness of the hands and feet. Twitching of the head of one side.

The face and lips are blue, the eyeballs are rotated. There is frothing at the mouth.

Epilepsy worse at new moon, after mental excitement, fright.

Cuprum will re-establish the discharge that has been suppressed and will stop the convulsions or epilepsy.


The indications for Cicuta are: Sudden rigidity with fixed staring eyes, bluish face and frothing at the mouth and unconsciousness.

Trembling before and after the spasm and severe weakness afterwards. Spasms from worms and in some forms of puerperal spasm with unconsciousness.

Convulsions spread from above downwards, begin in head and go downwards. Head bent to one side.

More staring than in any other remedy. Frequent involuntary jerking and stitching in arms and fingers. Thumbs turned inward.


Epilepsy from fright or during menses.

Epilepsy at night, followed by weakness for several days.

Pupils are always dilated one or two days before epileptic attack.

Restlessness and trembling of hands after the attack.


Epileptic attack followed by delirious rage.

Patient jumps about and tries to strike those near him. Jerking of the extremities, that jerks so violently that the whole arm from one position to another and wakes the patient.

This remedy is especially indicated in nervous, hysterical women and men who have lost good deal of seminal fluid.


Belladonna is especially a remedy for acute epilepsies.

There is an acute aura as if a mouse was running over an extremity or heat arising from the stomach.

Face flushed, bluish, with copious sweat.

Epilepsy with visual disturbances.

During dentition spasm in single limbs or of the whole body in children.

Convulsions commence in arm.

Convulsions commence in upper extremities and extend to mouth, face and eyes.

Child becomes suddenly rigid, stiffens out, with fixed staring eyes. Eyes roll back in their sockets, brought on by fright.


Epileptic attacks at puberty, from menstrual irregularities, during new moon, after fright, suppression of eruptions.

When walking in the open air the patient falls, but soon recovers.

During the unconscious state patient passes urine.

Better suited to recent and light cases.

Nocturnal epilepsy with involuntary urination.

Head hot and sweaty before an attack.

Drawing of head towards one side, especially right.

Biting of tongue during attack.

Fits are reproduced by cold water.


Epilepsy during menses or instead of menses, during pregnancy. Sudden and complete loss of consciousness, swollen livid face, frothing at the mouth, pupils dilated, eyes turned up. Convulsions with locked jaws and cold extremities.

Convulsions followed by deep sleep or coma.

Convulsions followed by vertigo, nausea, vomiting, heat and agony in stomach.

Falls backward and utters aloud cry before falling.

Sudden convulsions in children before outbreak of exanthema.

Cold as if dead during convulsions is a peculiar symptom of this remedy.


It is one of the most reliable remedies we have for epileptic convulsions.

Sudden jerking and twitching.

One arm will twitch, then the other.

Hunger previous to attack.

There is frothing at the mouth and biting of tongue.

During the attack the face is distorted and is apt to be of a deep red color, almost purple.

Hunger appear before the attack, especially the children wake up hungry from sleep.

Vertigo before the attack.

Vertigo, ringing in the ears, sparks before eyes and hunger before attack. Sudden falling with a cry.

Convulsions of children, especially from fright.

Epilepsy from grief, after emotion, in consequence of drinking.


Epilepsy from fright, after masturbation. Violent convulsions involving every muscle.

Attack sudden with screams, afterward drowsy.

Convulsions affecting the upper part more than the lower extremities.

Contraction of limbs, biting of tongue.

Paralysis of one side, convulsions of other.


The important symptoms of this remedy are:

Paralytic heaviness of the legs before the attack and paralysis and prolonged snoring sleep afterwards.

Loss of smell with epilepsy, biting of tongue, frothing from the mouth. Unconsciousness returns slowly.


Epilepsy from violent emotions, menstrual disturbances, head injury, fright. Epilepsy of teething children.

Epilepsy without aura.

The attack come in rapidly-repeated seizures. Patient is very restless.

Paroxysms are usually followed by profound sleep. Left pupil more dilated than the right, mouth drawn to left. Patient is unconscious only for a few seconds or minutes and then continues his occupation.

SILICEA 30, 200

Chronic cases of epilepsy. Convulsions after vaccination.

Before the attack there is a great coldness of the left side of the body, shaking of the left arm.

Convulsions of an epileptic character with a well-marked aura, which starts from the solar plexus.

Nocturnal epilepsy, especially at new moon.

Violent screaming, foam at mouth, afterwards warm perspiration.

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