Homeopathic Medicine for False Labor Pains

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False Labor Pains


Labor pains come suddenly with too quick bearing down, as if everything would come out and pains disappear suddenly.

Rigidity of OS.

The face gets red.

Patient is sensitive to noise, light and jarring of the bed.


False labor pains during last weeks of pregnancy.

The pains are irregular, of short duration, flying from one place to another, not going in the normal direction.

During pains the lady experiences a sort of tremulous weakness over the whole body.

This remedy should be given every 15-20 minutes.


Inertia of uterus, with want of expulsive power.

Pains slow, weak, ineffectual or spasmodic and irregular.

During labor pains the patient wants doors and indoors open. She cannot bear a warm room. She feels suffocated.

When regular pains start, just before delivery, one or two doses of Pulsatilla 200 or 1M potency helps her to get an easy delivery.

It is said sometimes that Pulsatilla corrects malposition of the fetus by stimulating the muscular walls of the womb.


False labor pains.

Pains running directly upwards or backwards.

Due to these pains the patient is much exhausted.

The cervical OS is hard and it is not at all dilating.

With every pain child seems to ascend instead of descending.

Insufficient labor pains from uterine inertia.

Patient is drowsy and dull.

Gelsemium should be given every 15 minutes. Gels. ushers in fresh labor pains and finishes the case without allowing anything untoward happening.


False labor pains much earlier than the expected data.

Pains fly across the abdomen from side to side.

The OS is rigid, does not dilate properly. Pains leave the uterus and go to hip causing cramp.

Bearing down in uterine region and small of back.

Limbs feel heavy and torpid.


False labor pains that are felt in the wrong place.

The pains begin in the back and pass down in the inner part of the thighs.

The lady is so much irritable that she will not hesitate to scold the doctor or anybody near her.

Drives the doctor or anybody near her. Drives the doctor and nurses out of the room.

Dr. Nash writes— “In labor cases the majority of them, when women are cross, peevish and who say that they cannot bear the pains, Chamomilla relieves this condition in a short time. Potency used is 200”.

ACONITE 30. 200

Pains unbearable, violent and frequent.

Patient is very restless and anxious.

There is great fear of death, says that she will die.

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