Homeopathic Medicine for First Aid or Useful in Injuries


First Aid or Useful in Injuries

ARNICA 30, 200, 1M, 10M

Arnica is the king of traumatic remedies. It is useful in both acute and chronic effects of injuries.

Arnica is useful when the injury is from blunt instrument, fall, blow, trauma etc.

Arnica is the best remedy for all injuries to the soft parts.

It is useful in injuries of the muscles from a strain or from a sudden wrench (jerk, twist).

It is also useful for remote mechanical injuries even if received years ago.

In chronic effects of injury, we may use Arnica when disease may be traced to a traumatic origin. No matter what that  disease may be, whether of brain, lungs if the injury is the cause of that disease, Arnica may be used.

Use high potency (above 1000).

Arnica is also useful in cases where pain occurs and swelling results from a blow or injury.

Arnica is useful in any disease or tissue where the disease results directly from traumatic causes.

It is also useful in lumps on the head caused by injury.

Arnica is also useful in insect stings. Apply Arnica Q (mother tincture) to a wasp sting. It prevents the pain and swelling and in a couple of hours the sting is forgotten.


All accidents or explosions are accompanied by some degree of mental shock. We should not forget Arnica to combat the shock. Arnica 200 or 1000 gives good results give Arnica 3 – 4 times a day for 2-3 days.


As soon as the patient is removed from the operation table, he should be given a dose of Arnica 200 every half an hour. After three doses one dose every 3 – 4 hours.


After cataract operation if Arnica 30 or 200 is given 3 or 4 times a day, the wound heals very rapidly.


Arnica 2-3 doses before tooth extraction and 3-4 doses after tooth extraction, will stops the bleeding and accelerate the healing of the gums.

After filling out carious teeth give 1-2 doses of Arnica 200 every hour.

Arnica also relieves the pains and swelling after the insertion of artificial teeth.

Arnica is very useful after the extraction of a tooth. Arnica stops the bleeding and speed up the healing of the gums.

After extraction of wisdom tooth Arnica reduces pains and swelling. Give 1 or 2 doses of Arnica 200 before tooth extraction and 2 – 3 doses every half hour after extraction and 5-6 doses every 3-4 hours.


Arnica is useful for injuries sustained in sports.

Injury to head, face, bones etc. give Arnica 200 every 15 minutes. Give a dose of Arnica 200 to the players before the match. Even if there is no serious injury give one more dose after the match. There will not be any lameness and soreness of muscles.


Arnica is a very good remedy for threatened abortion.

In cases of shocks, falls, bruises or concussions, a pregnant woman should always take a dose of Arnica 200 at once, more particularly if she commences to flow with or without pain or to have a pain without flowing.

Arnica is an excellent remedy to administer after parturition.

Arnica relieves the soreness following parturition and promotes proper contraction of uterus and expulsion of placenta retained. It controls lochia and prevents septic infection. It prevents puerperal fever. It also cures incontinence of urine and stool after childbirth.

Arnica is also very useful even after instrumental delivery and 3-4 doses every one hour are sufficient.


Arnica is also useful in heart troubles brought on by physical exertion.


Arnica is an excellent remedy for fatigue, particularly after travelling or over exertion.


Never apply Arnica ointment or lotion to any area where there are abrasions, cuts, or where the skin is broken. If it is applied erysipelas will invariably follow.

Arnica should not be used either internally or externally in dog-bites.


Hypericum is a great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails, palms or soles.

It is great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially when they are lacerated (torn).

It is useful in injuries from treading on nails, pins, splinters, needles.

Useful in mechanical injuries to brain and spine.

Useful in convulsions after blows on head or concussion.

Useful in headache after a fall upon occiput with sensation, as if being lifted up in the air.

Very useful in injuries to spinal cord.

Useful in injury to coccyx (tail-bone) after a fall backwards on the staircase, on a hard stone or any rough surface. After an injury violent pain inability to walk. Hypericum will do miracle.

Don’t waste time by giving Arnica or any other remedy.

Persons who have been injured in the spine or about the coccyx, linger along for years with symptoms would yield to Hypericum.

Some ladies sustain injuries of the coccyx during labor. Soreness, however slight, remains for years. Hypericum cures this.

It is useful in tetanus after traumatic injuries. It prevents lockjaw.

It is also useful in punctured, incised (cut) or lacerated (torn) wounds, which are very painful.

It prevents the integrity of lacerated and torn parts of the body, when almost entirely separated from the body. Of course, the surgeon has to put up some stitches.

It is useful when the fingers end or toes have been bruised or lacerated or a nail has been torn off or when a nerve has become pinched between hammer. Nothing equals Hypericum in case of smashed finger. It relieves the pain and heals.

It is also useful in injured nerves from bites of animals, rat bites etc.

It cures ailments from fall upon the back, even of years, standing, such as cough, asthma, meningitis, inability to retain the urine or stool, inability to walk etc.

Very important point to remember about Hypericum is that the pains from injured or crushed part tend to travel upward.

Hypericum is called the Arnica of the nerves. It is the remedy ‘par-excellence’ for wounded or injured nerves; from simple punctures, from nails, splinters, pins, rat-bites etc. to serve concussion of the spine and brain and especially to parts rich in sentient nerves. Nothing equals Hypericum in cases of smashed fingers.


Ledum is very valuable remedy for punctured wounds from sharp pointed instruments as awl, nails or splinter in the flesh. Wounds that bleed scanty but are followed by pain, puffiness and coldness of the parts.

It is equally great for bites of animals, dogs, horses cats and rats, insect stings, especially mosquitoes.

Ledum takes the shooting and pricking pain out of these wounds, especially in those cases where the patient prefers COLD DRESSINGS to hot fomentations.

It prevents sepsis in the majority of the injuries, and if given early enough. It prevents tetanus.

It is useful in long remaining discoloration after injuries.

If there is a blow of the fist over the eye and if it has become a black eye Ledum 200 is the remedy.


Ruta is, especially useful in injuries of the periosteum, bones joints and cartilages.

Like Arnica it has the great pain, soreness, bruised and lameness after a fall or a blow which the patient experiences all over his body (from head to toes).

All parts of the body are painful, as if bruised, especially upon which the patient lies. This pain is very much intolerable and makes the patient restless.

It is also useful in lameness of wrists, ankles after sprain.

It is also useful in aching in the eyes with blurred vision from over exertion of eyes (reading, sewing, embroidery, watch repairing etc.).


Symphytum is an excellent remedy for fracture and mechanical injuries.

It facilitates union of fractured bones, decreases pain and favors formation of callus (a thickened, hardened pad of skin).

It is principally used in mechanical injuries caused by blunt instruments.

It is useful in injuries both to the soft parts as well as to the periosteum and body tissues.

It is also useful in periosteal pain after wounds have healed.

It is also useful for blow on the eye-balls. Infant thrusts his fist into their mother’s eyes. For traumatic injuries of eyes no remedy equals this.

It is a great remedy for fractures and of fractures that fail to unite.

RHUS TOX. 30, 200

R.T. is useful to injuries of the ligaments, sprains of single muscle or group of muscles from lifting weight, stretching arms up high to reach things.

For the sprains of muscles and tendons when Arnica proves insufficient.

R.T. is useful in ill-effects of over exertion.

It is also useful in rheumatic pain after sprain or lifting heavy weight or from stretching of one’s self high up to reach a thing.


Calendula is a great homeopathic anti-septic used for wounds.

It promotes healthy granulation and prevents suppuration and disfiguring scars.

Calendula is almost specific for clean, surgical cuts, lacerated (torn) or suppurating wounds.

It is useful in dressing of torn or cut wounds, the parts being kept wet constantly with a weak solution (Calendula Q 1 part, 4 to 6 parts water).

There is no better remedy than Calendula for torn wounds.


Staphysagria is useful in CLEAN CUTS from sharp instrument (knife, surgeon’s knife).

It is mostly called for in symptoms which are traceable to surgical operations.

Staph. cures pain in abdomen arising from abdominal operations.

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