Homeopathic Medicine for Glaucoma

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Hardening of eye-ball and gradual dimness of vision.


Phos. is surest remedy for glaucoma. It also rectifies abnormality in the function of the optic nerve.

The patient sees all sorts of colors, black spots in the air and all sorts of dull veil over things as though he is looking through a mist or fog.

Another important symptom is vision of red color. Every object looked at seems red, even letters.

Green halo about the candle light.

Give one dose in one or two months.


Dimness of sight. Letters run together as from a fog.

Flame of candle surrounded by a bluish-green or yellow circle or a rainbow ring.

The flame looks larger or less distinct, at a distance it seems enveloped by dust or smoke.


Physostigma also is a very good remedy for glaucoma, myopia and night-blindness.

Glaucoma, especially after injury.

Sight blurred, hazy or misty, film over eye. Objects mixed.

Dull pain over eyes and between eyes.

Vision double, dim and indistinct.

Bright marks when looking at an object, dark, yellowish spots covering one or two letters when reading.

Physostigma replaces the prolapsed eyes and is useful even in muscular asthenopia (weak or painful vision).


Gels. corrects blurring and discomfort in eyes even after accurately adjusted glasses.

Vision blurred, smoky and pain above eyes.

Gels. is indicated when there is the appearance of mist before the eyes.


Sight confused, as if directed through a mist, which forces the patient to rub eyes.

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