Homeopathic Medicine for Impotency

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Lyco. is a very good remedy in cases of complete impotency. The erections are absent or imperfect and the genital organs are cold and shriveled.

It is very useful for impotency of old men who marry again but find themselves impotent.

It is also useful for young men who become impotent from masturbation or sexual excess.

Sexual desire too strong but the erections are imperfect.

They fall asleep during an embrace.

Penis small, cold, relaxed.

Premature emission.

Lyco. patient is intellectually keen but physically weak. Upper part of the body is emaciated, lower part well-nourished. Patient looks older than he is. He lacks self-confidence. The patient is sensitive to cold, lacks vital heat and worse in general from cold and cold air and cold food and drinks.

The remedy should be given in high potency (above 200) once or twice a month.


Agnus Castus is useful remedy for the impotency of old men who have spent most of their lives in sexual excess. These people are just as excitable in their sexual passions at 60 as at 18 or 20 and yet they are physically impotent.

It is also useful in impotence, where there is loss of sexual desire and erection.

Like Lyco. penis is small, cold and flaccid.

Complete impotence.

Penis so relaxed that voluptuous fancies excite no erections.

Emission after an embrace.

Impotence after gonorrhea, from syphilis.

Usually Agnus patient look prematurely old due to abuse of sexual power. They are absent minded, forgetful and lacks courage to face life.

Low spirited.


Impotency from masturbation and sexual excess.

Involuntary of dribbling of semen during stool, while walking, sitting and during sleep.

Penis is relaxed on attempting coition.

Semen thin and without normal odor.

The patient is easily exhausted both mentally and physically.

Though sexually incapacitated his thoughts are dominated by lasciviousness.

Irritable after coition.

Patient is very forgetful. Total unfitness of mind for any work. Mental labor fatigues much.

Weakness from heat or sun is a great indication of this remedy.


Caladium is indicated in advanced stages of impotency, when there are no erections.

Impotence after gonorrhea.

Nocturnal emissions are frequent and they occur with or without dreams.

The penis remains relaxed during an embrace.

Violent sexual desire, but the penis is relaxed.

Erections when half asleep but ceases when fully awake.

Emissions occurring without any sexual excitement.

The penis is as flabby as rag, remains relaxed even when excited.

Feeling of coldness and cold perspiration about the genitals.

The patient is lascivious. He stands on the street corners and angles young girls. (Pic. Ac., Selenium).

Patient is worse from warmth and feels better by cool open air.

Always wants to lie down.

Sweat of sweetish odor is very important symptom of this remedy.


Phos. Ac. is useful in the chronic effects of loss of seminal fluids.

The penis has no power of erection or erections are imperfect.

The semen escapes too soon during coitus.

The semen is discharged shortly after or even before erection.

Sudden relaxation of penis during coitus.

Weakness after coition and also pollutions. But it is not the total and complete impotence of Selenium. Erections happen but they are weak and insufficient.

It is best suited to persons of originally strong constitution, who have become debilitated by loss of vital fluids, sexual excess.

Pale sickly complexion, eyes are sunken and surrounded by blue margins.

Mild disposition, yielding temperament.

Milky urine is the characteristic of this remedy.

Lower potencies often fail.

Should be given a dose of 200 potency fortnightly.


  1. V. is useful for the bad effects of masturbation at early age or sexual excess.

The patient of N. V. is easily excited, but penis becomes relaxed during coition.

There is also premature ejaculation.

Cannot be in female company without having an emission.

  1. V. is the best adapted to thin, spare patient. N. V. patient is irritable and quick and active in his motions.
  2. V. is useful for the people who lead a sedentary life.
  3. V. is a chilly patient.

Should be given a dose of 200 fortnightly.


Staph. is very good remedy for the bad effects of masturbation and sexual excess.

The patients requiring this remedy are very much weak and debilitated with dark rings under eyes, sallow face.

These patients look abashed. They cannot look you straight in the face, because a guilty conscience is constantly reminding them of their act against the law of nature.

They are always thinking about the sexual subjects.


China is more suitable for the acute effects of loss of seminal fluids.

It is best suited to persons once robust, strong and healthy who have become weak, debilitated and exhausted by loss of vital fluids. Face pale, sunken eyes, surrounded by blue margin. The striking feature is the weakness of the genital organs. These patients become feeble, suffer from sleeplessness and turn irritable. Do not like physical and mental work.

Nocturnal emissions for several nights in succession.

Profuse sweat, day and night.

Canine hunger at night.

CONIUM 6, 30

It is useful in impotency caused by suppressing sexual desire, sexual excess, excessive emissions.

The important features of this remedy are—

Weakness of sexual power. He may have over-powering sexual desire, yet he is impotent.

Insufficient erections. Lasts a short time.

Emissions without dreams.

Sexual desire without erection.

Cutting pain during ejaculation.

Patient requiring this remedy is depressed, timid, averse to society and afraid of being alone. No inclination for business or study.

Takes no interest in anything.

Memory weak, unable to sustain any mental effort.


Impotency caused by masturbation or sexual excess.

Involuntary emissions and lascivious dreams. Frequent emission at night, even after coition.

Phos. is suitable for delicate, tall, slender persons with narrow chest who are good and beautiful to look at.

Though chilly patients, they crave cold, cold food and drinks. Great aversion to physical and mental work.

Very strong sexual desire with constant wish for coition, but with feeble erection or none at all.


Erection fails when coition is attempted.

Desire wanting. Genitals shrivel.

Arg. N. patient is cachectic, withered, dried up and old looking.

Sad, melancholic and confused.

Nervous when getting ready to go for some important engagement. At that time diarrhea sets in.

Always in hurry Impulse to walk very fast.

He is a chilly patient but wants everything cold.


Impotency due to masturbation.

Unable to perform the sex act.

Genitals cold and relaxed.

Slightest caress causes an emission.


Impotence from sexual excess or abuse.

Seminal emission during caress.


Impotence from excessive indulgence or masturbation. Aversion to coition.

Too early or no ejaculation.

Want of sexual enjoyment during coition with no discharge of semen.


Complete absence of sexual desire.

Voluptuous thoughts do not cause erections.

Penis relaxed.

Penis retracted.

Involuntary emissions during stool, when urinating; during sleep.


Debility and impotence.

Effects of sexual excess especially loss of memory.

Excessive sexual desire and constant erections at night.

Impotence with melancholy, loss of memory.


Impotence after sexual excess.

Emission even after coitus. Want of energy during coition.

One dose in 15 days.

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