Homeopathic Medicine for Influenza

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ARSENIC ALBUM 6, 30, 200

It should be given when there are: Nose feels stuffed up all the time, yet it discharges a thin watery fluid.

Frequent violent sneezing, but sneezing does not give any relief.

Sneezing does not give any relief.

Sneezing starts from irritation in one spot in the nose, which remains as annoying as before the sneeze.

Violent sneezing. Profuse watery discharge from nose, corroding, nostrils and making the upper lip sore.

High fever, as if dashed with hot water.

Thirst during fever, drinks often, but very little at a time. Great restlessness, changes places continually.

BRYONIA 30, 200

Frequent sneezing.

Fluent coryza, watery or greenish.

Mouth and lips are very dry with thirst for large quantities of water at long intervals.

Dry, hacking cough with constriction in chest.

Rheumatic pains in extremities.

Headache and pain, all better to pressure and worse from slightest movement.

Tongue coated white in the middle.

Wants to lie down quite still and be let alone.

RHUS TOX 6, 30, 200

It is indicated when the trouble arises from getting wet in rain, bathing in ponds or streams or living in damp room.

Severe aching of all the bones, sneezing and dry cough.

Dry cough, worse in the evening until mid-night and from uncovering of the body.

Cough from the tickling behind the upper half of the sternum.


It is a valuable remedy in influenza with much soreness and aching in the entire body.

Breaking bone pains is the most important symptom of this remedy.

The cough is shattering one, hurts the head and chest.

The patient holds his chest with hands while coughing.


It is indicated when the following symptoms are present:

Heaviness and tiredness of body and limbs—head heavy eyelids heavy, limbs heavy.

Aching throughout the body.

Constant chilliness.

Cough is hard and painful.

There are paroxysms of sneezing with excoriating discharge.

Trembles from weakness with least exertion, even the hands trembles when lifting them up.

Tongue trembles when protruding it.

Fever with little or no thirst.

Patient is dizzy and drowsy with dullness and desire for absolute rest.

NUX VOMICA 30, 200

High fever.

Constant chilliness. Must over the body in every stage of fever.

Nose stuffed up, worse at night.

Acrid discharge but stuffed up feeling.

Tight, dry, hacking cough.

Tongue coated yellow or white.

All the complaints worse, especially in the morning.


Frequent sneezing with watery discharge and loss of smell.

Fever with chill.

Chillness even in warm room.

Nose stopped up, especially in the evening, better going out into open air.

Nasal bones sore.

During fever there may be thirst or the patient may be thirstless.

Burning of eyes and lachrymation during fever.

There may be nausea and vomiting.

Tongue coated white or yellow.

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