Homeopathic Medicine for Injuries to Heap

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Injuries to Heap

ARNICA 200, 1M, 10M

Loss of sight or hearing after head injury. Apoplexy. Epilepsy after head injury.

Meningitis from injury to head.

Arnica is especially suited to cases when any injury, however remote, seems to have caused the present trouble.

In acute cases give a dose every 15 minutes, after improvement give hourly or two-three hourly.

Arnica is the first remedy after the injury. After Arnica other; remedies according to their symptoms, can be given.


Mental dullness and confusion due to head injury.

In concussion of the brain from head injury after Arnica has failed.

Headache after head injury.


It is another great remedy for head injury.

Confusion or mental dullness after a head injury.

Epilepsy or convulsions, fainting, insanity, which begin after head injury.

Give one dose and wait for a month.

Repeat if necessary after a month only.


Hypericum is a great remedy for injuries to nerves, especially of fingers, toes and nails. It is also very good remedy for the head injury.

Dullness of mind after injuries of head.

Headache after a fall upon occiput.


Convulsions, cerebral meningitis, epilepsy, dullness of mind after injury to head.

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