Homeopathic Medicine for Jaundice

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Jaundice, newborn children in: Aco., Nux. V., Merc. S., Bov., Cheld., China, Elat., Nat. S.


Pressive pain in liver.

Taste bitter in mouth.

Tongue thickly coated yellow with red tip and edges.

Whites of the eyes turn dirty yellow.

Face yellow, hands and skin yellow. Stools clayey or bright yellow.

Urine yellow or dark brown.

Loss of appetite with disgust and nausea or vomiting of bilious matter.

Patient can retain nothing but hot drinks in the stomach.

Fixed pain (dull of sharp) under the lower inner angle of the right shoulder blade.

All above symptoms might be found in either a chronic or acute cases. If in a chronic case, some anti-psoric like Lyco. might have to be called in according to indications, of course to help to complete cure, but Cheld. would be the chief reliance (Dr. Nash).

When the liver troubles are accompanied by diarrhea Cheld. is the remedy.


A leading remedy for jaundice. Over sensitiveness over the region of liver, which is swollen and hard, with stinging and stitching pains, worse lying on right side.

Skin yellow.

Clay colored and offensive stools.

Has to strain to pass stool.

Tongue large, flabby, shows imprint of teeth.

Profuse offensive sweat, may stains linen yellow.

Intense thirst with moist tongue and much saliva.

Taste bitter, sweet, saltish, putrid.


Jaundice with dull headache.

Bitter taste in mouth.

Tongue white, especially in middle with red tip and edges.

Clay colored stool and urine is golden yellow.

Constipation alternating with diarrhea.

Pain in region of liver with fullness.

Want of appetite.

Nausea and vomiting of sour green fluid.

Uncomfortable fullness in liver region, worse lying on left side.


Useful in chronic jaundice.

Jaundice of years standing, recurring every summer.

Useful in jaundice with arrest of menses.

The liver is enormously enlarged.

Aching in umbilical region.

Clay colored stools.

Tongue heavily coated.

High colored urine.

Sometimes the urine looks almost black.

Soreness in the region of liver is characteristic indication.

Long residence in malarial district, is very often the cause of this obstinate jaundice.


Swelling and hardness of liver. Pain in region of liver.

Nausea, especially in the morning.

Loss of appetite.

Bitter taste, even bread taste bitter. Vomiting of sour mucus.

Nausea and vomiting every morning.

Constipation, frequent but in effectual urging to stool.

Jaundice in newborn children.


Dirty, greenish or brown coating on the tongue.

Bitter taste.

Constant nausea.

Vomitus sour, green and bilious.

Liver sore to touch. Cannot bear tight clothing around waist.

Pain in liver, better lying on right side.

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