Homeopathic Medicine for Laryngitis (Inflammation of the larynx)

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(Inflammation of the larynx)


Bell is useful in acute laryngitis.

Vocal cords bright red. Larynx dry.

There is a feeling of fullness and soreness in the larynx.

Tonsils swollen. Swallowing painful and difficult.

Dry cough. Pain in the larynx when talking.

Spasmodic constriction of throat.

Aversion to all drinks.

ACONITE 30, 200

Aco. is useful in the beginning of laryngitis in children.

Indicated in acute cases provoked by cold, dry wind or checked sweat.

Laryngitis with inflammatory fever with restlessness.

Voice husky. Can scarcely speak.

Redness of soft palate and uvula.

Fauces and pharynx are dark red.

Feeling of dryness, as of something had stuck in the throat.

Tonsils dark red. Larynx sensitive to touch.


Laryngitis after taking cold.

Larynx feels dry and sore.

Throat sensitive to inspired air.

Feels excoriated and constricted.

Burns like fire on swallowing.

Short cough, worse by swallowing and deep breathing.



Useful in chronic laryngitis., especially of singers, speakers and preachers.

Inflammation and swelling of the posterior walls and lining of the larynx.

Sensation of splinter in throat on swallowing, better by cold drinks. Burning and dryness in fauces and pharynx.

Raising voice causes cough.

Loss of voice.

Internal soreness of the larynx and pit of the throat, worse morning.

APIS 30, 200

Oedematous swelling of larynx with painful, suffocative cough and hoarseness.

DROSERA 30, 200

It should be given in single dose, may be repeated after a fortnight.

Voice hoarse, deep, toneless, cracked, requires exertion to speak.

Scraping in larynx and cough, after eating.

Bruised feeling in larynx, while inhaling.

Crawling in larynx, provoking cough and feeling as if feather in larynx.


Laryngitis in children after exposure to dry cold wind.

Croupy cough and hoarseness, worse in the morning.

Larynx painful and dry.

Larynx sensitive to cold air or water.


Kali. Bi. is useful in chronic laryngitis. Indicated when there is thick, sticky and stringy expectoration, difficult to cough it out, worse in the morning.

Voice hoarse, worse in the evening.

Laryngitis and ulcerative pain.


Hollow, dry cough, hoarseness and aphonia.

Burning and stinging in the larynx.

Patient feels as if there is plug in the larynx.

Larynx is very sensitive to touch.

Patient can hardly talk.

Pain in the larynx on touching it and on turning neck.

Great dryness of larynx, with short or barking cough.

This is useful when Aconite fails.

RUMEX 3, 6, 30

Rawness of larynx and trachea.

Irritation in larynx cause cough hoarseness worse in the evening and after exposure to cold.

Voice uncertain. Complete aphonia.

Hawking of mucus from larynx with burning soreness.

Cough increased by pressure on larynx.


Syphilitic laryngitis. Bluish red swelling. Ulcers and inflammation appearing at every change in weather.

Soreness, rawness and burning in throat as from hot vapor ascending. Painful dryness of the throat with profuse saliva.


Evening hoarseness with great sensitiveness and dryness in the larynx is characteristic of Phos.

Larynx painful. Violent tickling in larynx while speaking.

Aphonia worse in the evening and rawness.

Cannot talk on account of pain in the larynx.

Sense of suffocation in larynx and trachea, especially across upper part of the chest, as from heavy weight.


Capricious hoarseness, comes and goes. Tickling and scraping in larynx causes cough and lachrymation.

Constriction in the larynx, especially at night when lying down.

Hoarseness and roughness of throat, cannot speak a loud word.


Gels. is of great value in laryngismus stridulus. It is the first remedy for aphonia from a laryngeal paralysis or loss of voice during menses. Burning in larynx and chest, while coughing.

Loss of voice and dryness and burning in the throat.

BROMIUM 6, 30, 200

Constriction in larynx which is painful to touch.

Scraping and rawness in larynx, provoking cough.

Hoarse voice, cannot speak clearly.

Voice weak and soft, with raw feeling in the throat.

Hoarseness from being over heated.

Feeling of constriction when swallowing saliva.


Violent catarrhal laryngitis.

Sensation as if larynx is torn or split.

Aching in larynx and tickling in throat.

Throbbing and contracted sensation in larynx.

Acute laryngitis and great hoarseness and pain in coughing, as if ‘lining’ of the larynx would be torn out or as if larynx would be split and sudden lachrymation.

Spasmodic cough, worse on inspiring cool air and in the evening.

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