Homeopathic Medicine for Myopia (Near-sightedness)



Unable to see distant objects clearly.


Phos. is very important remedy in many affections of the eyes.

The most important symptom in any eye-disease is –

The patient sees all kinds of colors, flashes of light, green halo around the candles and black spots and a veil of mist within the field of vision. Every object looks red. Even letters appear red when reading.

Give Phos. 200 one dose every month for few months.


Puls. is also useful remedy for myopia.

Dimness of vision and sensation as though there were something covering the eyes which the patient wishes to rub or wipe.

Luminous circles before eyes and diffusion of light of candles.

Great sensibility of eyes to light.


Useful in myopia when mist, spots, nets, sparks and black spots dancing before eyes.

Sight confused, eyes clouded, dazzled by day light.

Myopia due to syphilis or abuse of mercury.



Brownish spots (like flies) before the eyes.

Black motes before the eyes.

Feeling of weakness in the eyes, without having exerted them.

Vision dim, as from a mist, after looking long at any object while reading, also with flickering.

Flickering, twitching of eyes and lids.

Twitching of eye-lids before a storm, especially before a thunder storm.

Everything obscure, as if it were covered with cobweb.


Myopia due to ciliary (pertaining to eye lashes) muscle.

Contraction of pupils. Vision trembling. Sight blurred, hazy or misty, film over eyes.

Objects mixed, indistinct.

Near sightedness from a blow.


Black spots before eyes and vertigo.

Myopia. Vision becomes blurred when vexed.

Yellow color of the white of the eyes.

Weakness of vision. Obscuration of sight.

The lines seem to move while reading.

Black spots and colored bands before the sight in a room.

Objects look red.

Thread seems to float before the eyes.

Clouds and light spots before the eyes.

Fiery zigzag crossing each other before the eyes.

Fiery sparks before the eyes when walking in the open air.

Short-sightedness and far-sightedness both are cured with conium.


Short-sightedness. Yellow spots in the white of the eye, towards the inner but more towards the cornea.

In sewing, reading and writing it seems, as if a gauze was before the eyes.

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