Homeopathic Medicine for Pain/Tooth-Ache

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Merc. Sol. is one of the prominent remedy for tooth-ache.

Pulsating tooth-ache, worse at night and in damp weather.

It is the chief remedy when there is inflammation at the roots of the decayed teeth.

The gums are swollen, ulcerated and retracted from the teeth.

There is always an offensive odor from the mouth.

Pain worse by cold or hot application.

Looseness of the teeth, especially of the molars.

Violent toothache with swelling of the gums and salivary glands.


Cham. is useful when there is unbearable pain, pain worse at night, when warm in bed, from warm food or drink, especially from drinking coffee.

The pain is intolerable affecting the whole row of teeth, with pain extending to ears, face, head.

Tooth ache during pregnancy, during menses, on entering warm room.

ACONITE 30, 200

Tooth-ache from cold, from dry cold winds, with throbbing on one side, with redness of the cheek.

The patient is almost frantic with the pain, and there is great agitation of body and mind.

It is, particularly, useful when Coffea has failed to relief.

COFFEA 6, 30

This remedy often removes the severest pain, which drive the patient almost frantic.

Stinging, jerking pains worse while chewing, from warm drinks and entirely relieved for a time by holding cold water in the mouth. Pain returns when the water becomes warm.


Throbbing pain worse at night, worse right side, face red and hot.

Teeth ache when exposed to the open air, when touched, when food or hot liquid come in contact with them.

Pressing hard upon the cheeks sometimes gives relief.

Painful swelling of the gums.


Toothache from cold, frequently occurs in sound teeth. More than one root may be involved.

Toothache is worse from warmth (taking anything warm in to mouth), motion, smoking, better from cold water, lying on painful side, pressing hard upon the painful tooth.

Tearing, stitching pain while eating, from warm drink, from warm food, worse in warm room, wants cold food in the mouth, wants to be in cold air, but worse from motion.

Tongue coated white in the center only.

Jerking toothache when smoking or chewing tobacco.

CHINA 6, 30

The pain is of throbbing character, worse after meals and at night, slightly relieved by hard pressure and pressing teeth firmly together, while slight touch aggravates the pain.

Pain in better by external warmth.

Throbbing toothache, jerking, digging.

Worse least contact, draught or air.

Toothache when infant sucks the breast.


Teeth ache and are sensitive to touch, with swollen cheeks.

Teeth feel too long.

Pain, worse from cold, cold drinks, lying on affected side.

It should be thought of when toothache is associated with earaches.


Pain in decayed teeth, in roots of teeth, in a whole row of teeth, extending to ears.

Tearing pain in the roots and in hollow teeth.

Toothache worse from cold drinks and touch, after eating, cold air. Better on hard pressure and heat.

Toothache during menses.


Spigelia is an excellent remedy in tearing, beating pains in carious teeth extending to the molar bone.

Painful jerks in decayed teeth, worse from cold or cold water and disappear on lying down.

Pains worse after eating, smoking or retiring to rest, driving the patient from bed.

Toothache returns when thinking about it.

Toothache better during eating.


Mag. Carb. is indicated in toothache during pregnancy, when the pains are worsened at night and compel the patient to get up and walk about.

Toothache before menses.


Drawing, throbbing, jerking pains in teeth.

Pains in decayed teeth.

Pain extending to side of face and temple.

Gums bluish red, soft, spongy, easily bleeding, inflamed, ulcerated.

Intolerable toothache during pregnancy.


Ignatia is useful in toothache, which is felt more in the intervals, between the meals than when eating.

Toothache worse after drinking coffee, after smoking tobacco, after dinner, in evening, after lying down, in the morning on awaking, worse intervals between meals.


Boring pain in decayed teeth when gums are swollen and dark red and livid.

There is a sensation as if the teeth were too long.

Toothache every morning after walking or after dinner every day, with tearing, drawing and shooting pains in roots of teeth.

Pain worse from warm and cold drinks.

RHUS TOX. 6, 30

Rhus Tox. is indicated in toothache when the pains are made worse by cold and relieved by warm application.

Pain is momentarily relieved by the application of a cold hand.

The teeth feel loose and long.


Digging, boring toothache, especially or after eating sweets or fruits.

Pain lessened by smoking.


Sharp, shooting, drawing, jerking pains.

Pain worse in warm room or by taking anything warm in to the mouth, relieved by cool air into the mouth or in open air.

The toothache always ceases entirely in the open air but returns in the warm room and gets worse.

Worse when sitting a better when walking about.

Pain mostly towards evening, rarely the morning and is accompanied by chillness.

KALI CARB. 6, 30

Toothache only when eating.

Tearing pain in the teeth, extending to jaws.

Drawing toothache in the evening night, as soon as he/she gets into bed, not by day.


Toothache in damp weather and before a storm.

Toothache better after eating and warmth.

Toothache ceases suddenly, worse again after 2-3 hours.

MAG. PHOS. 200

Toothache better heat and hot drinks. Worse eating and drinking cold things.


Pain in a hollow tooth of a boring, digging, tearing, jerking character.

Pain worse in bed, after eating, cold water and better when walking in open air.

Touching the tooth with the tongue causes pain.

Gnawing pain in carious teeth.

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