Homeopathic Medicine for Perforation of ear-drum


Perforation of ear-drum

Silicea is very valuable in suppurative affections of middle ear. Perforations of the membrane tympani (the thin semitransparent membrane, which covers the cavity of the middle of ear) heal rapidly under Silicea.

A peculiar symptom of Sil. is itching and tingling in eustachian tube.

Roaring in the ears.

Hissing in the ears.

Deafness; Hearing returns with a loud report or blowing nose and coughing.

Feeling of stoppage in the ears, better on yawning or swallowing.

Difficult hearing, especially of human voice. Shooting pains through the ear.

Cracking sound in the ear.

Silicea promotes repair of the drum head.

It should be given every fortnight.


It is also useful in perforation of ear drum.

Thick, yellow, stringy and purulent discharge. Parotid glands swollen.

CALC. CARB. 6, 30

It is also a good remedy for perforation of ear drum.

Purulent discharge from the ear.

Humming, buzzing, tingling or rumbling in the ear.

Cracking noises in the ears.

Crushing in the ears when swallowing.

Cracking in the ears when chewing.

Discharge has a fatty look like chewed paper.

Hardness of hearing.


Thick yellow discharge, fetid and bloody.

Ringing and roaring in the ears.

Hardness hearing.

Sound vibrates in the ears.

Meatus swollen with much earache when chewing.

Tinkling, roaring, ringing and buzzing in ears.

Inflammatory swelling of parotids.


Perforation of the drum and discharge of yellow pus.


Discharge acrid, smells like fish-brine, causing vesicular eruption whenever it touches the skin.

Deafness. Tympanum perforated.


Persistent, offensive Otorrhea.

Perforation in drum.

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