Homeopathic Medicine for Pleurisy


Inflammation of the pleura with exudation into its cavity and upon its surface.

ACONITE 30, 200

This remedy is useful in the beginning of the disease. But generally, people don’t go the physician in the beginning of the disease. When they go to the physician, the remedy required is Bryonia, or some other.

The symptoms indicating at Aconite are

Sharp stitches in the chest with chills followed by high fever, great restlessness.

BRYONIA 6, 30, 200

It is one of the best remedy of pleurisy. It suits most cases of pleurisy.

It is useful when the Aconite does not relieve all the troubles.

Stitching pain in the chest, fever, pains are aggravated by least motion, even breathing is painful, patient lies on the painful sides to get relief.

Bryo. takes place of Aconite when hepatization has begun and the fever has abated somewhat, though the fever may still considerable.


High fever, skin intensely hot to touch. Face flushed.

Pressive pain in the chest with shortness of breath.

Pain worse on lying on affected side (opposite Bryo.)


Fever moderate. Very little pain.

Apis is useful especially in chronic or latent cases.

Pleurisy with exudation.

One of the best remedy to bring about absorption.

Burning, stinging pain throughout entire front of the chest.

Breathing hurried and difficult.


The violent stitching pains fails to yield to Bryonia, especially on left side.

Pain worse inspiration and coughing.

Dry cough worse 2 to 3 a.m.

SENEGA 6, 30

Cough is worse towards evening.

Expectoration is tough, but transparent, like white of an egg and is difficult to raise.

Sensation as if chest were too tight.

Dull stitches and burning pain in the left chest, when sitting or lying.


Pleurisy from sudden exposure to cold when overheated.

Acute stitching pains in the chest, worse motion and inspiration, stooping, touch.

Breathing short and oppressed, with inclination to take a deep breath.


Serous effusion in pleura. Painful asthmatic respiration.

Unable to lie down, fears suffocation.

Cough dry. Worse after mid-night, lying on back, ongoing into cold air.

Expectoration scanty, frothy.

Wheezing respiration.

Shortness of breath, unable to lie-down, must sit up.


It is an excellent remedy in pleurisy, complicated with bronchitis.

Rattling cough, worse evening till mid-night. Must sit up in bed and bend head backwards.

Expectoration loose but can’t expectorate.

Thick yellow expectoration.

Cries before cough (especially children).


It is useful when-sharp, knife-like stitches, beginning in the left axilla and ending up into the left clavicle. Sometimes they extend from the left side down into the abdomen.

Pains are worse from bending forward, from pressure and on inspiration.


Hard, dry, tight cough.

Burning pains, heat and oppression of chest.

Sharp stitches in chest, especially on left side, worse lying on left side (painful side).

Cough worse lying on back.

Transparent mucus in the morning after rising.


Pleurisy and exudation.

Shooting pains in chest, from front to back.

Stitches in chest, more on right side or first left then right or in lower right chest, extending towards middle of sternum.

Short, dry coughing spells.

Scanty urine.

CARBO VEG. 6, 30

Pleurisy complicated with chronic bronchitis,

Dull stitches in left side of chest, extending to short ribs.

Pains and burning in chest from coughing.

Wheezing and rattling of mucus is chest and oppression of chest.

Spasmodic cough with bluish face.


Stitches in left side of chest on breathing and particularly when coughing.

Short rattling cough.

Inability to lie down on left side.

Oppression of chest, as if it was too tight.

Exhausting cough. Worse morning and evening.

Loose morning cough is more severe than evening cough.

Expectoration easy. Profuse slimy sweetish expectoration.

SULPHUR 30, 200

Sharp stitching pain through the left lung to the back, worse lying, on back and during least motion.

Loose cough, worse morning.

Greenish, purulent, sweetish expectoration.

Cough dry at night, but loose in the day time.

Oppression and burning sensation in the chest.

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