Homeopathic Medicine for Sore-Throat


ACONITE 30, 200

Sudden onset in the night after exposure to cold dry wind.

Throat red, dry, constricted.

Acute inflammation esophagus, pharynx, tonsils, uvula, larynx; swallowing is difficult.

Stitches in back part of throat. Feeling of dryness as if something had stuck in the throat.

Burning and smarting in the fauces.

Stinging in the throat when swallowing and coughing.

High fever with great thirst for cold water.

Great anxiety and restlessness.


Bell. is very useful is acute cases of sore-throat. Sore-throat caused by cold air.

It is indicated in the beginning when the throat is dry, bright red and inflamed.

The tonsils are swollen and enlarged, particularly the right one.

Throat feels constricted.

Constant desire to swallow.

Aversion to drink with sore-throat is characteristic of Bell.

In advanced cases there is high fever and burning heat.

Burning heat of the whole body both externally and internally.

Completely thirst less during fever.

Dry cough.

Tonsils rapidly suppurate, sharp pain shoots through the tonsils. If Bell. fails to reduce the inflammation before suppuration commences. It is followed, by Hep. Sulph.


Throat dry, red inflamed and painful.

Ulcerated sore-throat.

Tonsils red and swollen.

Eustachian tubes inflamed.

Pain worse empty swallowing.


Sore-throat develops gradually with muscular weakness.

Dryness and burning in the throat.

Burning in the mouth, extending to throat and stomach. Sensation as if foreign body were lodged in the throat. Swallowing difficult.

Tonsils swollen. Swallowing causes shooting in to ear.

Sore-throat during menses.


Throat and larynx feel raw or sore

On swallowing or coughing.

Hoarseness or complete aphonia in singers, speakers, preachers etc.

Scraping in the throat on swallowing and on breathing.

More soreness on coughing than on swallowing.

Tension in throat wore yawning.


Dark redness of throat and uvula.

Rawness, soreness and scraping in throat.

Burning and dryness in fauces and larynx. White patches in throat.

Sensation of splinter in the throat when swallowing.

Tickling as of a hair on throat, causing cough.

Food lodges in pharynx.


Sore throat of singers, speakers etc.

The throat is dark red, looks parched and glazed. Esophagus contracted. Food cannot pass,

Feels as if splinter or plug were in throat or throat full of sticks, throat dry, swallowing painful, worse solids, better warm drinks and warm food.

Pressure in the throat as from and soreness, roughness and dryness, rawness, scraping. Pains worse evening and night.


Sore throat and pricking sensation in throat as if from pins or splinters sticking in throat.

Pain extending to ears when yawning.

Roughness, smarting and rawness of fauces, worse swallowing solid food.

Pressure in throat as from a plug.

Swelling of tonsils and cervical glands.

Breath fetid from ulcers in throat.

Splinters like pain in the throat is the most important symptom of this remedy.

Great sensitiveness to pain, to atmospheric changes, to cold and slightest draught and better by heat are most important symptoms of Help. Sul.


The throat is raw and burning and also red and swollen.

Sore, raw, smarting, burning throat.

Constant desire to swallow. Sore throat worse right side. Offensive breath.

Swelling of parotid and cervical glands with pressing, burning or lancinating pains.

Copious flow of thin and foetid saliva, yet throat feels very dry.

Chill towards evening or alternating chill and heat.

Sweat without relief.


Fauces dark red.

Sensation of lump in throat.

Tonsils and sub-maxillary glands greatly swollen.

Inflammation and swelling of left tonsil and much hawking of mucus.

High fever.


Tongue coated, thick yellow at base, bright yellow at back part, tip and edges red.

Throat dry. Constant empty swallowing.

Sensation of lump in throat.

Salivary gland much swollen.

Foetid breath. Diphtheric deposit beginning on the right side.

Swollen tonsils, better cold drinks.

Much tenacious mucus in the throat. Cervical glands swollen.


Throat red, swollen, painful, intensely inflamed, preventing swallowing.

Uvula swollen, red, elongated.

Constriction of the throat.

Throat feels dry and stiff.

Swallowing painful, sharp pain extending to the ears.

Burning pain and great swallowing, worse from external pressure.

All glands about throat swollen.

Tonsils swollen and covered with ulcers.


Sore-throat of preachers, singers etc.

Voice cannot be modulated.

Swelling of sub-maxillary glands, especially left side.

Throat constricted and swollen.

Violent burning in throat.

Constant hawking. Throat painful on clearing or coughing.

Sore-throat due to nasal catarrh.

Constriction in throat and sneezing.

The throat and nose symptoms are frequently associated in violent coryza.


Bapt. is useful in ulcerated sore-throat with excessively offensive odor.

Fauces dark red. Dark putrid ulcers which are painful.

Burning rawness in throat.

Salivation. Putrid taste in the mouth.

Great difficulty in swallowing solid food.

Can swallow only liquids.

Throat sore, feels contracted, even down to stomach.

Profuse viscid mucus in throat, can neither swallow nor hawk it up.

Tongue dry, cracked bleeding.

Painless sore throat and offensive discharge.


Soreness, redness and scraping in throat the with burning pains, worse at night.

Sensation as if throat were too narrow.

Sensation of ball rising in throat.

Difficulty in swallowing.

Scraping, burning, rawness in throat.

Tickling and dry cough.

Hoarseness of voice, worse in the morning and evening.

Involuntary discharge of urine while coughing.


Sore-throat as if there were plugs in it, when not swallowing.

Stitches in throat when not swallowing.

Sensation of lump that cannot be swallowed.

Tonsils, inflamed, swollen and small ulcers.

Constriction in the middle of esophagus, worse when not swallowing.

Shooting pain in the throat, extending sometimes to the ear, chiefly when not swallowing.

Pain in the throat, extending to the ears when swallowing, better eating something solid.


Sore-throat worse left side, worse swallowing liquids, better when swallowing solids than liquids.

Sensation of a lump in the left side of throat, which seems to go down when swallowing, but returns again.

Constant desire to swallow.

Constriction of throat and difficult breathing, worse arousing from sleep or after sleep.

Feeling as if something was swollen which must be swallowed; worse swallowing saliva or liquids.

Pain extending to ears.

Dryness in throat at night on walking, without thirst.

External throat very sensitive to touch (not painful hut an uneasy sensation).

Painful excoriation and inflammatory swelling of throat with redness of parts affected.

Empty swallowing worsens the pain in throat more than swallowing food or fluids are swallowed with less pain than solids.

In chronic sore-throat, throat may not be very sore but a great quantity of mucus will stick there.


Useful in sore-throats of smokers and drinkers.

Sore-throat with painful deglutition in the larynx.

Inflammation with dark redness and burning of the throat.

Constriction and intense pain at back of the throat.

Aphthous ulcers on the back part of fauces and on right tonsil.

Cramplike constriction of the throat.

Throat sore and contracted even when not swallowing.

The fauces are dark red.

Excessive smarting and burning.

Uvula elongated, feels as if pressing on something hard.

Stitches in throat when not swallowing whitish spots in the throat.

Dry hacking cough with expectoration of capious mucus from trachea.


Inflammation of throat and palate.

Sense of constriction in the throat.

Dryness of throat. Pain as from excoriation in throat. Burning pain in throat.

The pharynx feels contracted, nothing can be swallowed.

Sticking in the throat during cough.

Stitches in throat on swallowing.


Nux. Vom. is useful in sore-throat of smokers, drinkers and preachers.

Rawness and scraping in the throat which is usually caused by irritation from tobacco smoke, liquors or over use of voice.

Throat raw, sore, rough as if scraped, causes hawking.

Pain as if pharynx were constricted as if plug were sticking in the throat.

Sensation of a plug when swallowing saliva only.

Stitches into ears when swallowing.

Swelling of uvula and tonsil with pressure and shooting pains.

Pain and burning in the throat.


Nit. Acid. is one of the splinter in throat remedies.

Pricking as from a splinter in throat, worse on swallowing.

Stitches in the throat.

Tonsils red, swollen with ulcers.

Inflammation of the throat, with shooting pains.

Burning and soreness, especially on swallowing liquids.

Great dryness and heat in the throat.

Sore throat on swallowing very difficult as from constriction of the pharynx.

Diphtheric patches on tonsils and fauces extending to the mouth, lips and nose.


Burning in esophagus.

Dryness in pharynx and fauces.

Pain in the throat on coughing.

Tonsils and uvula swollen.

Roughness and scraping in throat, worse towards evening.

Hawking up of mucus in the morning.

Pain as from excoriation in throat.


Sore-throat worse after eating sweet things.

Tickling causes cough.

Patient clears throat constantly.

Burning sensation and stinging in throat.

Rawness, swelling and scraping in throat.

Throat symptoms better lying on back.


Sticking, stinging pain in tonsils, worse when beginning to swallow.

Sensation of swelling in throat.

Sore and swollen glands.

Red, puffy, itching fauces.

Tonsils covered with yellow membrane.

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