Homeopathic Medicine for Urticaria/Nettle Rash

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Urticaria/Nettle Rash

RHUS TOX 6, 30

Urticaria with burning and itching. Better from heat, worse from cold.

Urticaria during rheumatism.

Urticaria with chill and fever.

Itching all over.

Worse on hairy parts.

Burning after scratching.

Urticaria from eating prawns, crabs.

APIS 6, 30

Head remedy for urticaria.

Urticaria with stinging, burning, smarting, pricking and itching, redness and shining.

Urticaria like bee stings or stings from other insects.

Intolerable itching at night.

Body covered with large, elevated white wheals.

Urticaria may come as a result of cold or during the course of intermittent fever.

The itching, burning and stinging are almost unbearable.

Worse warmth and better from cold.

Urticaria from eating strawberry.

Urine scanty.

Apis must not be used before or after Rhus tox.


It is nearly identical with Apis and is indicated when the welts are smaller than Apis.

It is, especially indicated when the urticaria occurs by eating shell-fish.

It should be tried when Apis fails.

It has the similar symptoms as in Apis, except it has frequent urination. (opp. of Apis). Nettle rash with intolerable itching and burning.

Urticaria alternating with rheumatism.

Urticaria worse after bathing, after violent exercise and from warmth, during rheumatism and better by rubbing.

Eruption and itching disappear as soon as the patient lies down and reappear immediately after rising.


Itching with burning. Relieved by warmth.

Patient is very restless.

It is nearly specific when urticaria is due to eating shell-fish.

Urticaria at the sea-shore.

CALC. CARB. 6, 30

Suited to chronic cases. Urticaria which always disappears in the fresh air.


Urticaria from gastric disorders, when there is relief from cold air.

Urticaria over whole body.

Burning after scratching.

Eruption of white, irregular blotches raised upon the skin, surrounded by areola.

Urticaria before menses.

Worse from warmth. Better in cold.

NATRUM MUR. 12, 30

Useful in chronic urticaria.

Wheals itch, smart and burn.

Very annoying itching about the joints, especially about the ankles.

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