Homeopathic Remedies for Abuse of Certain Drugs Remedies to Be Used On


Abuse of Certain Drugs Remedies to Be Used On

Abused Drug Remedies
Potash Bromide … Helonias Ө.
Camphor Cantharis 6, Coffea 3, Opium 3.
Chloral Cannabis 0.
Potash Chlorate … Hydrastis 0.
Cod liver oil Hepar 6.
Pickles, Tarts Nux Vom. 1x-3.
Digitalis … Acid Nitric 6.
Strong Medicines Nux Vom. 1x-30.
Ergot … China 1, Nux Vom. 1, Selenium 2.
Iodines … Hepar 6, Hydrastis Ө, Phosph. 3.
Iron preparations Hepar 6, Puls. 3.
Lead … Opium 1x, Albumen 6, Kali Iod. 0.
Argent Met. … Natrum Mur. 30
Phosphorus Lachesis 6.
Salt … Nitri Spt. Dulcis 0, Ars. 3
Stramonium (Dhatura) Tabacum 3.
Strychnine … Eucalyptus 0, Kali Brom. 0.
Sugar Natrum phosph. 6x (trit.)
Juveline smoker … Arg. Nit. 3, Ars. 6, Verat. alb. 6.
Turpentine Nux Moschata 2x
Vegetable drugs Camphor Ө, Coffea 3.
Potash Iod. Hepar Sulphur 6-200
Chloroform inhalation … Acetic Acid 3, Hepar 6, Phosph. 3, Amyl Nitric Ө inhalation
Gas or Charcoal smoke … Ammon. Carb. 3, Arnica 3x., Bovista 3.
Narcotic drugs that soothe pain … Acetic Acid 3, Apomorphia 3, Cannabis Indica Ө, Chamomilla 3.
Artificial verdigris formed by careless cooking in copper or brass vessels … Hepar 30.
Antimony … Hepar 30, Merc. 200 or Calc. Carb. 30.

Those who wish to study carefully the symptoms caused by habitual use of drugs or those who wish to successfully treat cases of poisoning, should read— “Outlines of Medical Jurisprudence and Treatment of Poisoning” by Dr. Ramesh Chandra Roy, l.m.s.

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